The Philadelphia Experiment & The Montauk Project

The Philadelphia Experiment & The Montauk Project:

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Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, Peter Moon 1993.”
by the NSA.”

Transplanting the soul in to a different body..👀
He was ‘volunteered’ in to the Montauk project by his wealthy father (who worked in the Navy worldwide for reasons unknown other than he came from a wealthy family) & was trained ‘esoterically’…”

Project MKUltra , also called the CIA mind control program, is the code name given to a program of experiments on human subjects that were designed and undertaken by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, some of which were illegal.

Experiments on humans.”

“I was volunteered by my father, this is back in basically 1939’s a difference in age here. I’m 41 as I said. A physical impossibility to
be X amount of years back in the 40s and still be 40 years of age that’s a
different story having to do with actually transplanting the soul into a
different body per se without going through the typical incarnate process in
metaphysics that’s a standard phenomenon occurs, so you’re not in the same vessel you were born in, that’s correct, okay,
the original vessel was 1917 in Germany. Al was born in 1918 or 16, something like that, I forget, whatever time that was oh yeah we were volunteered for is your father in the service I used in the Navy for a number of years I was in and out of the Navy and Coast Guard the Coast Guard al has a picture of him which I question mostly I question because I don’t recall I’m not saying it is not valid just my own recall I don’t have a connection with this picture that he is training
the crew of the Eldridge.”

“There is an electromagnetic connection sure yeah sure…being involved in the Philadelphia Experiment in this time phenomenon and jumping jumping and right along the time framework for which were we’re now involved in him. I would have the
potential capabilities to do the psychic work on a bigger bigger potential in
most people would so coming from the 40s into the 80s and having a process one of the times that for some reason I lost my time reference and the age, the body aged very dramatically and ended up for some reason back in the 60s for reasons I guess it makes sense it was we figured in within that 20 year cycle of 43 63 83.”

“These different realms which the human spirit does have a natural connection to all these timelines but to give it a work duty just kind of do it on an almost an experimental, the creation aspect of it without being contained and therefore the Cundy advent of the time experiments which ended up in certainly the mundane to the phenomenon of going in and jumping planets and moving into different time zones of which as I say it’s a natural occurrence that everyone has, that we haven’t realized, everyone does, yeah, yeah, the human spirit is is so very connected and supposedly that some of the interest of the et groups and the human spirit that we’re evolving in this process has such a vast number of emotions, with it, in the love I hate you, it was so very evident in a child in that they don’t understand that is so very extreme in nature and of course
that extremity is is part of creation and then that hopping back between the
two points, there’s all sorts of rooms for, room for doing work and such so one
of the unusual characteristics in this jumping in time and seeing where the
particular special interest groups and that’s basically what Montauk was about
very specialized interest groups with our government outside finding a way to
accentuate into to gear and maneuver their own sense of for them whatever their their agenda is.”

“They wanted to break the mind when the mind was broken at that extreme point of reports of some sort technological device that would gather the patterns of
fear there were two things they’re interested in there had to be an alien connection into this because there’s reports of some sort technological device that would gather the patterns of fear there’s also reports that there were some hormones removed from the bodies after the height of fear point secondly they would electromagnetically capture the mind patterns that will release from the body they were stored in a big computer system they would manipulate and redesign the mind then they would use the transmitter then put that mind
at new mind back in to the body through an human psychic adept would like
reinstall it through psychosexual means..two-thirds of the mind or you know maybe 1/3 to 2/3 the money will still be compatible with the body you know idea is if you take your mind out of your body you would have to in order to have
it inhabit properly and not be sickly physically sickly, you’d have to put that mind back in a genetically similar body, this is what they were looking for, was the mind that would be added from the reinserted programmer…They would be sending the special government projects in the genetic research they will be put back in with their families or they would be sent off as workers you know that they can configure the mind to be the perfect worker, for instance, this is what we know.”

“In the mid 70 75 76..There it was, solid, and I was sitting in a huge magnetite deposit, there’s alot of magnetite deposit in Montauk, this for some reason disturbs any gravity drive of the UFO. So it couldn´t get out…It was stopped there, this would be the first alien involvement, yes, the space craft is out there. Aliens constructed the spacecraft, now of course there are some live aliens taken out of that thing. Al Bielek can tell you quite a nice story that he was involved in communicating with the aliens out there, that were underground. Now later on the whole month all project when we started to go deeper into the mine aspect in the time aspect there was a lot of implementation of alien technology at Montauk I personally believe the Montauk was most likely a testbed for some of the technology interchange between aliens and the US government that they were trying out a lot of these great ideas they got they’re also trying to replicate systems and technologies they
had on the captured crashed UFOs, also I can remember I had an office in the
radar tower it was the first office on the second floor in the back next to my
office was another office then I remember I swear on a stack of Bibles, I
remember a lizard man in that office, it was his Highness Draco something, I
can’t remember the other name and he was about 6 foot 7 foot tall had sort of
like scaly skin humanoid he walked erect like we do had two arms two legs he had a tail but it really didn’t show most of the time he had somewhat of a humanoid face strange eyes a big mouth and he’ll look like what you would expect if you’re going to put together a lizard man there was a beam on Star Trek or called the Gorn that Captain Kirk fought on this planet this man that I worked next to…resembled that being.”

“His Highness Draco comes in >>sniffs<< and he said: more, so I my lord all great huh in it ... the Draco was getting drunk on three know how like a stomach that's about I don't know so finally...Ray you must have dreamt about eight glasses of water made of the heavy thick Drano... he asked me how do you make that stuff, that's the greatest stuff he'd ever had, ..and they had to keep buying more and more..though because they worked oh he's getting drunk on the Drano, they had to buy more, my soul, because ...drunk on the Drano, that's the estimate um, were they involved in the project then, directly, I think they were,.. they were there as advisers within their of their free will I seem to beg them because they were treated well by the station management, it was almost like your highness Draco, how are you? They were countering to the Reptilians, there were also Assyrians...they look somewhat human-like there from Sirius-8 in the Sirius Star System... they were worshipped as Gods in the Egyptian culture...and they look somewhat like us the taller head and bigger eyes.. It is a bizarre story, but I remember what happened."

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