William Cooper – UFO cover-up Full Length

William Cooper – UFO cover-up Full Length.
“I’m going to skip over the early saucer recoveries, but there are many more than what you would expect, the early saucers, .. there were many more saucer crashes and down craft than what you have realized, there were many more alien bodies recovered and there were more alive aliens recovered than what you are aware of, but that’s not important, the important thing is, is that they
occurred, not how many and not where, the important thing is that they occured and those of you who want to argue over how many and where and how many bodies are wasting the time of everyone else,
because that’s not important, what’s important is that they occurred and there are two crashes that are so important that the government will go through any lengths to prevent you from
finding out and those are two crashes which occurred near the city of Aztec New Mexico, why? Because both of those crash crafts contained human body parts and they are deathly afraid of a
national opinion, because of this there was a very very tight security blanket screwed down tight over all the alien question, the down craft, the fact that they were here,
the technology that we were recovering, some craft strangely enough were not damaged at all, but we could not recognize anything that we had previously known as mechanical
electrical hydraulic or any other thing that we knew of except eventually we discovered that the craft contained a small reactor, approximately the size the large football or small basketball which was said to be a clean reactor and the craft, this particular craft used or seemed to use water as fuel, now how that all works I don’t know I am noz a nuclear physicist, thank God, a special group of America’s top scientists were organized under the name project signed in December of 1947 to study the phenomenon, there was no such thing at that time as MJ12, the whole nasty business was
contained within the shroud of secrecy, project sign evolved into project grudge in December of 1948, a very low-level collection and disinformation project named Blue Book was formed under grudge
16 volumes were to come out of grudge, including the controversy of grudge 13 which I am billing we saw red and revealed to the public, blue teams were put together to recover the crashed disk
and dead or alive aliens, the blue teams were later to involve in two alpha teams under project counts and project Pluto, during these early years the United States Air Force and the Central
Intelligence Agency exercised complete control over the alien secret, the air force was later to be dropped, because it was a young service, it had no political power and could not overcome the power of the Army and the Navy, in fact the CIA was formed by presidential executive order first as the Central Intelligence Group for the express purpose of dealing with the alien presence, later the National Security Act was passed establishing it as the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Council was established to oversee the intelligence community and especially the alien
endeavor, it was not created specifically to form national policy, in fact you can say the National Security Council was the forerunner of MJ12 and there was another group, between MJ-12 and the
National Security Council which is to come later. A series of National Security Council memos and executive orders removed the CIA from the sole task of gathering foreign intelligence and
slowly but thoroughly legalized direct action in the form of covert activities at home and abroad. (William Cooper)”
“Now it gets nasty…James Forrestal began to object to the secrecy, he was a very idealistic and religious man who believed that the public should
be told when he began to talk to leaders of the opposition party and leaders of the Congress about the alien problem he was asked which is a polite way of
saying you’re fired to resign by Truman, he expressed his fears to many people and rightfully believed that he was being watched
and that his life was threatened, this was interpreted by those who were ignorant of the facts as paranoia, because most people had no knowledge of what was really going on.
Forrestal later was said to have suffered a mental breakdown and was admitted they say, actually he was committed to Bethesda Naval Hospital, against his will in fact it was feared
that Forrestal would begin to talk again and he had to be isolated, discredited and shut up, some time in the early morning of May 22nd 1949 agents of the
CIA tied a sheet around his neck, passing the other end to a fixture in his room and threw James Forrestal out the window, the sheet four and he plummeted to his
death and he became one of the first victims of the cover-up.
The alive alien that had been taken from the 1949 Roswell crash was called EBE, it was short for extraterrestrial biological entity and all aliens are not called EBE.
