This is Geoengineering.

‘If you think this is a cloud, you need a brain transplant.’
“Do not kid yourself. These programs meant to use us as medical guinea pigs and insinuate chips and metals and biologicals and aerosol vaccines and viruses and sub-micron-sized fibers and pseudo-DNA into our very bodies? That’s them and US. Never forget that or we’re sunk. The other stuff is a distraction.
The entities conducting this slow-kill program are a hyper-malevolent blend of corporation and government/military which lacks a center…read: the buck just doesn’t stop because there is always someone further along in the circle to blame.
These are, in fact, chemtrail-made Frankenclouds. Cotton Candy Death. Old movies are being re-edited with chemtrails added to the skies. There are Cloud Appreciation Societies (there really are, everywhere) in which members wax lyrical and poetic about these amazing new cloud formations.
One can still look up, if one is old enough and has not succumbed to the chemically-induced dementias ravaging the population, and see that something is very, very wrong in the heavens.
They are dropping lithium on us, according to this NASA scientist, to understand how the wind blows. Lithium. On us. In our lungs, in our soil, in our water to try to find out how the wind blows at altitude. I encourage you to have a look.
Once again, bio-accumulation of such makes the human body a nice conductor of electro-magnetic impulses, as well, all the way down to the DNA.
Actually, one way or the other, our bodies are ‘dealing with’ everything they are raining down on us and it is making us very, very ill. What we don’t assimilate, we excrete, which brings me to the nanofibers.
Morgellon’s Syndrome is identifiable when the fibers leave the body through the skin. That is when we see the them, when the body is rejecting these fibers. The scarier part of this, after some thought, is that we all have them.
Some of the fibers are tracking mechanisms.
They…and that means US as well as THEM… are building controllable, directable humans. They are building entities they can invade, make ill, torture, even kill remotely. Slaves? This is going on all over the world. This is the Pandora’s Box I opened three years ago when a van ran over my mother as she walked to church on a Sunday morning.
It all goes back to the hybrid corporate-military machine and their handlers, for there are levels above them, rest assured. For me, it all goes back to the moment when thousands of blackbirds plummeted dead to the earth for no reason we can see with our eyes. This is geoengineering, folks, make no mistake. This is Geoengineering.”

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  1. aursenergy sagt:

    This is Geoengineering. |(Ukraine)

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    Hello. Wonderful article you have written above. In my opinion, you have touched all the important facts and I have even wrote them down for future reading. Carry on with the fantastic work and many thanks for telling the useful tips.

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