EP 208 – Diana Dunbar – ET´s – Extradimensional Beings – SSP´s – Abductions – Queen Lizzy & More

“EP 208 – Diana Dunbar – ET´s – Extradimensional Beings – SSP´s – Abductions – Queen Lizzy & More”
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“I want to go back to that black cube…Aaron..might be able to help me out. I have just listened to something where this person was talking about using a black cube to time travel and it was it was a device and then somebody else was like oh my god that’s like some other people have talked about we read and fly by so much stuff, I wish I save it sometimes, but that device as far as i’m concerned is most likely something that maybe you were even remembering..”

“Like before I even learned about Tesla I was like we´re supposed to have wireless energy, like why don’t we have wireless energy and I also had a memory of, we are
supposed to have something like that can scan your body and heal you that heals you really rapidly, why don’t we have that technology? And then I eventually learned about med beds.”

“..and when the hell are you discovered that there’s a secret space program and all this stuff is real..”

“I started my awakening in like 2011. I started doing kundalini yoga, I basically had a kundalini awakening, got involved with an intuitive group.”

“2017 is when I kind of made decided to kind of dedicate my life more to my spirituality and I basically told spirit okay um take me on whatever journey you want me to i’m giving myself up to that that higher purpose and it took me down that that rabbit hole of um
learning how inverted everything is and um going basically getting red-pilled really hard..”

“I very firmly believe, my guides always share this, we came in as energetic first responders, we are here to hold a vibrational frequency to anchor that into the collective and to help… energetically adjust things, so that more people can wake up and so I think the way things are playing out, people who previously would have just been like: oh everything´s fine, I don’t notice anything, are suddenly like, something´s not right, don´t seem right, this seems really convoluted and it´s making me question things, so I think that it´s really necessary for us to go through this really dense compression that we´re experiencing.”

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