EBE had a tendency to lie and for over a year would give only the desired answers to questions asked, those questions which would have resulted in an undesirable answer
were unanswered, at some point during the second year of captivity he began to open up and the information derived from EBE was startling to say the least and this
compilation of his revelations became the foundation of what would later be finished called the yellow book, photographs were taken of EBE which among others,,
..a few years later in Grudge 13.. why do they keep the aliens in the Faraday shielded environment? Because they have a tendency to disappear right through walls and if you can prevent the
transmission of electromagnetic energy you can stop them from doing it, in late 1951 Eve II became ill, medical personnel had been unable to determine the cause of EBE´s illness and had no background from which to draw. EBE´s system was chlorophyll based and he processed food in … energy much the same as plants, waste material was excreted almost exactly the same as plants, it was
decided that an expert in botany was called for, a botanist Dr. Guillermo Mendoza was brought in to try and help him recover, those of you who have been looking for him a medical list will not
find him there, he was a PhD in botany. Dr. Mendoza worked to save EBE until mid 1952 when EBE died. Dr. Mendoza eventually, according to the information that I read, became the expert on at least this type of alien biology, in a futile attempt to save EBE and to try and gain favor with this technological superior alien race the United States began broadcasting a call for help early in 1952 into the vast regions of space, if you know they’re better than you and if you know they can lick you, you better try and be friends with them and that’s what this effort was all about, the call went unanswered, but the project continued as an effort of good faith. President Truman created the super-secret national security agency by secret executive order on November 4th
1952 and until recent years there was at 1 in 50,000 people in the United States who even knew it existed, its primary purpose was to decipher the alien communications and language and
establish a dialogue with the aliens, this most urgent task was a continuation of the earlier effort was a continuation of the earlier effort and was codenamed Sigma, the secondary purpose of the NSA was to monitor all communications and emissions from any and all devices worldwide for the purpose of gathering intelligence, both human and alien and to contain the secret of the alien presence, project sigma, ladies and gentlemen, was extremely successful, the NSA also maintains communications with the Luna base and other secret space programs by executive order the NSA is
exempt from all laws which do not specifically name the NSA in the text of the law as being subject to that law..that means we have a completely lawless organization running around the country
doing whatever they want to do answering to no one and under no law which does not name the National Security Agency in the text of that law as specifically being subject to that law
by executive order of the President of the United States, that means that if the agency is not spelled out with text of any and every law passed by the Congress that is not subject to that or those
laws, the NSA now performs many other duties and in fact is the premier agency within the intelligence community today the NSA receives 75% of the monies allotted to the intelligence community
and the old saying ladies and gentlemen “where the money goes there in the power resides” is absolutely true…the primary task the NSA is still alien communications, but now
includes other alien projects as well. President Truman had been keeping our allies, including the Soviet Union, informed of the developing alien problem since the Roswell recovery, this had been
done in case the aliens turned out to be a threat to the human race and thus the world, plans were formulated to defend the earth in case of invasion, these were
international plans which included most of the countries of the world, great difficulty however was encountered in maintaining international secrecy, it was decided that an outside group was
necessary to coordinate and control international efforts in order to hide the secret from the normal scrutiny of governments by the press, the result was the formation of a secret society which
became known as the Bilderbergers, the headquarters of this group is in Geneva Switzerland, the Bilderbergers evolved into a secret world government that now controls everything. The United
Nations was then and is now an international joke. (William Cooper)”
“This president was General of the army Dwight David Eisenhower, during his first year in office 1953 at least ten more crashed disks were recovered along with 26 dead and four alive aliens, one of the four alive aliens died within hours of being removed from the craft, the others died approximately three or four days later, of the ten four were found in Arizona, two in Texas, one in New Mexico, one in Louisiana, one in Montana and one in South Africa there were hundreds of sightings, why were so many crafts crashing, because the government was scared and when they found out that the radar was downing the craft, they started aiming the radar at the craft with lock-on radar.. and they brought as many down as they could. Eisenhower knew that he had to wrestle and beat the alien problem, he knew that he could not do it by revealing the secret to the Congress, because in fact isn’t that the same as telling the public, early in 1953 the new president turned to his friend and fellow member of the Council on Foreign Relations Nelson Rockefeller for help with the alien problem. Eisenhower and Rockefeller began planning the secret structure of alien task
