Everything You Don’t Know About Plandemic “X” Because Your T.V. Never Told You!

“Everything You Don’t Know About Plandemic “X” Because Your T.V. Never Told You!”

“Moderna is DARPA.” …all invasive dna-trojanized stuff comes from DARPA….

“This is consistent with DARPAs intent to safely deliver transient immunity, halting the spread of disease by creating a Firewall, sounds a lot like we are talking about Computers, and buying time for longer medical responses to be developed and deployed, I would rather have natural immunity, thank you!”

“Squad X which is a DARPA Project. They are reaching out to people in the Tech Sector, basically building a civilian Military, by what I understand, to combat cyber domains.”

“Plan X (archived) and it´s archived and it has been around for a while.”
“Plan X: Cyberspace is now recognized as a critical domain of operations by U.S. Military and its protection is a “national security” issue. Plan X is a foundational cyberwarfare program to develop platforms for the DoD for conduct and assess cyberwarfare in a manner similar to kinetic warfare.
…to serve the.. Interests of the U.S…”
“Connecting Tech and Industry.”


“X.com (bank)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the social networking service currently accessible via the x.com Internet domain, see Twitter.
X.comCompany type Private
Founded March 1999; 24 years ago
Palo Alto, California, U.S.
Elon Musk
Harris Fricker
Christopher Payne
Ed Ho
Defunct 2000; 24 years ago
Fate Merged March 2000 with Confinity to form PayPal
Successor PayPal
Website www.x.com (defunct, archive)”

“X.com was an American online bank founded by Elon Musk, Harris Fricker, Christopher Payne, and Ed Ho in 1999 in Palo Alto, California. In 2000, it merged with competitor Confinity and in 2001, the merged company changed its name to PayPal.”

“X is a super-app. An App of App… Basically you get access to everything you need which just 1 password and 1 user interface.”

“Stopping Pandemic X: DARPA names Researchers working to halt Outbreaks.”

“Twitter becomes X Corp as Elon Musk advances ´everything app´…”

“X Corp. is an American technology company established by Elon Musk in 2023 as the successor to Twitter, Inc. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of X Holdings Corp., which is itself owned by Musk. The company owns the social networking service X (formerly Twitter) and has announced plans to use it as a base for other offerings.”


“DARPAs Plan X looks to make an app for Cyber Warfare.”

“Intel, Amazon and SpaceX asked to tuck into DARPAs Space-BACN.”
“Internetwork of satellite networks advances to ´actually building´ stuff stage (11.8.2022)”

“”Project X – DARPA – DOD”
“Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)”
“Musk creates new A.I. Company: X.AI”

“Elon is DARPA. DARPA created the Pandemic, DARPA created the countermeasures for the Pandemic and DARPA ..has their big tech wizards outthere running the cyber-intelligence warfare for the Plandemic Pandemic and your provider for “free speech” on the the X-App is part of all of this.”

“Elon Musk is a psyop.”


Conspiracy Revelation: 23.1.2024:
As I said years ago, the main saboteurs stem from or sit in Palo Alto. because I was used to their cyber attacks for 25 years (a quarter century!!!), Antikeymagic is basically a pioneered IT-Sec child born out of the NWO Conspiracy Insanity to defend normal civilians against the high-end organized hybrid-warfare and subvertion of the entire civilian society by military maniacs and billionaires with their egophrenic ideas to override Mother Nature as the Ruler of the Atmosphere and the Destiny of the World:


“So DARPA has now their own page on the WEF (Headquarters USA) Website also, which means they are partner with the World Economic Forum.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 23.1.2024: This is not how the world should end or develop….it is a disgrace for the holy being that resides in this planet and in the spine.
Quackzine-Nonsense is totally adharmic and counter-nature.
We can´t let genocidal megalomaniacs win and let them take-over and infiltrate the organic mass of the world at their mercy and with their sick ideologies. This crime is unspeakable against the entire holiness in Creation. These Universities are all corrupted and evil to the core, ruining the holy structure of Mother Nature.

“Biodatabases. DNA databases could become a source of income and health security. In the coming years, it could be possible and relatively simple to collect DNA information using a smartphone. As biodata becomes more ubiquitous, questions surrounding who collects, uses, retains, and discloses it will become pivotal. Applications (apps), smartwatches, and phones are already collecting biodata outside the traditional healthcare sector; an extension of this data collection would be commercial and consumer engagement with biomic or genomic data. DNA data marketplaces 81 based on blockchains 82 could emerge, allowing individuals-or designated data trusts-to share genomic information with

“Elon, X, and the Epitome of a Front Man
Jul 26, 2023
Greg Reese”

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