The Short Life of EBE1 (Zeta Reticuli Small Grey – Serpo)

The Short Life of EBE1 (Zeta Reticuli Small Grey – Serpo)

@et_calls_home The short life of EBE-1 on our planet, described by a whistleblower. #fyp #fypシ #ufo #ufoキャッチャー #aliens #longervideos ♬ original sound – ET_calls_Home



EBE1 was found in the Roswell crash site near Corona, New Mexico.
He was slightly hurt and quickly recovered from his wounds.
They found out that he was a mechanic.
EBE1 was able to communicate through pictures with army personnel.
They placed him in an isolation room at the Roswell Army Airfield.
In September 1947, he was transferred to Kirtland Field and once again isolated in a medical unit.
During this time period, everyone worked with top military linguists.
They were able to communicate with him by showing him photographs.
They later developed symbols to communicate words, better known as logograms or logographs.
Eventually, everyone was able to utilize these symbols to communicate his wants and needs.
He could eat simple foods such as bread, fruits, pasta, salads, and cheese.
However, meats caused him problems and he would vomit them.
EBE 1 was examined by numerous medical doctors and scientists.
They found that EBE 1 had one primary organ that worked as his heart and lungs.
That organ was combined. He had a simple digestion system.
One organ worked as a stomach and one other organ worked as his intestines.
They could find no liver, pancreas, or gallbladder. Apparently,
his stomach acted as all of these organs or he just didn’t need them.
He had small glands on his hands, arms, and legs.
His glands would enlarge at certain times.
Scientists could not figure out what these glands were for nor their use.
EBE one measured 4 feet 3 inches tall.
And weighed 60 pounds. His weight never varied, however, his height did.
During the winter months, his height would increase by about 1 inch.
His body generated heat by some means that our scientists could not determine.
Everyone wore a tight fitting one piece suit.
That suit was all he needed to maintain his correct body heat.
The suit was made of an elastic material that retained warmth and kept out cold.
He had a body heat of 101 degrees, which seldom varied.
Although they provided him with a blanket, he rarely used it.
EBE1´s blood was light red, but contained similar cells, such as red and white blood cells.
His blood also contained numerous things our scientists could not identify.
EBE1´s body did not require a large quantity of water fluids.
He was able to extract the fluids required to maintain his proper levels.
Through the breakdown of food, his body was able to somehow determine
the correct amount of fluids required and eliminate the remaining unused fluids.
It was determined that eating was not a pleasurable activity for him,
but rather a necessity.
EBE1 was always calm, kind, and very considerate.
He never got excited, rude, nor was he mean spirited.
He was very social, even though he couldn´t understand others around him.
He liked to touch people and learn that holding a human hand was a common social practice.
He was very docile.
Even when scientists were poking and examining him.
He seemed to understand.
As he just let them go about their business, he was always willing to communicate
or attempted to communicate.
He quickly Learned the simple system and eventually Learned our language in a very simple way.
In 1950, EBE1 was moved to a special facility created for him at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
He lived in a little three room apartment.
His handler, who was assigned to him in 1949, joined and lived with him in the apartment.
They became such great companions that neither wanted to separate.
It was found that EBE1 could not speak our language because of the lack of vocal cords in his throat.
As the Evans communicated via tonal inflections amongst themselves, a brilliant doctor developed a device that was implanted into obey one’s throat which allowed him to speak English.
Although crude, he was able to speak simple sentences and eventually communicate through English to his handler.
During the entire time EBE1 was alive, he had medical problems.
He developed a rash on his body that irritated him very much.
Several different medicines were tried and eventually the rash went away.
EBE1 developed a cough that seemed to be connected to a food allergy.
They found that certain fruits would cause the cough.
Eventually the cough subsided, but he was left with a sore throat.
Everyone was shown the items recovered in the Roswell crash site.
He was able to teach us how to utilize the communication and energy devices.
We also found a medical kit which contains small injectable tubes.
Everyone didn´t know what each item was for, but he explained
they were for injuries.
Scientists experimented and determined that each tube contained a chemical substance.
Not knowing what they were for, they were cautious not to use them on everyone
for fear they would do more harm than good.
There was no rescue mission launched for EBE1.
The only two urban crafts that were near eart crashed at the same time.
EBE1 did sent a distress signal to planet Serpo, but it would take at least nine months
for the nearest rescue craft to reach them.
EBE1 died in 1952, and his body, along with those of his crewmates,
was returned to the Evans in 1964 during the meeting in New Mexico.”

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