supervision which was to become a reality within one year the idea for mj-12 was thus born it was Nelson’s uncle Winthrop Aldrich who had been crucial in convincing eisenhower to even
run for president, the whole Rockefeller family and with them the Rockefeller Empire had solidly backed Eisenhower asking rockefeller for help with the alien problem was to be the biggest mistake Eisenhower ever made for the future of the United States and most probably all of humanity as you will soon see what he literally did exactly, these gentlemen is abdicate the
presidency to a secret group, within one week of Eisenhower’s election he appointed Nelson Rockefeller chairman of a presidential Advisory Committee on government organization Rockefeller was
responsible for planning the reorganization of the government New Deal programs when in the one single cabinet position called the Department of Health Education and Welfare. (William Cooper)”
“Project Sigma and a new project Plato through radio communications, using the computer binary language, which the aliens understand very well, they are very mathematical minded, was able to arrange a landing that eventually resulted in a face to face contact with alien beings on another planet. Project Plato was tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with
this race of space aliens but in the meantime something else happened in the meantime a race of human looking aliens contacted the United States government…
This alien group warned us against the aliens that were orbiting the equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development, they demanded that we dismantle and destroy our
nuclear weapons as the major condition, they refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we then possessed and has not that been true
throughout our history, they believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other as we always have. This race stated that we were on a path of self-destruction and we must stop
killing each other, stop polluting the earth, stop raping the Earth’s natural resources and learn to live in harmony with each other and with nature these terms were met with extreme suspicion
especially in the major condition of nuclear disarmament and I have to say that I could not blame them in the face of so many uncertainties and so many alien surprises staring them directly in the
face. (William Cooper)”
“Later in 1954 the race of large nosed gray aliens which had been orbiting the earth, landed at Hollowman Air Force Base, it happened in 1954, ladies and gentlemen, if you take everything that Bob
Emmenecker has ever said and subtract ten years from it, you will be right on the money, a basic agreement was reached, an alien named Krill was left as a pledge that they would return and
formalize the agreement, in fact he was a hostage, this race identified themselves as originating from a planet around a red star in the constellation of Orion ..I believe that
that was a lie, they lie a lot and they deceive a lot and it is evident through every action that they’ve ever done with us the truth is ladies and gentlemen, these creatures might be from Mars
really they claim that they are from a planet which revolves around the red star..they stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there this led to a second landing at Edwards Air Force Base the historical event had been planned in advance and details of the treaty had already been agreed upon
Eisenhower arranged to be in Palm Springs on vacation on the appointed day the president was spirited away to the base and the excuse was given to the press that he
visiting the dentist for two days. President Eisenhower met with the aliens in a formal treaty between the alien nation and the United States of America was signed.
We then received our first alien ambassador from outer space his name and title and I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s absolutely true his name and title was: his Omnipotent Highness Krill,
pronounced Krill .. in the American tradition of disdain for royal titles he was secretly called Original Hostage Krill or O.H. Krill, so that Americans would not have to say your omnipotent Highness, you should know that the alien flag is known as the trilateral insignia it looks like a teepee with two circles on either side at the bead and one pole running straight down the middle it is displayed on their craft and worn on their chests on their uniforms, both of these landings in the second meeting were filmed and the film exists today where it exists I do not know but
I do know that it exists, the treaty stated the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs, we were particularly interested that they do not interfere
with anything that would affect our future which has been violated we would keep their presence on earth a secret they would furnish us with advanced technology and would help us in our
technological development. They would not make any treaty with any other earth nation, they could abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and
monitoring of our development with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, that the humans would have no memory of the event and that the
alien nation would furnish mj-12 with a list of all human contacts and abductees on a regularly scheduled basis and this has not being done. It was agreed that each nation would receive the ambassador of the other for as long as the treaty remained in force it was further agreed that the alien nation in the United States would exchange 16 personnel each to the
other with the purpose of learning each of the other alien guests would remain on earth and the human guests would travel to the alien point of origin for a specified period of time then return
at which point a reverse exchange would be made I have no knowledge whatsoever of what happened to those original 16 humans who left the earth with the aliens.
