Snapshot of the Day – 10.3.2024 – Mood of the Day

Snapshot of the Day – 10.3.2024 – Mood of the Day

Conspiracy Revelation: Snapshot of the Day – 10.3.2024 – Mood of the Day

“Who dares not speak his free thought is a slave. (Euripides)”

“Wireless Warrior
This is not ‘a few people’. Everybody is affected, though not all realise it – yet. There are some very big court cases coming up because 5G is so toxic it threatens every living thing on our planet. We are dealing with liars and psychopaths.”

“Remote viewing /3nd
March 8, 2024”

“I’ll be back to talk about this cryptocurrency for how it actually routes through the body … credit card transactions through satellites ain’t new.
…It has to do with @NIST,…the National Institute of Science and Technology and all their databases and the way we really run particulate with the DOE @ENERGY

Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance System [EIDSS]. What’s that? How does it work? I got an app for that.

And how does that work? Logging into your body wirelessly because we took your body part and made it our own little personal network and playground and handed out access to other bodies.

And y’all still sitting there going, ‘it’s witchcraft’ rather than it’s fucking JavaScript and Python again.”

Bitcoin blockchain thoughts.
October 23, 2023

#Psinergy #Biofield #WBAN #SabrinaSays”

“You are using Satellites to shift around people´s cell structure…cognitive cities.”
“50s and 60s… augmenting Humans (against their will)”

“I am Heather MQQN, I am not Sabrina. I’m not sure what she’s drinking but if you tap that Odysee link with the vid you can comment on her original upload. She deletes a lot of vids tho, so I’d get in there asap. She might not respond in comments, sometimes it’s in another vid.”

“And DNA-Steganography is still here…”

25. Okt. 2023
Cryptocurrency is energy harvesting of the body area network.
Crypto currency is a body part!!🪖🪖
Our DNA is needed for crypto.
Ahhhhh I’ve listened to this 20x
And I’m still freaking out over what she is saying. 🤯
I know a 10 year pro who probably understands but this is twisted.”

“I don´t want this crap in my body!”

“It´s an optogenetic corridor that is installed…”

“..They were making sure to destabilize the atmosphere to turn humans fully cyber-physical, no one will be left unaffected, because you would not survive the atmosphere without some format of being augmented as a Human and nobody would have said yes and nobody is going to say no. (Sabrina Wallace)”

“Otherwise we are going to be stuck forever with the Sensor-Hunter Protectors, because they won´t even admit that the global information grid exists.”

“Redpill Drifter
Full Documentary
The United States Central Intelligence Agency worked directly with the Nazis. This documentary deep dives into the corruption and betrayal of the CIA, all on the taxpayers dime. Think they have changed today?”

“ᗰᑌᔕE YOᑌᖇ IᒪᒪᑌᔕIOᑎ
The FED is a BIS central bank just like each of the BRICS central banks dealing in FIAT.”

“Ingmar Veeck
You don´t know DoD Bioweapons and Bionanonetworks, they create Pseudo-Cancer.
Madam Mitochondria
Antwort an @Madam_Mito @Hair_Artiste und 2 weitere Personen
Cancer (mostly) crops up because of a tired immune system. Your best and pretty much only shot at avoiding it is to stay biologically young for as long as possible.”

“Guy Theobald – #TI – “VICTIM OF “CYBER-TORTURE”
It is a detailed site more about the New World Order AGENDA – Why & What people need to research
ROSWELL 1947 is Key with #CIA MK ULTRA to understanding our Technological Transistor World with INVASIVE Cell Towers & Satellites today.
C Page Headings:-”

Ya it seems that way. Christians help spread je ws torah for free of charge 😅, without knowing who is je ws god.
🇦🇷 J. G. Benítez
7. März
Judaism is inherently Evil? Yes. Their God is literally the Devil.
But Christianity has spread the Word of the Devil througout the World.
Both are equally bad.”

“Kalki Kshatriya Vishnu’s World
Wearing Bikini or sexy, compete each other & live like a whore, too much of busy in social media while neglecting Dharma & Family is not Beauty.
But when Women are Living in Dharma & Traditional Way, Loving & Caring Family, then only they become Truely Beautiful.
~ V for Vishnu
Pooja Uday Pophale
7. März
I respect beauty yet in today’s times, obssession with beauty is a bane. In earlier times, beauty was within the context of a Dharmik society. Women were beautiful and wore beautiful clothes, even did makeup; however it is important to note that all women were chaste. In
Kalki Kshatriya Vishnu’s World.”

“Elektra Angel
Essentially the reason for your ear ringing- your artificial tinnitus- has been solved. Welcome to the cloud. The WBAN. Courtesy of the 4th Industrial Revolution/The Self Titled “Elites”/Globalists/Your Governments/The Military- did I forget someone? Thank you. It’s awesome.”

