Stats Ukraine War 30-10-2022

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71,200 lives lost in defense of their country that was never threatened. How can a group of leaders condemn their citizens to this fate in a war of conquest I’ll never know. Russian civilians remain alive and healthy. There was never an external threat.
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Tempo is definitely accelerating! 👍👍 The balance of “combat power” continues to shift, with several key trends now tilting more and more in favor of UKR. Get out now, Russians!
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for years germany was asked how an Adolf Hitler could be possible. Russia will have to put up with this question in the future. Every russian will have to justify not having done anything about it.
Tim Lewis
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I’m pretty sure Russia doesn’t want the men who make these legions up back.
William Yose
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Wow orc daily personnel loss is even higher than Lyman encirclement, yet it seems frontline news is rather quiet, or did I miss something? 🤔

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