It was also agreed that bases would be constructed underground for the use of the alien nation and the two bases would be constructed for the joint use of the alien nation in the United States
government the base at dulce is one, the base at S4 in the area known as Area 51 or dreamland is the second. Exchange of technology would take place in the jointly occupied bases, these alien bases would be constructed under Indian reservations in the four corners of Utah Colorado New Mexico and Arizona and one would be constructed in Nevada and the
area known as s4 located approximately seven miles south of the western border of area 51 otherwise known as dreamland, all alien areas are under complete control of the Naval Department and all
personnel who work in these complexes receive their checks from the Navy.
The movie that most of you may have seen, how many of you saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind? That movie was absolutely true, those events did take place, not exactly as you saw them, not in the place where you saw them take place, but there was a landing, there was an agreement, there was conversation, there was an exchange of personnel made. I would like to say now also that J Allen Hynek was the technical director on that movie … (William Cooper)”
“..and by 1955 it became obvious that the aliens had to cede Eisenhower and had broken the treaty, mutilated humans, yes, mutilated humans were being found along with mutilated animals and yes mutilated animals and those of you who doubt that this is taking place should leave your job, should leave your home, should do whatever you have to do and go look for yourself, because it’s important that you know it and that you believe it. These things were being found all across the United States, it was suspected that the aliens were not submitting a complete list of human contacts and abductees to mj-12 and it was suspected that not all of the keys had been returned and this has been verified the Soviet Union was suspected of interacting with them and this proved
also to be true it was learned that the aliens had been and were then manipulating masses of people through secret societies, witchcraft, magic, the occult and religion, after several Air Force combat air engagements with alien crafts it also became apparent that our weapons were no match against theirs. .. and research everything what I’m telling you and your own research will tell you that I am telling you the truth and I don’t have to do that you see I’m a witness, I’m not a ufologist and I’m not my profession and researcher. I’m doing this because I want the Constitution put back with laws. .. without aliens you cannot make sense of anything else!! that’s been happening for the 44 years, you put the aliens in the middle of this stuff and you’ve got all the answers, every one of them.
In the meantime money was to be obtained from the military budget and from CIA confidential non-appropriated funds, another major finding was the aliens were using humans and animals for a
source of glandular secretions, enzymes, hormonal secretions, blood and in horrible genetic experiments. The aliens explained these actions as necessary to their survival. What I’m going to tell
you now is very sad if it’s true… all I know is what they told us: they stated that their genetic structure had deteriorated and that they were no longer able to reproduce, they stated that if they were unable to improve their genetic structure their race would soon cease to exist. (William Cooper)”
“Then enable us to challenge them on a military basis overtures would have to be made to the Soviet Union and other nations to join forces for the survival of humanity in the meantime plans were
developed to research and construct two weapon systems using conventional and nuclear technology which would hopefully bring us to parity, the results of the research were projects Joshua and
Excalibur. Joshua was a weapon captured from the Germans which at that time was capable of shattering four inch thick armor plate at a range of two miles using low frequency aimed sound waves and it was believed that this weapon would be effective against the alien craft and beam weapons Excalibur was a weapon carried by missiles not to exceed thirty thousand feet above ground level not to
deviate from designated target more than fifty meters that would penetrate 1,000 metres of tufa hard-packed soil such as that found in New Mexico would carry a one Megaton warhead and was intended for use in destroying the aliens in their underground bases. Joshua was developed successfully, but never used to my knowledge. Excalibur was not pushed until recent years and now there is an
unprecedented effort to develop this weapon. The people who are working on these weapons tell us that they have never been pushed so hard in their history working on any project then they are being pushed to develop project Excalibur. ..The return of Christ would occur in the year 2011 is this true? I don’t know I know that it was decided by the United States government that this was indeed an alien event and I believe that this was more deception which is being heaped upon it, so don’t go out of here thinking that the world is going end tomorrow because of this, it might because of something else and I’m going to talk about that, but not because of this. ..The aliens explained that they had created us through hybridization and had manipulated the human race to religion
