Super Soldier Talk – Asha – Targeted Individual, Surviving Trauma

“The click noise on your phone…They can get to the level of psychotronic warfare and scalar waves and microwave weapons beeing used against you..They can get inside your Brain..they can also just follow you when you are sleeping using handheld device, that look like little microphones from the 1900s,  they make sounds go through your ears with high pitch noise, that goes louder and louder and louder, to both ears at the same time, that meets in the middle of the Brain and they make this one giant loud noise.. that paralyzes you you can´t stop and you can´t move and then you go unconscious…they
could sabotage your social life, for whatever reason..complete insanity..
There is a particular type of way to torture someone.. for certain individuals that are extremely powerful, strong, light workers, with really amazing destinies and one way they do it is something called a love bite and you end up falling in you never felt before, no matter how old you´s like you knew the person through many life times, they talk to you…they do everything…and they seem perfect for you… you feel completely
one, like you find a real soul mate, that is also paired with a lot paranormal things, like that you think the person is magic.. magic love.. fairy tales scenario, Maria Magdalena, Jesus or Cleopatra..There is all these past life pretends, that is happening…when you start realizing, that there is something wrong.. they freak out on you for a reason that is not real, they are start threatening, attacking you, verbally, maybe physically..but they
definitely have different personalities, they have lenses in their Eyes, these Black Ops love bite people, a Chip or two, you find a scar on their body…The Ears is a good place, sometimes behind the ear, they will have missing time, most of them will have at least a couple of Alien encounters in their life time, most of their fathers and parents were in the Military serving, Air Force or Army Artificial Intelligence.. they will be from a lot
different Bases. American Bases or British Bases, there are different kinds of them.,..
Some of the Milab-Relationships I have had, they always get mad at me that I am a CIA-Agent… VANs following…DIA shows up when you are searching nearby WiFi-Stations and they always shows up and then somehow you end up on their station, although you didn´t click it…it´s beyond this world, they have superhuman powers, they get angry..I would say the first one, that I can remember, that was definitely this kind of a thing.. would
wake up.. in the..night and start screaming at me in different languages..I mean they were so weird I don´t even think they were earth languages…they were very strange languages..45 under the pillow..I guess he was having flash backs… He had worked for the military oversee as a translator…
I had another one, I stayed for a couple of years..His teacher for martial arts was a CIA position of some sort…Most of these people are narcissists and psychopaths…I had nightmares, dozen of Black Ops Men..super soldiers…just coming up through these ropes and secret doorways coming in and getting us…Planned on me of having a Baby…
They have some sort of Time Machine and they go into the future and these will be Black Op Milab type.. societies that we don´t know who they are. But they find out.. who bring the light in the future..and go back in time…an amazing healer or an amazing eye opener..they come back and sabotage them, they send them horrific relationshsips, they take them when they are kids and they don´t remember..but they have experiences with the other love bites…different ages..They put you in experiences where you both die and then they bring you back..You might be in a helicopter and he goes down.. you
become bonded with this person, different scenarios of Torture…when you survived torture with someone else, there is a bond or when someone saved your
life…it´s just out of this world..something in your soul that remembers..That has something to do with the Greys somehow and the Reptilians are involved in this, but it is some sort of Alien Technology doing these love bite scenarios and they use this big wand and they can take some of the star essence..out of the heart of the one person and stick it…heart chakra..exchanging..then you meet that one person and you think…awww…it´s
unbelievable, it feels like you meet your own self….then they are triggered to gaslight you and scare you to death…He was hypnotizing me…
It has to do with a very very very strange, almost secret religion, it´s one that most people never heard off and I was never allowed to join..I think it´s from Thailand or Java…they do these exorcises…men and women are separated….and they talked nonsens, something weird… The reason I would say why I am a Targeted Individual via Love Bites, particularly, is, I have a very soft heart and I don´t really have too many friends and I don´t go out in social life, I was a performer for 20 years..I was a dancer…didn´t too much socializing outside of working 7 nights a week..I had a feature that has been prophesized by mystic seers, christians and hindu vedic sages and even..psychic wiccans..and it´s supposed to be a very very impacting, positive feature, positive timeline for the Earth and apparently from Akashic Records and Readings and those things, the few hundreds above me.. that had better potential, they all have been killed least 400/500/700 have died on the same mission I am on, have been killed or are probably insane at this moment…and the elders I studied with in India….take long, before the other alters start coming out from
