Newsbreak 157 | Historic Move: US Military, UN, NATO, WHO, NSF, NASA, Ordered to Halt Aerosol Crimes by Connecticut Assembly

“Newsbreak 157 | Historic Move: US Military, UN, NATO, WHO, NSF, NASA, Ordered to Halt Aerosol Crimes by Connecticut Assembly”

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Ramola D Reports
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“Historic Newsbreak to report the notification of the US Military, United Nations, NATO, NASA, various Governors to Cease and Desist spraying Americans and American lands with poisons and toxins identified now in the water inclusive of aluminium, barium, strontium, lithium, manganese, graphene and other metallic contaminants by the Connecticut Assembly.

Co-ordinators of the Connecticut Assembly describe the rights of the We the People as noted in the original Constitution for the USA to address the failures of government, as well as the standing in law of all birthright Americans on the Land and Soil Jurisdiction to give notice to government service corporations to halt any and all activities deleterious to the interests of Americans. Especially interesting is a discussion of the Administrative Procedures Act of 1946 to send notice to governments in default of contractual service obligations—which one would imagine also include a promise not to harm those whom they are contracting with and employed by.

In addition Connecticut co-ordinators share information from water tests they have done in Connecticut and reveal the load of metallic and neurotoxins identified in the water, which have been related to and are associated with many diseases such as asthma, dementia, Parkinson’s, etc.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 11.9.2022: Don´t forget Morgellons (Chemtrail Nano Smart Dust of Dod/Arpa/Navy/NSA/NWO & CO.)…which is a Level5 advanced Genetic Hormonal Warfare Bio-Weapon…in all humans positioned (which also acts as dna-bci spyware inside of human brains) (activated in Targeted Individuals since 2005 – tactically ignored by Rockefellers Medical Matrix to increase the damage and to slow down the counter-combat abilities against this criminal bioweapon) since at least 2000.

It is a felony and the ultimate war crime by DoD/NWO/U.N./Alphabet Inc. and Navy and an act of offensive -exotic- -highly forbidden- warfare and genocide.

NASA is Navy, just with another cover name.

“Discussing the initiative behind this Cease and Desist order and the entire letter and press release they have released, they also address the great need for Americans to stand up against the bullying and intimidation tactics of aggressive government agencies and speak straightforwardly for their rights and the rights of their children, grandchildren and generations to come.

In a time period where manic billionaires keen to transhumanize and posthumanize humanity using nanotech and neurotech and EMF radiation are raining deadly aerosols down on us – and injecting us with dangerous mRNA and graphene – it behooves us all to “get off the couch” and speak for ourselves and our progeny and say No to the transhumanist takeover, as this group has done.

Other assemblies formed now under the Federation of States… and their team – are active and running in every state, and all are invited to visit their websites, make contact, and do the requisite paperwork to return to their birthright status as American national and citizen, rather than US citizen (America is not US Inc.).

LINKS FOR MORE: All the evidence and documents:

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