AREA 51, conversations with Insider Stephen Chua – Book Trailer / June 1st 2023

“AREA 51, conversations with Insider Stephen Chua – Book Trailer / June 1st 2023”
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I wanted to acknowledge the courage of Stephen Chua and his resilience in staying alive, waiting for the day when the moment would be right and the world would be ready, so he could tell his story. There are incredible heroes living among us, in anonymity, suffering in silence not to be able to share their intense experience with the public. They signed non-disclosure agreements, received death threats upon themselves and their families, and in the case of Stephen Chua, physical attacks as well. Stephen Chua is a former member of the Singapore Special Forces where he served as a Sniper. In the 1980’s at a relatively young age he was also recruited as a Super Soldier. Stephen Chua has repeatedly encountered Reptilian aliens in Southeast Asia and he also served as an experimental pilot in Area 51, working with retro-engineered alien technology.

Here is the trailer announcing the publication of my private conversations with my friend Stephen and the clear transcript of the interview he gave for my YouTube channel, that tragically cost him his life four days later.”

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