I ended up in the cardiac ICU. It was a rare complication of Lyme disease

“I ended up in the cardiac ICU. It was a rare complication of Lyme disease.”

Source: https://www.today.com/health/essay/lyme-carditis-lyme-disease-causes-rare-bacterial-infection-mans-heart-rcna27690

(Conspiracy Revelation: 9.12.2022: A patented U.S. Bioweapon, that is always not mentioned in political correct MSM.)

“Project Lyme
21. Mai
Eric was a healthy 43-year-old when his blood pressure and heart rate dropped dangerously low out of the blue. It turns out Eric was suffering from #Lyme #carditis — and here’s what he wants everyone to know for #LymeDiseaseAwareness Month via @TODAYshow”

Conspiracy Revelation: 6.12.2022: The bioweapon from U.S. Gov Nazis called Lyme/Morgellons can cause disruption of neuron communication between signals of the heart.

Conspiracy Revelation: 6.12.2022: The ticks were never the Problem, the problem was always the U.S. Military and their Bioweapon assaults on Mother Earth.

Conspiracy Revelation: 6.12.2022: DoD/Darpas Insect Warfare section is the root of all global bioweapon crimes against Humanity…

The God neglected all of his creation….he let DARPA invade all biological organisms with genetic warfare dual use biotech…
Current VASSAL-NWO-Germany imitates Darpa…they duck in front of their oversea Nazis… They are unfree Mafia-Cooperators and Co-Conspirators in favor of U.N. Lucis Trust.

The Truth is like burning Daylight for NWO Vampires of the Shadow Gov.

I would never neglect my Universe…, I would always stay with the Goddess.

Evil would never get a chance to develop bioweapons and gene weapons to play sadistic control and torture and kill probability ratio games with completely unwitting innocent beings. You really must question him.

This is no Lila-Play, this is deadly serious Indians…

Anyone who tries to trivialize and minimalize the world with childisch words like “Lila-Play” or “Illusion” has no clue about the Value of Existence.

The Masses never have structure, they have no clue how to tear down fascism, they demolish something and nothing changes…the genocide will go on as usual…

499360cookie-checkI ended up in the cardiac ICU. It was a rare complication of Lyme disease
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