people like that and you start seeing completely different people, that are not connected to the other People…the same Person that is freaking on you… One of the most horrific one was a person, who is now dead,…He can do total psychic stuff, total amazing stuff, ..all the other non-possible .. things. These are some of the signs, they have psychic abilities…hypn
osys, sacred geometry and psychotronic and scalar waves and sound therapy…cause they are actually trained..this one person also was a head of multiple cults and multiple states, satanic cults that had younger adults under him and for some strange reason I could remote view some of the stuff he was doing and I don´t know why.. he had kids in cages.. he had women that were not in cages, because they were so mind controlled and they were so stupid that they didn´t even realize that there were kids in cages…He used to do tons of tons of animal sacrifices…Voodoo…almost everyday for 3 years…it really broke my heart and it really scared me…birds.. I had to do all sorts of stuff to neutralize cat freaked out at all these spirits….animals and spirits attached to it. These night vision goggles. What did I do to these people? Nothing…After she left I felt 1000 daggers in my stomach…the pain of being stabbed to death, I know it was a psychic attack…I had to go off that property, so I lost that child…There is a lot of wicked and satanic phenomenons that
happens with these Love Bites…one of them is getting stuck in the 4th Dimension, that really sucked and the closer you are to getting awoken, getting in the 5-D or having consciousness, you will be attacked, they can find you through your frequency and they will follow you with Black Helicopters..with these Dudes, wearing Black, Black Boots and Black Helmet and everything on them is Black, I never felt scared…and that was 15 years ago, it happened a little bit here and there since then…I started meditating, I assumed they were humans…I had these Giant Spiders that were opening my doors, I had Spider bigger, bigger than an extralarge Pizza-Box…..the webs were this big…it was very very scary and then I had extrem weird Bugs, that were following me and stalking me and they were like Giant Cockroaches that had consiousness and they were just stearing me down and throwing some bad energy at me…Apparently a portal was opened in my house by the person who is dead now… the higher self talked to me go meditate…
Turning out that it was an interdimensional..Bug…it was horrific and I had an akashic records lady closed the portal…two of my stalkers or exes…that is so horrible…that is the portal to demonic stuff…I saw evil Spirits, Ghosts and things like that…it took me years…I followed my Intuition…
We all have the infinite potential of our will power to manifest Truth and Light and Heaven on Earth and we can all really open up our DNA-Strands and do amazing things, like Jesus or Buddha…Some of us might do it in this life time and some of us won´t and I think it has a lot to do with destiny and actually doing the work..and not giving up and we will all be able to change the world and make things better, that´s my guess…
Most of these men I am talking about, I have been seeing them shapeshift…like a shadow going in and out, it´s very strange, to me that is shapeshifting…I am rh negative blood type and that means no rhesus monkey and probably means you have some DNA of Reptilians, not all Aliens are bad and not all Reptilians are bad, everybody is just like us, they have just their goods and their bads and their other sides..The guy that is dead
supposedly, he was working with the Military and he did assistance to microchip Implants in the Brain..what he.. did for a living and he knew a lot of that stuff, because when I came back from Dubai he helped me neutralize these Implants, I had gotten from my Handlers over there..GPS devices in my skin…it took me years to erase whatever he did, thanks to an amazing master in Mexico and one Sufi…
The Microchips that he was working on were more like the Milab Mind Control Super Soldier Microchips, where the Persons Brain is connected to them and they can be turned off and they can be killed at any moment with these chips. He also said, if people try to remove these particular chips in the Brain, that they will implode and kill the Person, so you can never remove them from the Brain again and they can connect to the neuro synpases to the Brain…
..and peeing on myself…I have so many stalkers.. I am poisoned…I am poisoned..I have peed and puked on everything in the house…I have been sick. I have been attempted murdered and poisoned, many times I have been poisoned , this time it was like I am not gonna make it…you need to call my Swami…Swami.. my Master Meditator he got me back. It was a long story…The poison control came and they said there is no antidote for whatever they gave me and they tried to force me to go into hospital…I decided not to go…because it is all about money…He tortured me mentally long enough.
