The Underground War ,Happening Now..

“The Underground War, Happening Now..”
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The underground war happening now between dark hats and white hats.The white hats are taking control and winning.
“These Evil People will not go down without a fight, they will take us all with them …like naughty little child they won’t share their toys, if I can’t have them I’ll break them. I’m not going to share, so that’s what they will, they’ll burn this world down and kill all of us with them, because if they can’t have it, no one will have it including us that’s why I’m here that’s why I have been called by God and God gave me this chance and I stand by God and my service to Him this country and humanity thank you God and I’m glad and honored to be a service to all those here, so thank you.”
“I’m a plus twenty year submarine Navy Veteran and had a very high clearance and so was privy to a lot and I red-pilled initially…in 1990.”
“So basically you have been doing 30-plus hours of research for
30-plus years” For me, since that time, this has been my day to day every day, since then and you know I’ve been nights where I’ve cried for hours and weeks await where I can’t sleep with the hideous nature’s of the things I’ve had to see, watch and know and so I understand that you know what’s normal to me now is like way out there for a lot of people, that technologies that are out there are so vast and so beyond understanding, it’s seems impossible to believe this.” “It os talking about below as a
nudie code on the dumb deep underground military bases system and under earth war for long spiritual war for the survival of Eden earth and humanity region 612 for our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorities against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms there are four stages of this prolonged spiritual battle between good and evil or the evil darkness forces that stand opposed to the divine plan of the one true Living God and those that have dedicated themselves to the service of the one true Living God the four-state is necessary to complete in order to win this war against the evil darkness…and removal of
the satanic evil upper echelon…the special forces leading the
Vanguard using weapons very few of knowledge of or have even dreamed of is
advancing through the immense Illuminati demon forces and fast interconnected deep underground military bases complex that is connected within national highways and tunnels with magnetic
levitating trains maglevs capable of speeds of up to 17,000 miles per hour there that connect the facilities and domes throughout the world.”
“you can see how those tunnels go under there those are actually being cleaned right now those tunnel systems they’re
going up into Canada which is you know massive nest of just total satanic mess and then you can see the connection to
Dulce and the big huge bases in New Mexico and Area 51 in Nevada and all of that and then you can see the old connection to china lake which is all taken out in the
Ridgecrest tunnel system going up through connected to San Francisco in the Presidio going way up north from Coos Bay and Oregon and up and through Washington and all the way
up so all of that’s being worked on heavily as we’ll see in this decode and then this map is the mid-level dumps the
more ancient dumps and they figured out based on the their Intel how much all the flooding all the dumps in the world
would take it was so it would drop the ocean level so fast that it would could cause another Ice Age, because if you
drop it too far you get down into the big currents that circulate through the ocean like in the Atlantic you have the
Gulf Stream and then you know the horatio current and all of those different currents and if you upset those currents in the ocean flows you can literally upset the entire ecosystem
of the world and so they decided they had to use hand hand combat on land as well as certain advanced techniques that
they’ve just recently come upon like they took out the dumb and twin lakes our twin falls rather excuse me in which
they blew a hole in a lava tube that is part of the supervolcano a few 70 and in doing so they flooded that facility down to the deep dumps, now these ones are the
ones that go extremely deep and they’re very very ancient back when the satanics first came here it goes into the
hole that Admiral Byrd went into there is in the Arctic and all of the bases up in Siberia the deep extremely deep satanic basis of the Satanic beings and the demons so what you’re seeing here is the demonic stuff the really deep really evil stuff that’s why it says at the bottom Wicca craft that’s you know black magic satanism Satanic magic and all of that casting in the incantations and spells and all of this is very dark and deep and evil and so the battle down there is very horrendous but the connections underneath the ocean are gone those have been blown and flooded, so they don’t have the maglev trains going from continent to continent anymore this is a last stronghold of the satanic
1illuminati ancient evil Nephilim bloodlines of Cain evidence of this battle can be seen with the fires coming out of sewers storm holes drains and manholes covers in California there is fire actually coming through the manholes at Porter Ranch up at the Ralph’s I’m here that’s pretty crazy, I’ve never seen that before, so it’s Underground at this moment there’s more over here that’s wild.”
