They are terrified….

@blackmoontransit They couldnt take you down because God has a purpose for you! #tarotreading #energyreading #spirituality #cardreading #spiritualtiktok #inspiration #shadowwork #spiritualawakening ♬ original sound – JDLVI

  • 00:01
    Alright, so this is a specific message.
  • 00:04
    Um, again, you will know if this is you. So
  • 00:09
    the people that tried to count you out, uh,
  • 00:12
    the people that
  • 00:15
    thought what they did to you would end you,
  • 00:17
    they would take you out,
  • 00:19
    you wouldn’t be, um.
  • 00:20
    If not you’re physically
  • 00:22
    mentally right.
  • 00:23
    Like there is a group of people
  • 00:24
    that truly tried to come for you,
  • 00:26
    and in an extreme way.
  • 00:28
    And I want to let you know that now
  • 00:32
    that what they did to you did not work.
  • 00:34
    They are terrified. Um,
  • 00:38
    there was a time limit right on.
  • 00:40
    On the bullshit that they were pulling.
  • 00:42
    That time limit is up. And they
  • 00:46
    though they tried their hardest,
  • 00:47
    they did a lot to try to end you in a specific way.
  • 00:51
    Um, it didn’t work.
  • 00:53
    The nine of wands on the bottom of this deck
  • 00:56
    lets me know that every one of those weapons,
  • 00:59
    they hit you with them,
  • 01:00
    but it you were too strong,
  • 01:02
    you were not weak enough for them to take you out.
  • 01:06
    And it’s not that they didn’t try.
  • 01:08
    They tried and they threw their best.
  • 01:10
    But you are better,
  • 01:12
    you’re stronger.
  • 01:13
    And they’re about to learn real quick
  • 01:16
    on why you’re so favored by god.
  • 01:19
    I want to pull a few cards for this
  • 01:26
  • 01:28
    Did you see the way my thumb hit that car?
  • 01:30
    Was simply about to crush it.
  • 01:32
    That is basically
  • 01:34
    what the divine is about to do to the people.
  • 01:36
    That did this to you.
  • 01:37
    He is going to take his thumb
  • 01:39
    and squash them like the bugs that they are.
  • 01:44
    This is a quick message
  • 01:47
    because not much more needs to be said.
  • 01:49
    But just know you’re these people’s karma is coming,
  • 01:53
    and you are about to be showered
  • 01:56
    and blessings for all that you have gone through.


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