Military and Intelligence Expert: Who is behind the 5th Gen Warfare with Dr. Kirshnan

“Military and Intelligence Expert: Who is behind the 5th Gen Warfare with Dr. Kirshnan”

“SW: That to me is Hell.”

“SW: They can literally control you…Now you have these powerful Psychopaths, because that is psychopathic behavior, injecting that kind of control structure, only psychopaths do that, a psychopathic structure built into the fabric of society.”

“DK: It only benefits a very small elite class…and that would be in charge of it and probably exempted from most of those regulations.”

“SW: Well, it does not even benefit them, they create a hell-world and they still have to live in too.”

“DK: Well, I think they potentially think that they can insulate themselves,.. the idea of a breakaway society, so you have a separate society for the “elites” where they enjoy all the technology and all the conveniences and then you have another society for the whole rest of the world, which would be hell on earth.”

“SW: The slave class.”

“SW: I know you are not an insider, you are an academic, academics are pseudo-insiders.”

“DK: I think we could be reaching a point when their system is becoming too dysfunctional, as everything breaks down.. and so that is a huge possibility and they have gambled on a political outcome and they may not be able to put it off and the result could be that we could be living in a collapsed society that we would have to rebuild by ourselves.”

“SW: Which would be better than the Hell that they are trying to create.”

“DK: The collapse of communism in eastern Europe…we have had a totalitarian system that was rotting from within and ultimately were no longer be willing to support it, even at the highest level.”

“SW: This is terrible.”

“DK: We have artificial intelligence and other technologies…so they would simply replacing them.. the government and politicians with technical control systems and get rid of the people that could make a difference.”

“SW: I think that´s why certain people of us, like me, that are hyper-targeted, because we understand technology, we understand certain processes that we can communicate to people.”

“SW: Suppress those that could make a difference and boost those that create Chaos.”

“DK: Well, that is psychological warfare.”

“DK: They can confuse us in respect from where the attack comes from.”

Historical Reference:
“Military Neuroscience and the Coming Age of Neurowarfare By Armin Krishnan 2017 – Routledge: 270 pages.
Krishnan describes military applications of neuroscience research and emerging neurotechnology with relevance to the conduct of armed conflict and law enforcement. This work builds upon literature by scholars such as Moreno and Giordano and fills an existing gap, not only in terms of reviewing available and future neurotechnologies and relevant applications, but by discussing how the military pursuit of these technologies fits into the overall strategic context. The first to sketch future neurowarfare by looking at its potentials as well as its inherent limitations, this book’s main theme is how military neuroscience will enhance and possibly transform both classical psychological operations and cyber warfare. Its core argument is that nonlethal strategies and tactics could become central to warfare in the first half of the twenty-first century. This creates both humanitarian opportunities in making war less bloody and burdensome as well as some unprecedented
threats and dangers in terms of preserving freedom of thought and will in a coming age where minds can be manipulated with great precision. /(NeuroNano) /(Folter) /(Anti-Pharmamilmafia) /(Saturnmatrix) /(Dekryptor) /(Medizinmafia) /(CrimeSyndicate) /(Spy) /(Agencies) /(ShadowGov) /(CoIntelPro2) /(Anti-Staazi) /(Anti-Zionismus) /(Strahlung)s /(Angriff)e /(Anti-Faschismus) /(MindControl) /(BrainIntrusion) /(AlienTech) /(Technokratismus) /(Neue Physik) /(Skandal) /(Menschenrechte) Conspiracy Revelation Archive Vol.160 [=>37608]”

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