“In Alaska there was there was and cleaned out the Brooks Range and two bases which were the Delta Junction and
Fort Greely which are in the same areabases which were the Delta Junction and Fort Greely which are in the same area
in Arizona there’s portulaca or West rather excuse me and intelligence and this was used for intelligence training,
mind-control genetics and detention camp for renegade civilian outs and rounding up people when they do their end times Luke Air Force Base that’s now under whitehat control gates pass base that’s now under whitehat control deala mountain area that’s now under whitehat control and then there’s the grande wash cliffs that’s still under the darkside wasp, it’s the western each edge yes western
edge of the cliffs at the head of Grapevine wash, it must be reached the highway 93 and unpaved roads there’s green valley then under white hat controllers who lapa our hula pie excuse
me hello pie mountains east of the mountain ranch 35 miles southeast of Kingman that’s out on the way out to Las
Vegas from Flag Flagstaff Arizona then you have rent a mountain or side of Rincon Mountain and I’ll just act from
now on I was just if a thunder who I have control I’ll say afterwards Mount Lemmon page goes all the way under
Hoover Dam and the reservoir Safford santa catalina mountains the Sedona arizona detainment camp located under the enchantment or as a part in resort in Boynton Canyon and then under white hat hat controlled the wickiup complex
1and that one was just found in the process of cleaning up some other things and they took it out when they found it
then there’s the yucca mountains you can actually see this as you drive on our 40 if you’re driving towards California.”
“because that’s a lot of children that you know would have been with that we’re going through a horrendous situation it’s just .. they’re in these cages and lights and
bells go off, they get electrocuted all the time and mistreated badly to urn them into mk ultra slave bots.. then in Darwin four miles west of Darwin city there’s a dumb then we have Deep Springs that’s now under whitehat control at 37
degrees 22 minutes north 117 degrees fifty nine point three minutes west that’s then we have Fort Irwin 35
degrees 20 minutes north hundred sixteen degrees 8 minutes west that was a detainment camp for renegade civilian ops after they had Hillary got in they rounded up all all of
humanity into these detainment camps..every time you see that
that’s what that means then under whitehat control Edwards Air Force Base in the area where Diamond Creek and the South Fork of the Yuba meet then still under black hat
control Col George Air Force Base under white hat control was Helen Dale that was the Lockheed underground facility that was technology and secret projects development base Los Angeles is under white hat control on highway 14 towards
Edwards Air Force Base after Palmdale unity this was for technology the Illuminati secret project since the
facility is near that the hot tub high mountains reported it’s reported that this goes 42 levels deep it was heavily
involved with electronics and high-tech aerospace research Mount Shasta and many people that live in that area know how
you see all kinds of stuff there all the time it’s a massive base this for advanced base technology genetic experiments magnetic advances space and beam weaponry this is the deepest known facility it’s over 800 Miles deep in California say 4 miles deep third river facility the hollowed-out Mountain next to the hydroelectric facility at the Kern River
Project near Bakersfield California the Napa Valley facility is now under whitehat control this is where they used to grab people that would go through the Napa Valley do wine sampling
they’d sign up and they’d see if they have relatives or people that missed them they’d grab them and take them underground here, this was located the primary entrance at the old filled grade north of Napa tunnels also connect with
the wineries all throughout all of Napa Valley, it’s used for white slavery and mind control as well as direct satellite
communications, laser communications the continuation of government site where in this case we’re talking continuation of the Illuminati government in other words the deep state this was located on the Oakville grade in Napa County and..Norton Air Force Base is now under whitehat control…Palmdale Base it’s the McDonnell Douglas facility called the uro facility and you can see it better with from the three sisters Hills area to the south of facility this base is involved in high-tech aerospace technology then the Presidio which is the massive system that goes under it I
was talking about earlier that goes under all of San Francisco and not under the Harbor to Oakland that was a FEMA DoD site for region nine of a regional office this was neutralized with underground burn out which caused
fires to be seen all the way down to Porter Ranch San Bernadino base which is now under whitehat control…under the entire San Bernardino Valley it was neutralized with a tactical nuke there causing two earthquakes at four
point five and then three point two again aftershocks are not normally like that they’re different and you can see a
lot of the DUMBS and facilities there on that map and all those interconnections…”all these wars going on down
there..” Yes Sir and then Santa Barbara County is DUMB it’s in the sick diatomite.. it is a very hard mineral
it’s just slightly less hard than a diamond, so there that one’s going to take a little more effort to get into
that’s still under the dark hats or the deep state in Santa Rosa as well as under deep state still i..the west coast what is being done here is mostly kept secret but this base is
listed as the communications an antenna field but it’s obviously being used for much more then we have this year a
Nevada mountain complex which is a very deep military base then the to chop the kept choppy and I’m probably not
pronouncing that one right myself ranch and that’s in the top the canyon it was finished in 1995 in September, this is
called the unholy six base then the trona complex is now white hat controlled…this DUMB system on China Lakes land and his belt was built in the 60s but it was
neutralized along with China lake… catalina island
base still under the dark side, chocolate mountains Death Valley…lancaster base which is used for aircraft design,
anti-gravity engineering stealth craft and testing it’s 42 levels deep the lawrence livermore international lab
complex is used for human genome mapping mapping and making clones their work trying to resolve the differences that clones don’t look exactly like humans for example the earlobes are attached where the human would have a free
swinging air lobe …this was a newly built lab the cost 1.2 billion dollars and it was for the laser facility that they had there that had to do all of that technology and
engineering that the Murano Valley complex then there’s the Mount lassen complex which is now under whitehat
control the needles complex the Palmdale complex new aircraft design anti-gravity research was done there or is being done
there excuse me this is in the process burned out…this one is not completely yet under whitehat control that’s part of all that burnout…saying all the black helicopters all
this with the Special Forces they cleaned that completely out the book lifts is still under dark cat control the facility has been cleaned out that’s a headquarters for the EMC and the tech which is the type of electromagnetic mind control system that was going to be used once we were all highly integrated with all the now fibers and then affected smart dust they are putting in our vaccinations and in our air and our water, so they would use that as well as for their MK Ultra slaves and as well ast your smartphones and all your
cell your smart devices that would make us all into little BOTS for them this is genetic, this whole big huge facility was for Genetics and geology mining as well as related took to advancing technology for tunneling and underground construction under whitehat control that’s part of
the huge facility that went as we’ll see..
