Mel K & Cathy O’Brien | Resisting the Silent Weapons in the Quiet War for Your Mind

Mel K & Cathy O’Brien | Resisting the Silent Weapons in the Quiet War for Your Mind
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“…the brain is still forming so that’s what made me a Target for Mk Ultra mind control and we all need to realize that this ..agenda …is a mind control agenda and mind control is being used to usher in what Adolf Hitler, George Bush and Joe Biden term the New World Order, it’s been used for Generations now and it’s time we wake up and realize it because knowledge is our defense against mind control yeah and when people are armed with that knowledge they have a
defense against this bombardment of imposed traumas repetitious programming that we’re getting through controlled media … which is to dumb them down and make them compliant and March to New World orders they don’t have an
understanding of History they don’t have an understanding of how to process critical analysis, information, they don’t know how to activate that logic part of their brain, because Humanity has been conditioned for generations to look outside themselves to big government, big pharma, big tech, big cult to cult religion to tell them how to live their lives when in fact we got all the answers you know and the fact that I was able to survive my robotic White House Pentagon level victimization and heal and start showing everyone that it’s within us all to heal no matter what level of trauma we’ve experienced no matter what level of Mind manipulation no matter, no matter how immobilized we feel by the horrors going on in society today we can reclaim all that inner peace that strength of spirit the live the love that we’re intended to we can live our life’s purpose we’re all here right now at this pivotal moment in time and I’m so excited that people are waking up realizing that mind control is the one thing…when we understand that we are free.”

“..that came out a few years ago called stranger things a lot of that is about using people as Weapons especially the
very young children taking them uh around the age you you were taken from their families even younger in that
movie I mean that project it’s based on the montalk project…but the truth is Kathy and people have to understand this not only did this start well before Nazi Germany but a lot Nazi Germany had to factor in technology…”

“Clinton lied to us all when he said that MK Ultra was over as a matter of fact it was in
1995 that my testimony for Congress was censored “for reasons of National
Security” (SCAM TERM) because it exposed that clintons it exposed the bushes it
exposed Democrats and Republicans because this new world order agenda will
use whoever they can compromise, blackmail, coerce or get to comply with
their slave Society Agenda, their number one weapon system for ushering it in is
mind control right it is a psychological warfare weapon system and it does make
weapons out of people who can’t think to do anything but exactly what they’re
told to do, whether they’re told to go March in the streets and burn down buildings that’s what they’ll do with no reason why, that they’re supposed to hate this person, they’re supposed to stand for this country they’re supposed to deny their own country they’re supposed whatever it is they’re supposed to do is what they have been weaponized to do to make it look like people actually believe in that one in fact it is mind control when we understand the components of it it’s easy to recognize easy to see and easy to understand…”

“..they can no longer have children, so it’s also a depopulation tool going on at the same
time, coming back full circle to your original question on this the weaponization of humans
.. we need to arm ourselves with truth, number one, we need to arm ourselves with the facts on mind control, so we have defense against it, we need to arm ourselves with our
strength of spirit …that will protect Society …once we have our free thought we have
our free will, our soul expression, our strength of spirit, our power of love, we have our moral compass, we can say no, we can stop complying with this immoral, violent,
horriblem horrible plan that has been put into place, because that’s against our human nature, that’s against all we are, that’s what they fear, the very most is who we
are inside, because we got all the power got that Infinite Strength..”

“Kathy was programmed to be a very very very high level government weapon, basically, mentally, her husband uh who saved her life, he became her husband later um Mark Phillips, he’s passed away unfortunately but he’s still with us, I know that, but
when we talk about white hats, Mark Phillips is an original white hat and he wasn’t alone and Mark Phillips saw um even before he met Kathy he was working there was good and evil in our military and Good and Evil figuring out how to use Nazi technology and Nazi stuff that they did in the camps on American citizens…”

“to have rule for emotions, so that emotions don´t rule us and there are just certain
things that we can do to um stop our brains from going into that dark
pit of negativity, because it’s like a black hole, that sucks everything in and everything looks so Bleak, unless we stop the process before um it starts and learn to choose our thoughts when we choose our thoughts, we choose our moods, we choose our response and it’s really good to be able to stay logic, logical and critically analyzed information, because we’re being bombarded with so much negativity, so much horror, so much trauma, all at once, that it does get overwhelming…”

“I’m acutely aware of the programs that do um instill violence and military Special Forces, what a primary example of the ability that uh mind control can go to the point where they can take a bullet and keep on going, where they have that heightened physical endurance and the 44 times visual Acuity where they can point and shoot and not miss and yet that mind
control can reach in so deep to regulate blood flow,.. how many people have been led into Wars thinking they were going in for a reason other than what they were you know and then finding out when they get there I was like oh so this was all about taking over the poppy fields in Afghanistan, so it’s part of the drug wars and the War on Drugs, is the CIA
eliminating their competition, as they take over the industry worldwide, maybe these wars have been fought for the wrong reason.”

“realize that all of us can reclaim our free thought Free Will strength of spirit every one of us can take personal responsibility for our lives and it’s a beautiful thing to be able to be free to do that so it’s a matter of being able to change that perspective and realize
that we’ve been manipulated for a long long time and we’re here at this pivotal
moment in Humanity’s history to take the evolutionary step to reclaim that free
thought free will to be able to remember who we are and why we’re here and it’s
an amazing time to be alive Senator bird always said that good people don’t think
to look for that kind of criminal activity and if all we need to do is follow the money and it goes to the top and we’re going to find out it’s just a small handful of criminals, the same ones over and over again, follow the money you’ll and and you’ll have that answer and realize it’s so ridiculous that we’ve allowed them to manipulate us and they’re not going to be able to do it anymore, they’re not going to get any fear from me, they’re not going to get any hate from me, no negativity for me, they are going to get just the love that
I am and the concern I have for Humanity to go ahead and wake up embrace the truth..”

“..back in 1990 before people knew there was a swamp, before they knew there was mind
control, before they knew there was human trafficking or child sex trafficking they didn’t know any of that before they knew that there was a slave Society agenda that encompassed both Democrats and Republicans right and still I spoke out and I told that truth and some people didn’t want to hear it… people were that um naively good natured but we need to face that fact because there’s nothing wrong with facing the reality that we share this planet with a very dark negative energy force, that’s targeting…”

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