Satanism witchcraft magic the occult secret societies etc they further explained that they were capable of time travel and the events would indeed come to pass later exploitation of alien technology by the United States and the Soviet Union utilizing time travel confirmed that indeed something bad was going to happen the aliens showed a hologram which they claimed was the actual crucifixion of Christ which the government filmed. We did not know whether to believe them or not, were they using our genuine religions to manipulate us or were they indeed the source of our religions with which they had been manipulating us all along? Or was this the beginning scenario of the genuine in times in the return of Christ which had been predicted in the Bible, no
one knew the answer and I don’t know the answer either. (William Cooper)”
“..but it must always be remembered that George Bush began the sell drugs to our children, now, if you think I’m crazy get off your butt and start digging, because you will find out that it’s absolutely true. The CIA now controls all the world’s illegal drug markets, the official space program was boosted by President Kennedy and his inaugural address when he mandated that the United States put a man on the moon before the end of the decade, although innocent in its conception this mandate enabled those in charge to funnel vast amounts of money into black projects and conceal the real space program from the American people, a similar program in the Soviet Union served the same purpose in fact a joint alien United States and Soviet Union base already existed on the moon at the very moment Kennedy spoke the words, on May 22nd 1962 a space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the existence of an environment which could support life, not long afterward the construction of a colony on the planet Mars began in earnest today there is a colony which exists on the planet Mars, it is the United States Russian alien facility, if you believe it’s outrageous stick
around a few years. This is very disturbing information… I have an obligation to inform the public and once that’s done, I’ve done my job from then on it’s up to you, not me.
This colony exists on Mars populated by specially select people from different cultures and occupations taken from all over the earth, a public Sharad of antagonism between the Soviet Union in
the United States has been maintained over all these years in order to fund projects in the name of national defense when in fact we are the closest allies, at some point President Kennedy
discovered portions of the truth concerning the drugs and the aliens he issued an ultimatum in 1963 to mj-12. President Kennedy assured them that if they did not clean up the drug problem
he would..in the United States they were supervised by mj-12 and in the Soviet Union by its sister organization, President Kennedy’s decision of course struck fear into these people. (William Cooper)”
“It is in fact a joint United States Russian and alien base, the space program is a farce and an unbelievable waste of money, alternative three is a reality and it is not at all science fiction,most of the Apollo astronauts were severely shaken by this experience and their lives of subsequent statements reflect the depths of the revelation and the effect of the muzzle order which followed they were ordered to remain silent or suffer the extreme penalty death which was termed in expediency, one astronaut actually did talk to the British producers of the TV expose alternatives three confirming many of the allegations however I do not know who it was, in the book alternative 3 the pseudonym bar Grodin was used in place with the astronauts identity it was also
stated that he committed “suicide” in 1978, this cannot be validated by any source and I believe that several so-called facts in the book are really disinformation, however I can assure you
that alternative 3 is real. I firmly believe that this disinformation is result the pressure put upon the authors and is meant to nullify the effect upon the populace of
the British TV expose entitle alternative three the headquarters of the International conspiracy is in Geneva Switzerland, the ruling body is made up of representatives of the
governments involved as well as the executive members of the group known as the Bilderbergers, meetings are held by the policy committee when necessary on a
nuclear submarine beneath the polar icecap, the secrecy is such that this was the only method which could ensure that the meetings could not be bugged and it is
the only place where they discuss their most secret matters. I can say that the book is at least 70% true from my own knowledge and the knowledge of my sources…
since our interaction with the aliens began we have come into possession of technology beyond our wildest dreams a craft named Aurora exists at area 51 which makes regular trips into space it