from DIA Colorado Springs NORAD Cheyenne Mountain that was for the canada-us and fema hundreds of people are our staff
it’s 4.5 cubic miles of underground caverns 45 underground steel buildings they had complex of tracks and satellites and missiles and submarine entrances and much much more
this NORAD facility also controlled the monarch mk ultraslave that had the intense program which is known as Alex
Denis and Alexis for call back when they were going to do with Hillary their nuclear war and then round up the
renegade civilians and they would activate those mods to help take people out that’s part they still have a lot of
this policy from what I’ve been told six million have been taken out or you know got a hold of and taken the implants
that they put in them out and they’re you know getting their personalities and their beingness is put back together and
getting the demons that they put in charge of each personality once they do the torture and create those
personalities but there’s still some so you know when we see the report coming out in maybe with the durham around..and then that NORAD facility was 1287 miles of underground
road and that’s all now completely under the alliance control and completely cleaned up then there was the Fort
Collins which is still not completely done yet that came up into the University of color of State University of Fort Collins and then the DIA Denver complex which consists first off of five buildings they dug out and put in there
before they were laid down the swastika runways for DIA and the buildings..”
“Something going on underneath that you needed to clean up and that was part of the maglev train system came in through there as well so that connected dia with washington DC, so they really wanted that access they came in and those two scientists gave their life to keep the entire Front Range of Colorado from being wiped out by kuru, so god bless them and y’all we honor their their sacrifice, there are areas and areas of fence getting barbed wire concrete stacks and you can see many cooling towers all over the DIA complex all over the runways pay attention when if you ever fly in and
out of there you can see the entrances this area is much larger the DIA complex is much larger than the city that’s on
top the Denver and its suburbs and this was supposed the reason is and this is why Obama actually spent when they
thought there was an asteroid coming in he flew to Denver it’s but he went underground there, this was for continuity of government for the deep state and this is all for their
transition system you know that goes all the way up under what is called the federal center .. there’s a nuclear reactor both there in under dia to power this whole thing it’s the main hub for all the maglevs and the entire
continent had hubbed out from denver system it has massive marketing facilities with Delta Orion Endtime programming teams there as well as all these foreign troops that were put in there to flood out of that facility they have 150 years of food storage and they had a large lake in there with parks and flora and fauna and animals and all of that stuff to make it look literally a beautiful seven star resort it was also
part of the free energy Tesla Grid system this whole facility went a total of 88 point 3 miles deep and you can see
one of those entrances and that’s literally right underneath the front clear runways there you look down on dia, this the runways are in a shape of a swastika and all over dia is all kinds of demonic murals gargoyles all kinds of things out on the facing the airport…there’s a plaque saying it’s the New
World Order Airport. “Scary Stuff”…”
“These are United Nations International Security
Forces UNSF and the UNmtf which stands for United Nations multinational task force it’s located throughout DUMBs
throughout the US and actually invaded a student of mine and I went into one of these ops and you know in Hawaii when
they’re training with all Vietnamese and you know ask them what they’re doing up their home the goal allows this stuff is you know absolutely for real.”
“God bless them in the name and all of those here and protect you all in the name of the one true living God of all love, light, compassion and creation, the Holy Spirit and his holy Son Jesus Christ. Amen.”

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