Structure of the Body Area Network (BAN)

Structure of the Body Area Network (BAN)


“A Review on Human Body Communication: Signal Propagation Model, Communication Performance, and Experimental Issues
Full-text available
Oct 2017
Jian Feng Zhao Xi Mei Chen Bo Dong Liang
Qiu Xia Chen
“Human body communication (HBC), which uses the human body tissue as the transmission medium to transmit health informatics, serves as a promising physical layer solution for the body area network (BAN). The human centric nature of HBC offers an innovative method to transfer the healthcare data, whose transmission requires low interference and reliable data link. Therefore, the deployment of HBC system obtaining good communication performance is required. In this regard, a tutorial review on the important issues related to HBC data transmission such as signal propagation model, channel characteristics, communication performance, and experimental considerations is conducted. In this work, the development of HBC and its first attempts are firstly reviewed. Then a survey on the signal propagation models is introduced. Based on these models, the channel characteristics are summarized; the communication performance and selection of transmission parameters are also investigated. Moreover, the experimental issues, such as electrodes and grounding strategies, are also discussed. Finally, the recommended future studies are provided..”

“.. BCC is considered especially suitable for the transmission of health-related data. This is due to its inherent security features (minimized signal leakage) and its ability to operate at low transmission power levels, thanks to the lower attenuation of lower-frequency BCC signals when passing through the human body, compared with radio frequency signals. The main application of BCC is in the construction of wireless body area networks …”
“… Some works treat the human body as a black box, representing it as a single element with complex resistance. In taking a step further, others model the forward and return paths as separate impedances, while some incorporate interpath elements into the circuit model. The most comprehensive work using this approach so far is by Modak et al. …”

“Human Body as a Signal Transmission Medium for Body-Coupled Communication: Galvanic-Mode Models
Full-text available
Nov 2023
Vladimir Aristov
Atis Elsts
Signal propagation models play a fundamental role in radio frequency communication research. However, emerging communication methods, such as body-coupled communication (BCC), require the creation of new models. In this paper, we introduce mathematical models…”


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“Wireless Warrior
1) I had a little look at the above document. It’s a thesis from 2015. First line: “Intrabody communications (IBC) is a novel physical layer outlined in the recently ratified IEEE 802.15.6 Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) standard.”

“Graphene-based sensors for human-machine interaction”


“Impulse Radio Intrabody
Communication System for
Wireless Body Area Networks
Zibo Cai
College of Engineering and Science
Victoria University” – “Februar 2015”

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