“Elektra Angel
So basically the injection-just think of it as a software upgrade.Remember the cd packet when installing software – came w/three or so.Just think of the injection + boosters. Because that’s one thing it was doing-upgrading -adding greater nano material/upgrading to 5/6G network.”

“ᗰᑌᔕE YOᑌᖇ IᒪᒪᑌᔕIOᑎ
Putin is MI6 appointed and doing what he is told to do. Sorry to tell you.
The entire events on the global stage are orchestrated.
Russia is at the top of the pack to initiate centralized digital currency and answer to the same central bankers as the FED. It’s all an illusion.

Ingmar Veeck
10. März
100%. Chemtrails are global. That is why there can be no opposition of the
U.S. NWO Hegemony.

Ingmar Veeck
10. März
It is called being a Joker, 5-Nations Agent.

Du hast repostet
Avoid Boris Johnson UK
Antwort an
Thank you so much for putting a link on your website to my Twitter account. The shadow-banning in my case is extreme as you can see. I think your website is excellent. There is so much information on there. So much to learn!”

“Sabrina Wallace: You are imprinting the demon right in your House, don´t do that..FM (frequency modulated) Radar, Infrared..and be very firm that this is my body and my body belongs to..Christ…and just because you sit down and watch T.V. and lie to yourself it doesn´t go away. God sees it all, for real, they have a system that gets pretty close to this, they have it all the way with the Metamaterials. they have been at war for 3 decades.”

“I am done for this day, I am fried…me yelling at Satellites. I am just a disabled woman in the Mountain, you are coming for me?”

Ingmar Veeck
When all of these head figures die, the system still perpetuates, who keeps it running….
Toby- The United Nations 🇺🇳 is Spectre,
Antwort an @WinterOakPress
The Globalist System is way bigger than the Rothschilds controlled by the Crown, Bank of England, City of London, Order of the Garter, Privy Council and Crown Temple, Rothschilds work for them but control nothing, Jacob is dead so who is controlling it all now ?

“These are hybridized Humans they have Plans, Project Salus.”
“I am right with the CubeSAT.”
“Those of us who know how to stay alive naturally, faster than they are, don´t yield your biofield, that is your body…you strike first.”

Ingmar Veeck
0 Results… I am really glad that I dedicated 20 years to my personal individual world software library. I have everything that the brainwashed folks will never be able to retrieve.

“”Toby- The United Nations 🇺🇳 is Spectre,
Putin is neither Orthodox or Jewish,he like all global leaders retain their ‘cultural/religious identity’while serving the Temporal power of
Catholic Church as it is written in the Oath of the Knights of Malta which is the Jesuit Oath. Orthodox for cover, Jew for blame
SniperBoy 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮
Pope Francis is a disgrace. I call on him to resign immediately. Popes shall not sell their souls to murderers and fascists.”

Wide Awake Media
9. März
UN “Messenger of Peace” and WEF “agenda contributor”, Jane Goodall, would love nothing more than to “reduce the number of people on the planet”.
“There’s too many of us. It’s a planet of finite resources, and we’re using them up.”
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Ingmar Veeck
Antwort an
“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference. (Jane Goodall) [24363]” DOUBLE STANDARDS,.

She stems from the Club of Rome era, where they believed in the limits of growth, which is total nonsense….Steven Greer can address this for you,.

The first five ceos of club of rome are already dead and the last 2 are very old…

Eventually this Rockefeller Brainwashing Machine dies out one day.

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Wireless Warrior
“#Doctors sit in #WiFi filled surgeries because they are not educated in the field of microwave radiation sickness.
Even patients who know they are injured by microwaves cannot be helped. #Health offers educational courses for medical professionals.”

“Du hast repostet
What are the causes of these tragic loss of lives?”
“Hindutva Watch
12 Indians died mysteriousely in last 45 days in USA. 11 of them were under 25
Anyone calling USA unsafe or apologising over it?”

“Secret Societies: Opus Dei, Rosicrucians, Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Club”
“Financial: BIA, IWF, World Bank, Central Banks, Federal Reserver”
“Political: CFR, Trilateral Commission, Governmental Leaders, U.S. Supreme Court, Electoral College,
NATO, EU & EEC, United Nations, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome.”
“Intelligende: MI-5, CIA, FBI, NSA, KGB, Interpol, Mossad, Drug Cartels, Homeland Security, Military Intelligence.”
“Research Institutions: Institute for Policy Studies, Stanford Research Institute, Brooklyn Institute, Tavistock Institute.”
“Educational: UNESCO, Lucis Trust, E.Institute, Media Establishment, World Federalist Assc., UNICEF”

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