Nano Domestic Quell from the DoD-Morgellon-Criminals – additional Information + revisited.

PDF-Proof-100% True: NanoQuellMorgellons

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.12.2021: Only because you call yourself DoD and NWO global dominance, does not mean you can´t be put under prosecution and punishment or even become dismantled for the ultimate crime against the human genome and genetic weapon assaults (and undermining of the holy temple of God called the human body!!) against the entire world via Chemtrail dispersal of Nano-Vector-Bioweapons… Who is your Master DoD? You claim yourself to be believers in Christianity and you do the works of the Destroyer…Fake-Ass Christians seem to dominate your insane cult club of bioweapon deployers and manufacturers..
Your overbloated military apparatus will not prevent you to become judged by the Holy Spirit and the Absolute God.
You should know what happens when you attack and sabotage the Holy Saints that are dearest to God and the Goddess…
They attacked me with this genetic weapon already in 2005…imagine that…most people didn´t even know that it exists until maybe 2012 and normal doctors go to diagnose it as angioma whereas it is a Stanford Rheogene Pharmamafia-U.S.Military-DoD-Arpa-NSA-Alphabet Crime Cartel NWO biotech blood parasite, just take a Microscope, like I did in 2013, you can extract all the nanos out of it, it is inhaled via daily dispersed Chemtrails. Everyone has it. EVERYONE, even when you show no symptoms, it´s a Ubiquitous Chemtrail Parasite.
It integrates itself into your chromosomal structure as an ecdyson chromosomal trojan via horizontal gene transfer, a magnetic transfection or aerial vaccination. Transgenic Crimes.

“Supporting evidence:
1) Well known former NSA contractor Edward Snowden who specialized in electronic
surveillance acknowledged this program by name as an operational weapon.
2) Hewlett Packard has been in the process of using stratospheric aerosol injection to place
nanotechnology around the world to construct the Internet of Things. It stands to reason the
private company HP had to get permission from the Federal government to place smart chips all
over the earth including in humanity by breathing them in.
3) Materials extracted from people tested by Dr. Citovsky produced positive returns of
nanotechnology which were later confirmed to be bio-engineered Agrobacterium.
Agrobacterium possesses the property of growing the nanotechnology into an artificial nervous
system in the host body. When these fibers breach the skin the symptom is referred to by
sufferers as Morgellons Disease.
1. It is possible and appears the US Government conspired with private corporations to deliver an
infectious agent to the American people for mind, population, and environmental control
reasons against our rights for the purposes of taking our liberties.
2. The possibility is a security threat, a human rights threat, and threatens our very way of life.
With a single decision, our country could change from a representative democracy to an
aristocratic technocracy.
3. As the technology becomes more widely available due to NSA admission that it is now out of
their control, criminals will use it against innocent people causing harm through manipulation to
victims who don’t even realized they’re being attacked.
Proposed Solution:
New legislation to meet these challenges include developing defense, securing our rights with a
Constitutional Amendment, and reviewing what signal bands are safe to use verses those that create
public health hazards.”

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