They could have been turned by other Companies. They have Microchips in their Brains, they have red lenses in their eyes..a lot of them had eye operations, they can actually see through these eyes, they have perfected that stuff, these are some red flags.. multiple personalities…They will definitely take you away from your friends and your parents and family as soon as possible and start some trouble to make sure that you have no support..
There is a lot of satanic stuff involved, as well as mafia stuff involved, as well as sort of black ops stuff, sort of mind control stuff, kind of sex slave, so it comes altogether…so be careful…I was up for Altar, for these sacrificial ritual, I found out later and I escaped barely…From then on I had these beams at night surround my bed, every night…there were people with nothing except their blue veins, shadow beings..they were always
surrounding me, it was very strange, I could see them, I could feels them, this is why I stopped being Psychic, this is not funny…Exorcism…A few years later I finally cleared all that crap and then I was sick one time.. a friend of my Milab-Access.
I just went sick for 2 weeks.. every herb.. Vitamin C..the regular stuff that would work for everything, nothing…I am under the Earth in a Cave…They looked like Turtle People….like green turtle faces…just drink this..I think they said it telepathically and I drank it and I woke up and I felt a 100 times better…Aliens..None of them seem evil to me…I have seen Shadow men. Magicians they can acutally do spells.. some of them are not good…She put the Jinn Spell…He put the Jinn Spell in there, cause the sister is still in Marokko… My boyfriend told me to tell him, it´s coming back to you, so watch out, whatever you gave to me is coming right back to you. I told the guy that…A month late I got a phone call, there was nobody to take care of him, he had 3 hernias, he had 3 surgeries and he couldn´t walk… is still gonna come back to you, I would not mess with stuff. Do your Meditation and do some good work to the Planet.
(Asha Alene)(2015)(30.10.)(Targeted Individual, Surviving Trauma, Super Soldier Talk)”
Update, Comments & Error Correction: 13.3.2016.
“Darby Dupree: Maybe some of the dances and other yoga stances, etc. are opening portals for evil.
Chris Lancaster: humans are targeted by reptilian who are energy vampires.
ana mariavor: this is pure witchcraft.
Lee Burrows: I think she’s just a modern day witch possessed by a powerful ancient spirit this is not super soldier status.
Toraj Ghafarivor: Ash you are beautiful girl inside and outside!! Your name ,Asha,has beget meaning for Zoroastrianism religion, Asha is a only
way to lives in this life and its mean,.. the right way to god, the righteousness, in Zoroastrianism people believe when some person is light and good
example, he or she gets more attention from (ahriman)… evil !!!!
Amy Mvor: Experienced the love bite from guru’s and cult leaders. I realized the aliens use those people the most. I can vouch for some of this being harassed by the loud pitched noises. I tried to leave a what I found out to be alien experiment and they almost killed me. Once you get soul sovereignty they have to stop it is universal law. One has to go through past agreements, soul contracts, karma, and old trauma they cannot get in. We
live many times sometimes time loops and repeats itself, we fight the same battle again. Once you get your space back game is over you can see what they have been doing. What she is talking about is not a isolated event.
Ava Anderson: All I have to say is to all of my handlers who thought I would never wake up, I am awake and with God’s help justice will be served.
HOTKEI: people that look to the left when talking are said to possibly be lying..
soccered888: She is not well. Just looking into her eyes, there is something that has taken over.
gypsyrose: nice subliminals.
Julie Joycauser: spider is witchcraft….
rgb osteen: girl is super strong talented and gifted she could make a lot of money millions.
Lunar Soul Wisdom: Thank you Asha for sharing your amazing story, your courage and so much more.”

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