Rashid Buttar his Last Interview he did 3 Days Ago With Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

“Rashid Buttar His Last Interview He Did 3 Days Ago With Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson”

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“Laura-Lynn: You disappeared for a while.”

“Rashid Buttar: What happened: Youtube did try to assassinate me, it was like a character assassination. We had 89 Videos that had hit more than a Million or more views within the first 12 hours of being released and finally they took my channel down. I had Millions of Followers.”

“Rashid Buttar: It wasn´t that I disappeared, it was that they took my voice away and Facebook followed shortly after that. The only social media platform that didn´t take me down was Twitter and had 97000 subscribers there, it was my smallest platform.”

“Rashid Buttar: All we talked was about Love and Gratitude and sending this to someone to the other side of the Planet.”

“Rashid Buttar: The most unexpected encounter (2012)..I have a very strong belief in the Creator, I don´t follow Religion anymore, because I studied too much about Religion and Theology…my encounter with the Creator, a reminder that they must exercise free will.”

“Rashid Buttar: We are surrounded by God´s abundance.. God is not a God of Limitation. There is abundance all around us. It´s incredible how abundant our Creator has made this Planet.”

“Rashid Buttar: I went through a very difficult personal health challenge, a few months, I was in the ICU, I had been poisoned with the 200 times the amount of what is in the vaccinations. I have said publicly you have to shoot me in the head, I am not going to take the vaccination.. I was intentionally poisoned..right after that CNN-Interview…The importance of exercising free will, ..as a backup..slow down…become as self-sustainable as possible, grow your own food…they always try to create these emergencies..their time is coming to an end.”

“”Laura-Lynn: A lot of spiritual people had been at the cusp of Truth…The God Factor, where God is speaking and he is letting us know that something is up…Revelations.”

“Rashid Buttar: There is similar types of concepts in all the monotheistic Religions. I have studied the Religions long enough, I can see through the facade…there is an Agenda behind most organized Religion… Our connection with the divine is consistent..God talks to us all, most of us can´t listen, we are too busy, that intuition, that gut feeling, that something is warning us, that is God warning us, helping us, guiding us. I have chosen not to follow into organized Religions.”

“Rashid Buttar: “The fear of God” I have never feared God, but an appreciation for God…When I saw the essence.”

“TheRevelator2021just now:
He got it…Earth is Sophia, a living Goddess… God is not a God of Limitation…and the direct contact with God is also a very strong experience.
8 hours ago:
Love and Peace Dr Buttar. You are a hero and warrior of light, man of God🙏💖 You will never be forgotten for what you did for humanity.”
Arlo13: 13 hours ago: Great Show, thanks.”
5 hours ago:
This is shocking! How can we continue to let these evil S.O.B’S continue to get away with their crimes? My condolences to the good doctor Rashid Buttar’s family.”

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