Tony Pantalleresco: avoid silica (dietary grains) and titanium dioxide (deodorant)

I personally doubt your silica theory Tony P. and you have no clue about the Nano-Fungal-Technology, that is a fact, that they use Black Goo for Quantum Computing and as dark programmable matter is also known..
“Tony Pantalleresco: avoid silica (dietary grains) and titanium dioxide (deodorant)”
“..everybody is being hit, everybody is an actual target, you are nothing special, if you think you are not having anything happening to you, because you’re still in la-la land and you are still in that dream state and you don’t have a clue, till, till
the bottom falls out, everybody is going to get their ass handed to them, sooner or later and my suggestion to you would
be to pay attention to what’s being said now.”
“..there ain’t gonna be no running, there ain’t gonna be no hiding. I get calls to me all the time: is this safe in Canada?
Is it safer in Canada? No, is it safer in France and Europe? No, the same shit that’s going on in the United States and Canada throughout North America is going on across Europe, across the Middle East, down in Australia, New Zealand, across Asia don’t you
think for one second that the Chinese are not having the same kind of crap going than them or in Russia, doesn’t matter where
you are on this planet, this technology, the blockchain that the artificial intelligence is inserting on this planet is far reaching, ever reaching and reaching everywhere and there is no safe place, so you have to make your place the safe place, now my suggestion to all you TIs that have contacted me, get together, form a more perfect union, form a community, start investigating these damn frequencies. I’m going to give you a link. I’m going to talk about this link in the show and start coming up with solutions.”
“´s the black goo..another theatrical pile of bullshit..”
“’re up against something so diabolical, it has to be completely demonic.. you’re calling them..fallen angels or you’re calling them aliens or reptilians or archons or whatever you want to call them okay, it’s demonic to the core, demonic to the core.”
“..think about we are no longer living in the good old days. I had to say something those of us born in the 50s..when we think
about our childhood when we grew up and we really never had good old days we just had days of endurance ..we had to go through stuff, we endured a lot of things, there’s a transition going on during our time when we grew up, our parents were the slaves and then they took us and tried to program us and as a result of the programming we got inflicted with all kinds of chemistry
and chemicals that we had to have apparently, because it was good for us, later on, 23 years later , everyone’s dying
a cancer everyone’s dying of some autoimmune disorder, everyone’s dying of diabetes, everyone’s dying of some to thyroid issue, everyone’s dying, because of some organ malfunction going on and that’s because for the last 50 years we’ve accumulated all this material day in, day out, annually by annually, quarterly ..every decade and then we had children, our children have the
stuff now embedded in their DNA, the new wave of kids being born today are going to have nano biology, synthetic
biology embedded in their DNA one wrote to me today said oh my daughter 26 old never had a normal period, I don’t
think she’d ever, she can’t get might not be a bad thing, could be a blessing that she can’t get
pregnant and that may sound kind of crude and heartless but I’m looking at child comes into this planet, it has to
face 45 vaccinations within the first two or three days of it, just coming through the pipe, coming through the portal and then it has to go through an educational system and then it has to go through all the other rigmarole in this
life which make absolutely no sense and on top of that a child’s now been infected from day one with a technology
or in techno biology in its very cellular core and it’s matrix, so I think there’s enough kids around on the planet
right now, if you really want a child maybe you might want to look at adopting something someone some child, until this environmental nightmare with nano biology or synthetic biology is removed from our environment, we are only
bringing in this environment mutated life-forms.”
“I look back and I think how bloody stupid our generation was and then I look at the Millennials today and I think oh my gosh you know and so we were stunned and we were the intellectual ones, the Millennials coming out today are beyond stunned and they have no intellect, they have programming, they know how to follow the program, this is a dangerous precedent for people to be only in that
state ..only in that state, it’s terrible..”
“Karen Cobleigh
2 days ago
You are right. I believe you. My family is another story. I feel alone at this battle. I see sick people all around me. I know it’s a matter of time. I’m doing a lot of praying. Thank you Tony for making me laugh. I take one day at a time.”
“Karen Cobleigh
3 days ago
Hello Tony. Thank you. I posted you on Facebook. I think everybody thinks I’m going mad. Lololol… I don’t care. I taste metal in my mouth everytime I go outside. It makes me sad. No sun!!!! Massachusetts snow yesterday. It’s wrong. Evil.”
“Karen Cobleigh
2 days ago
I have been detoxing. Today I woke up with so much pain in my lower back. The sun came out then it block again. I bought 3 plant lights. I’m trying Tony. I’m getting that hopeless feeling. I don’t like the back pain.”
“Geneva Maynard
22 hours ago
Thankfully , a real intelligent soul you are Tony. Appreciate your hard work.”
“Entity Shadow
1 day ago
How are you Tony? I love your knowledge. I have stumbled across something accidentally the strobe light . It can be used with induction frequencies, working together with magnetic field it can blind the all seeing eye! Research the strobe light non led light, strobe light old technology and induction frequencies. I am a Targeted Individual and l recognize the frequencies they use.”

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3 Antworten zu Tony Pantalleresco: avoid silica (dietary grains) and titanium dioxide (deodorant)

  1. independz sagt:

    anyone who thinks this black goo theory is viable has been snowed and hard the perpetrator of this BS has no idea what they are talking about and if anyone would do any real investigating would know that this was a chinese invention dated back to 1956 as a bio weapon for the russians and if you have heard the current shows on would know there has been more info on the fallacy of this BS concept as far as the silica goes if anyone thinks I am perpetrating a theory then you have obviously no clue to nano -ultra fine or monatomic or angstrom– and you have obviously done no reading on the topic at all and if you go on and look at nanotransformations you can see for your self the gov’t collusion in on this matter that was hid from the GP so you can have an opinion but opinions are like assholes everyone has one
    get your facts not from fictional characters being paid for by disinformation places catering to the disney channel which so many of you are following –if you continue to watch the cartoons on youtube eventually you wil fall victom of being a 6 ft rat in a study on c-60 as well as this comment was made to make everyone think that you are a rat and are in a study when there are over 210 000 toxicology studies on this so keep on watching the toons from the disinformmers and one day you may actually believe your self to be lower then a dung pile

    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      Tony..this is really not your topic…Black Goo is real (not in your reality or in your mental-horizon, because it requires metaphysical variables that you don´t understand)…and you spread also disinfo concerning the Vitamin D3 intake dosis…thousands of people take much more than 2000 I.E. per day and you mention 1 case who got a heart attack (likely from pre-existing conditions) and take that as absolute reference to spread fear…and there might be approximately 5 Million people who take 3000 I.E. plus each day without any side-effects..stop misleading people…you are not an expert in every one is.
      So you might have 210000 Studies and 5 Million unknown variables under different conditions..
      But you might tell us more about C-60…then we eventually could see how all these hypotheses match practical reality.
      And BTW.. to tell people to avoid tio2/sio2 or silica is like trying to tell people they should not inhale DoD/ARPA/Pentagon/Navy CIA/USAF-Lockheed-EMIC-Crime Syndicate/Alphabet Inc./US Special Operations Command Demonic Nanodust…it is ubiquitous, practically unable to avoid.

  2. _ADMIN_ sagt:

    The Chinese black magick Gu is not the Alien Black Goo, neither is it the Mother Earths Natural Goo…Don´t Mix 3 variables in one pot. And I am the Guru who will put an end to the bad Gu/Goo that infects the world.

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