Elon Musk In Bed With War Machine & CIA

Elon Musk In Bed With War Machine & CIA
The Jimmy Dore Show
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Elon Musk is rare among the mega-rich in that he has multitudes of superfans who love every move he makes. And the Musk aficionados provided the loudest cheers when the Tesla CEO reported he would be purchasing Twitter, and possibly bringing back the principle of free speech to social media. But those cheers were no doubt misguided as Musk is unquestionably a tool of the establishment and not that rare sort of billionaire looking to upend the existing system controlled by Wall Street, military contractors, Big Pharma and other powerful interests.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss what changes Musk might bring to Twitter and his history as a beneficiary of the military industrial complex.”

“SpaceX relies largely on government contracts there being almost no civilian
demand for many of its products, especially its rocket launchers, so Elon Musk is reliant on the intelligence Community, he’s reliant on the military-industrial complex, he’s reliant on the government to fund the stuff not that it he isn’t
great at what he does and that nobody else is doing this I’m just telling you
that he’s not going to be a free speech warrior in the way that we would
appreciate him to be at this station, ecause he’s in bed with all these people, he is them, that’s where his money comes from.”

“Musk company must be awarded billions of dollars in contracts to launch spy
saddle this satellites for Espionage drone Warfare and other military uses,
for example in 2018 SpaceX was chosen to blast a 500 million dollar Lockheed
Martin GPS system into orbit which is used for killing people. …while Air Force spokesman played up the civilian benefit of the launch, such an
increased accuracy for GPS devices, it is clear that these devices play a key role
in global surveillance and ongoing drone Wars. SpaceX has also won contracts with the
Air Force to deliver its command satellite into orbit with the space development agency to send tracking devices into space and with the national reconnaissance office to launch its spy satellites, this is kind of mind-blowing, if you care about anything this is I
know this sounds wonky and bullshitty or what might not bullshitty but wonky and
who cares this is this tells you everything you need to know about if is there a billionaire Outsider? Doesn’t look like it…these satellites are used by all the big
five surveillance agencies, including CIA and NSA, so he’s giving them the
satellites for the CIA and the NSA, thus in today’s world where so much
intelligence gathering and Target acquisition is done via satellite technology, SpaceX has become every bit as important to the U.S war machine as more well-known companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing without Musk’s company the U.S would not be able to carry out such an invasion program of spying and drone Warfare around the world.”

“…so he’s not gonna be he’s not a savior…Tesla benefits greatly from
government spending, primarily by selling carbon credits to other companies
selling carbon credits has allowed Tesla to have a market capitalization far
higher than car manufacturers that sell many more Vehicles than Tesla…”

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