is a one-stage ship called a TAV or trans atmospheric vehicle and it can take off from the ground using a seven-mile runway go into high orbit return on its own power and land on the
same runway we currently have in fly atomic-powered alien craft at area S4 in Nevada. Our pilots have made interplanetary voyages in these craft and have been to the Moon, Mars and other planets aboard these craf, there is a group of pilots at the base who wear a patch which has a little alien peeking over the bottom, it has I think three or four letters at top and forget what they are but Jon where knows what they are there is a picture of Saturn and a picture of Mars in the photograph and in the background there are seven stars which are strangely shaped just like the stars
in the Pleiades Group .. we have been lied to about the true nature of the Moo,n the planets Mars and Venus and the real state of technology that we possess today at this
very moment, there are areas in the moon where plant life grows and even changes color with the seasons and this seasonal effect is, because the moon does not has cleaned always prevent the exact same side to the earth or the Sun, there is an area that wobbles in and out of darkness on a seasonal basis and it is near this area that the plant life grows, the moon does have a few man-made lakes and ponds upon its surface and clouds have been observed and filmed in its atmosphere, how many of you remember a period of time several years when almost every reported alien craft that was reported landed was on our near water and appeared to be pumping water into the craft, any of you remember that? Quite a few, the water went to the moon, ladies and gentlemen, to change the moon and it is working. It possesses a gravitational field and man can walk upon its surface without a spacesuit breathing from an oxygen bottle after undergoing decompression the same as any deep-sea diver, ladies and gentlemen, if you can come from 1,200 feet underwater to the surface through decompression you can go from the surface to one atmosphere of vacuum, see vacuum does not cause a problem for the human body, it’s the inert gas that’s dissolved in your tissues and in your bones and in the fluids in your body that causes you the problem, if this is decompressed properly you will have no problem, all you need is very small amount of oxygen, very small pressure to breathe, you will suffer no harm except for one thing that oxygen becomes toxic after breathing it
over a long period of time, therefore excursions would have to be of a minimal timely, other than that there is no reason why you or anyone else
cannot walk on the surface of the Moon or in space and a vacuum without a spacesuit, how do I know? I used to be one of the world’s experts on deep-sea mixed gas breathing mixtures for divers and on deep saturation diving and I was the head of the department of the mixed gas deep saturation diving Division of the college of oceaneering and I can tell you now it’s much easier to do
compressed to a vacuum and walk on the surface of the Moon than it is to bring a man up from 600 feet.
I’ve seen the photographs and some of them were actually published in a book called: we discovered alien bases on the moon by Fred Stackling however all the photographs are not there, but there are
some very good ones I would advise you to buy the book I’d advise you to look at the photographs get the NASA number and send for them. I doubt that you can
still get them but at one time you could. In 1969 a confrontation broke out between the human scientists and the aliens that the Dulce underground lab, the aliens took many of our scientists
hostage. Delta forces were sent in to free them but were no match against the alien weapon. 66 of our people were killed during this action, as a result we withdrew from all joint projects for at
least two years and reconciliation eventually took place and once again we began to interact, as far as I know, today we are interacting with the Aliens.
Now, I’m gone past my limit..I do care what you do with this information, because it is important to our survival as a species, it’s important to our planet, it is important for the world,
what happens to me is of no consequence and I knew that when I started this over the last 17 years I knew that some day I was going to have to get up and say this
whether I wanted to or not whether I was afraid or not. Now I am here and now it is done and I feel an overwhelming relief you now have the information..your own government is selling your children
drugs and you don’t seem to care, your own government has given away the power of the people and you don’t seem to care, there is an apathy that is running rampant in this country that is deadly
…we are truly now at this moment a nation of sheep and ladies and gentlemen I assure you that sheep are always led to the slaughter, but it does not have to be
that way, there is tremendous power in knowledge, there is also tremendous power in secrecy, take away that secrecy you make sure that you’re informed and you can change
things and stop fighting with each other, thank you. (William Cooper)”

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