IV-Theorem: Why accumulative Reincarnation can´t be used to defeat the Cage-Matrix-Controllers

IV-Theorem: 4.1.2022: Why accumulative Reincarnation can´t be used to defeat the Cage-Matrix-Controllers.

1. They now have pre-time traveling Quantum Supercomputers. They know when you enter the “Game”, they know when you leave the “Game”. They know 2 Weeks ahead what happens next with high probability and can sabotage your plans.

2. They have Time Cops – Look up for Swiss Time Cops.

3. They have saturated the entire atmosphere with DoD AI weaponized Smart Dust to infiltrate all Human Bio-Systems and Brains with BCI-Interfaces. Since approximately 1999, 1998 the Morgellons-Nano-Genetic-Weaponry was released from University of California to Big Pharma and the U.S. Military according to the current knowledge.

4. They now have a Quantum Satellite network, that is the largest ever, which means they can Quantum Interlink with every Human Brain on the Planet in No-Time.

5. Human Genetics do not give the amount of time to complete any serious independent long-term project.
There are Anti-Aging Medicals available, but there are also many environmental Age-Boosters released, like Chemtrails, 5G and Microwave Radiation Grids.

6. Their now nearly perfected totalitarian digital dictatorship NWO-Mafia-Control-System sabotages all heaven-sent Liberators 10 to 20 years before.

7. Many “New Cagers” or Religious People believe they could complete their work in the next life,
but this is a completely false assumed fallacy. First: They don´t remember their old works, they lost their papers, software, hardware, files and documents in the next life. They must start from ZERO everytime again which is nonsensical and ineffective way to progress multi-dimensionally. Additive Immortal Production would be the only real deal, skipping the permanent Reset of your brain to NULL…otherwise all projects become obsolete as the poison of time consumes steadily all efforts, even the most dear philogenic linguistic world records, like I did. After 20 years most people have completely forgotten everything you did, considering new borns, who start from a completely different viewpoint (Generation Silent, Boomers, GenX, GenY, GenZ, Gen Alpha), even the most prolific genius stuff, especially now in a 24/7/365 Aluminium-Saturated toxified Atmosphere.

8. Soul-Reincarnation evolutive-adaption made sense before Aggressive Military Artificial Intelligence and the Root of All Malice took over the Planet with Nanobots.

9. Each savior – Spiritual Master – that reached Earth couldn´t remove the Stronghold of Evil and disrupt the Slave-Control-Matrix.

10. A New Re-Incarnation opens you now to more remote control and process control attack vectors to your human body and possible long-term pre-emptive genocidal insidious assaults than ever before.

11. Soulution in any case is to re-connect with Mother Earth Sophia, Holy Spirit in each incarnation via Kundalini-Awakening, that gives at least a chance to recover from Multi-Dimensional Damage and re-occuring Trauma.

12. What the Shadow Banning Collectivistic Cancel Culture does? It lets unimportant people look important and important people look irrelevant. Black is White and White is Black. That must always be re-positioned in a completely brainwashing Zombie-Bot-Global-Dumbed-Down-Nation.

13. The environmental situation might be completely different and hard to a adapt for each reincarnating Soul, depending on the century they landed.

14. The Earth environment also has gained accumulative damage during the process of the NWO-AI-Totalitarian-Control-Grid. So the environmental factor deteriorates.

15. Total Control and Censorship of the Virtual Space, only Celebs are promoted, Real Genius is ostracized, because it threatens their false Dominance. The Internet is the Creation of DARPA, therein lies the curse, apart from the blessing of the possibility to gain enlightenment in a quick way.

Side note concerning known Religious Savior-Concepts and new ideas vs old stiff Dogmas: The jewish rabbies tell us, because this is the lowest Universe that would justify the horror we have witnessed..I say this is a real real bad excuse and false justification to indemnify fallen deities who messed up big time. The higher deity must regularly send Avatars that then are genetically attacked/MKd/disabled/traumatized to the max, tortured and or tried to kill or killed. How ineffective can it be? That you have to regularly send Avatars to clean up the mess? A perfect Universe would self-regulate harmoniously…and not let sacrificial events happen, that demonstrate impotence. A Avatar must be INVINCIBLE against all MALICE on Earth.
I do not create a Universe for 13.8 Billon Years in a strenuous process to end up with CIA-Criminals messing up my Creation and my organic world.
This world is no simulation, this world is no illusion, this world is bloody real in all aspects of it. Skip all your hypocritical excuses and handle the world with dignity.
A Creator of a Universe must have a backdoor, if the inhabitants mess up. If it is highly intelligent, it should have it.
They have nanobots for ageless being, but the nanobots they give to us deteriorate our performance… They could keep the body at 35 years of age for 1000 years…Nature has proven it is possible to become biological immortal, so much of the indoctrinated Dogma stuff is history.


“How would you feel if you found out a more advanced being had been reading your mind since birth without your knowledge?”

Many consider this an intrusion on their privacy & would take offense. Personally if never harmed by it, nor influenced negatively. I’d accept it & would be inclined to encourage it to continue onward. Odd as that sounds.”

It harms, because they have different morals than you…they punish, genetically infect or torture you when you go against “their” (evil ones) rules.

It will harm, because what you will do might not be liked by them….Micromanagement leads to brutal harm in any case in totalitarian scientific dictatorships and if you try to apply to their rules you might become a Zombie or Bot.

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“Starseeds Kingdom
As a Starseed, things don’t just happen for you. You have to work hard to succeed in this artificial realm
We ain´t artifical beings. This is not our natural terrain. Therefore, things don’t happen naturally.”

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