The BioNanoNetwork and The Infiltration of the Human Body and X-Stream 8.1.2024

Conspiracy Revelation: 9.1.2024: The BioNanoNetwork and The Infiltration of the Human Body and X-Stream (XTREME) 8.1.2024.


“Heather Carr
Be your own disclosure!
November 7, 2023

you are that smart, just might need some help from a few professions!
as for the rest of you fakin and spreadin my face out there for money, could you please consider educating people on human body communication or galvanic energy?

#Psinergy #Biofielf #WBAN #SabrinaSays”

“Defending Our Homeland” is a Nazi term and a fake ideology with a false premise to enact world totalitarism.

“Bionanosensors have been growing inside of people since 2005” I agree…

“That is a 20 years old technology, the Body Area Network” (confirmed, after watching what they did to me)

Du hast repostet
Antwort an
No instead they torture the people trying to expose them…


8. Jan.
Antwort an
💯 they have become nothing but indoctrination chambers to demoralize and degenerate our society in every possible way.. this is true. However, the University of Chicago alumni. will give a clue about exactly how they use this specific university.

Ingmar Veeck
8. Jan.
That explains the Left Hook Chest Chainer…
they infiltrate the heart from the inside and this causes pressure…
@Kingston_Truth 🤐
Nano-Enriched Self-Powered Wireless Body Area Network for Sustainable Health Monitoring Services
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Sensors Basel
Sensors (Basel), 2023 Mar; 23(5): 2633.
Published online 2023 Feb 27, doi: 10.3390/123052633
PMCID: PMC10006880
Nano-Enriched Self-Powered Wireless Body Area Network for Sustainable Health Monitoring Services
Bassem Mokhtar, Conceptualization, Methodology, Validation, Writing-original draft 23 Ishac Kandas, Investigation, Supervision, Mohammed Gamal Validation, Formal analysis, Nada Omran, Validation, Formal analysis,” Ahmed H. Hassanin, Methodology, Supervision, 56 and Nader Shehata. Methodology, Validation, Investigation, Writing-review & editing347
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Advances in nanotechnology have enabled the creation of novel materials with specific electrical and physical characteristics. This leads to a significant development in the industry of electronics that can be applied in various fields. In this paper, we propose a fabrication of nanotechnology-based materials that can be used to design stretchy piezoelectric nanofibers for energy harvesting to power connected bio-nanosensors in a Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN). #

The bio-nanosensors are powered based on harvested energy from mechanical movements of the body, specifically the arms, joints, and heartbeats.

A suite of these nano-enriched bio-nanosensors can be used to form microgrids powered wireless body area network (SpWBAN), which can be used sustainable health monitoring services. A system model for an SpWBAN with an energy harvesting-based medium access control protocol is presented and analyzed based on fabricated nanofibers with specific characteristics. The simulation results show that the SpWBAN outperforms and has a longer lifetime than contemporary WBAN system designs without self-powering capability.

Keywords: wireless body area networks, bio-nanosensors, nano-materials, energy harvesting, flexible electronics

“Excerpt from USNavySpecialOps:”
“In the bigger picture, Americans (and the global population) are being buried alive in a frequency fence. Even the tiny handful of people who have had exposure to mind control, for example insiders themselves, or most targeted individuals, have no
idea how fantastically advanced, subtle and powerful the current system really is. It is beyond words. Anybody can be taken over within seconds and be totally remote-controlled without knowing it. It is beyond the capacity of those who haven’t
experienced this being done to themselves and others around them to even comprehend this. – All Americans are computers. It takes an average of approximately five minutes to access any American and remote control them. The same apparently applies
to Europeans and likely (potentially) most of the world. It can all be seen like a computer network where the human (brain and every single cell of the body) is the computer, and the mind (and entire biological system) is the software.” /
DISCLOSURE ON TECHNOLOGIES AND APPLICATIONS BEING USED AGAINST AMERICAN TARGETED INDIVIDUALS First, all 315 million Americans are targeted individuals. They are in an electro-magnetic concentration camp, under unbreakable electronic mind control.
– There is a secret military-police structure that silently controls much of America, especially in regards to current and future plans regarding population culling and management. On the lowest level are actual police and soldiers. As I was told,
“everyone who carries a holster and a badge is directly under our control.” It is all under Northcom. Navy elements and private ‘black ops’ security firms are used for much of it, especially the dirty work. It is all done by neural frequency weapons
/systems running on the now thoroughly complete atmospheric topologies of HAARP, ELF waves etc. with nanobots from chemtrails/aerosols in and around the subject(s). In the bigger picture, Americans (and the global population) are being buried alive..
A general patch/update can be pushed down to everyone in a general or highly granular targeted demographic. This could be a ‘patch’ to put you in any emotional state, say, to suddenly ‘see the light’ and be a proponent of any ideology, religious
belief, have a certain disposition towards certain other people or groups, anything. A patch could be sent to everyone that fixes and prevents cancer – this basically already exists. Likewise you could be given cancer or a heart attack, stroke
or otherwise killed instantly. You could be knocked out while driving around a curve. An aside: I was told by a handler one time that it’s not a health care system we have but rather “wildlife management.” – Many targeted individuals experience
street theatre / gang-stalking. They are ignorant of what is actually happening to them. They believe hundreds of random strangers, or regular supernumeraries like the mailman, around them every day, are secretly paid by the government or other
entities to mess with them. How it actually works is that live operators monitor them remotely and simply control anyone around them. Reference the scene in the movie Control Factor with the waitress. Humans are taken over that easily.
Page 2/(Philogen) /(Retrieval) 2015.”

“In your blood this very moment are heavy metals, polymers, nano-sensors, microprocessors, and genetically engineered biologicals.”


DoD Terminology Reference:

Terminology Reference:

“Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article needs to be updated. (December 2012)

The Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System, otherwise known as (CT2WS), is a brain–computer interface designed to analyze sensory data and then alert foot-soldiers to any possible threats, passive or direct.[1] CT2WS is part of U.S. Department of Defense’s effort to produce an efficient and working Network-centric infantryman.

Proposed in early 2007, DARPA came to believe that a visual warning system could be produced and developed via an integration of technology and artificial intelligence.[1] By combining discoveries in flat-field, wide-angle optics, large pixel-count digital imagers, ultra-low power analog-digital hybrid signal processing electronics with cognitive visual processing algorithms, and neural network-based target detection signatures, DARPA felt a breakthrough was possible, but not likely to be achieved by independent researchers.[1] CT2WS further requires that human brain activity must be integrated with the technology.

Selection of research partners is currently open to potential researchers, including: non-traditional defense contractors, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, small businesses, etc.

It was anticipated that funding for CT2WS will continue until 2011.[2]

Budget for the project will be determined based upon the scope of the independent proposals.[2] There have been many research and technology contributors to the project including HRL and Advanced Brain Monitoring which contributed the B-Alert wireless-EEG headsets.
Technical details

Criteria for project includes: soldier portable, sensory-data collect for a 120 degree field of view (FOV), artificial analysis of data, threat analysis and prioritizing “brain-in-the-loop” integration, and real-time processing of neural and artificial cognitive data.[2]
Related projects

The DARPA Grand Challenge is another project designed to attract independent researchers to study AI for application to network-centric warfare. The Grand Challenge has tested autonomous driving ability in both urban and rough terrain settings.
See also

Future Combat Systems
Future Force Warrior
Transformation of the United States Army”

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