NWO United Nazis Fake Human Rights – most breached – explained below…

NWO United Nazis Fake Human Rights – most breached – explained below…

Conspiracy Revelation: 17.11.2023:

Nr. 5 was breached totally already in 2011.
Read in my Archive you will then know why.

Nr. 4 was breached with the first NASA NAVY Nanotechnology (Chemtrails – forbidden exotic weapon system) sprayed on unknowing humans, probably in 2001 or 1999…

Nr. 3 was breached for Millions with the genocidal Quackzines and the remote neuroweapon attacks.. (which we can count as attempted remote murder by the U.S. Gov and their Intel Agencies – at least 5 times – at least – from 2011 to 2020 and before this with Morgellons Genetic Weapon attack in 2005…)

Nr. 11 was totally breached with remote neural surveillance, made all guilty until proven innocent.

Nr.12 was probably breached with the first mindreading Satellite from USAF and/or from Russia in the 90s or with other Psychotronic Tech at that time that played horror dreams from Russian Bolshevics into unwitting people from Germany. Russia is financed by U.S. Bankers like Hitler was at the root of the issue, eventually they just played good cop bad cop for 80 years for MIC to create Fake Enemies and for Truman-Show reasons. See reference in my archive that CIA is at its core just KGB and old Stasi and GeStaPo. Furthermore they use Quantum A.I. Time Machines for God knows how long to predict the future at least 2 weeks before the event happens (See DARPA Project Pegasus – relatively clear and Project Chronovizor which I myself experienced in Astral Projection 1,5 decades ago)

14. Nov.
Secretary of State John Dulles Created 1948
UN & UDHR Human Rights &
Brother of Allen Dulles Who created MK ULTRA! (MIND CONTROL 1953 DIRECTOR CIA)
UDHR = Universal Declaration of Human Rights OK?
No Key is Advanced Deceptive Illuminati Brothers

Universal Declaration of Human Rights WORLDWIDE!
Yet MOST Rights Removed!
Shame on United Nations
Deny truth in Language is Alien
Showing allegiance against Humanity!
30. States
“NO one can take away YOUR Human Rights!”
They Have!
Inalienable rights are #Alien!

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