Nano-Particle Contamination – Mark Steele

Nano-Particle Contamination – Mark Steele
#DoD Network Centric Warfare #DoD Killbox
#Department of Utmost Evil
#Department of Ultimate Evil…. God will have to deal with you Pentagon…
Historical Archive Reference:

Supporting evidence:
1) Well known former NSA contractor Edward Snowden who specialized in electronic
surveillance acknowledged this program by name as an operational weapon.
2) Hewlett Packard has been in the process of using stratospheric aerosol injection to place
nanotechnology around the world to construct the Internet of Things. It stands to reason the
private company HP had to get permission from the Federal government to place smart chips all
over the earth including in humanity by breathing them in.
3) Materials extracted from people tested by Dr. Citovsky produced positive returns of
nanotechnology which were later confirmed to be bio-engineered Agrobacterium.
Agrobacterium possesses the property of growing the nanotechnology into an artificial nervous
system in the host body. When these fibers breach the skin the symptom is referred to by
sufferers as Morgellons Disease.
1. It is possible and appears the US Government conspired with private corporations to deliver an
infectious agent to the American people for mind, population, and environmental control
reasons against our rights for the purposes of taking our liberties.
2. The possibility is a security threat, a human rights threat, and threatens our very way of life.
With a single decision, our country could change from a representative democracy to an
aristocratic technocracy.
3. As the technology becomes more widely available due to NSA admission that it is now out of
their control, criminals will use it against innocent people causing harm through manipulation to
victims who don’t even realized they’re being attacked.
Proposed Solution:
New legislation to meet these challenges include developing defense, securing our rights with a
Constitutional Amendment, and reviewing what signal bands are safe to use verses those that create
public health hazards.
Prepared by:
Brandon Evans
International Center for Electromagnetic Justice, Inc.”


“Wireless Warrior
Mark Steele from Save Us Now goes through some of the evidence of nefarious plans which come under the umbrella of ‘sustainable’ – including contamination of food, drinks and water with nanotechnology; now weaponised in ‘vaccines’ via increased EMF. 💉🛜”

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