Magnetic Localization for In-body Nano-communication Medical Systems

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“Magnetic Localization for In-body Nano-communication Medical Systems”

Verschwörungs-Enthüllung: 31.5.2024: So können sie ihre geometrischen Z-Kult-Muster aus der Ferne in die Menschen einbrennen und Menschen aus der Ferne über automatisch-militärische Waffensysteme foltern … insbesondere unschuldige Zivilisten in städtischen Gebieten, sogenannte Targeted Individuals (“Zielpersonen”), beispielsweise über USAF-Satelliten … Ich weiß es aus erster Hand. Habe das alles 2011 erlebt. Wir nennen das die Nano-Mafia und nicht IoT oder IoNT oder WBAN oder Medical Remote Precision Health Management, alles falsche Begriffe für den NWO-Totalitarismus, die illegale menschliche Robotisierung und DNA-Sabotage, ultrakriminelle BCI-Hybridisierung und räuberischer K.I.-Ultrafaschismus.

„Magnetische Lokalisierung für körperinterne Nanokommunikations-Medizinsysteme“



Nano-machines circulating inside the human body, collecting data on tissue conditions, represent a vital part of next-generation medical diagnostic systems. However, for these devices to operate effectively, they need to relay not only their medical measurements but also their positions. This paper introduces a novel localization method for in-body nano-machines based on the magnetic field, leveraging the advantageous magnetic permeability of all human tissues. The entire proposed localization system is described, starting from 10×10 µ⁢m2 magnetometers to be integrated into the nano-machines, to a set of external wires generating the magnetic field. Mathematical equations for the localization algorithm are also provided, assuming the nano-machines do not execute the computations themselves, but transmit their magnetic field measurements together with medical data outside of the body. The whole system is validated with computer simulations that capture the measurement error of the magnetometers, the error induced by the Earth’s magnetic field, and a human body model assuming different possible positions of nano-machines. The results show a very high system accuracy with localization errors even below 1 cm.
Index Terms: Flow-guided nano-networks, IoT for health, magnetic field, nano-communications, THz communications, wireless localization.”

Du hast repostet
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“DC wire: constant magnetic field decreasing with the distance from the wire
body tissues (fat/muscles)
nano-nodes flowing with blood in a vein
Figure 1: The magnetic localization system.
data transmitted through a BAN outside of the body.”

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” A full architecture for cardiovascular health applications,” IEEE Internet of Things Journal, vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 4307–4323, 2023.” ((<<<< Translated into Reality from their Zionazi-Negative-Eugenic Cover UP >>> LEFT HOOK CHEST CHAINER REMOTE HEART TORTURE for 2 Decades on Millions of unwitting people..)

“Understanding the applicability of terahertz flow-guided nano-networks for medical applications,” IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 214 224–214 239, 2020.”

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Conspiracy Revelation: 31.5.2024:
^^^^ 2003, Morgellons (pathogenic Bioweaponized Nanosensors from DoD) appeared 2005 in Germany….from the Chemtrail Magneto-Transfection inhalation and remote nazi-eugenic attacks from these IEEE-Nano-Mafia-Conspirators…

“Magnetic guiding with permanent magnets: Concept, realization and applications to nanoparticles and cells,” Cells, vol. 10, no. 10, 2021.”

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“Today in AI: Former Chief Business Officer at Google, Mohammad Gawdat, says that the top 4 uses of AI are spying, gambling, selling and killing. What do you guys think about this? – – – #mogawdat #googleai #googlex #gemini #chatgpt #ai #artificialintelligence #aisystems”

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