Superhumans, Consciousness and ET Contact: An Interview with Caroline Cory

“Superhumans, Consciousness and ET Contact: An Interview with Caroline Cory”

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Caroline Cory had her first experience with extraterrestrial life at age five and has since interacted with multiple off-world civilizations, both positive and negative. She has explored the potential of meditation and human consciousness, and produced award-winning documentaries investigating the topics of Superhumans, expanded consciousness, and alien contact.

In ET Contact: They Are Here – The Science of Contact (2019), she interviews eyewitness accounts of extraterrestrial contact and expert testimonies on the science behind such interactions. In Superhumans (2020), Cory uncovered the incredible potential of children taught to perform routine tasks of reading, walking, and even riding bicycles while fully blindfolded, and the amazing applications this has for remote viewing.

Cory’s most recent film is A Tear in the Sky (2022), where she employed three camera crews to videotape Tic Tac-shaped UFOs and a giant portal in the sky, further information about which the US military has classified. In her first Exopolitics Today interview, Cory discusses her remarkable contact experiences and how these propelled her on a film career dedicated to exploring the unlimited potential of human consciousness and contact with off-world civilizations.


“Those big black eyes I realized because they were so close.. the black
eyes weren’t their eyes it was like a cover, it was like a… goggle of some sort and so I remember thinking oh The Grays that people talk about actually aren´t gray …they’re
wearing these suits and this thing, because I sense that they couldn’t breathe in our atmosphere, so they had to wear all this gear to kind of exist in our atmosphere that’s kind of how they came across and they did not have a good energy, they were bombarding me with very negative energy and I had to kick them out, so that was one of these uh experiences, the reptilians too showed up and these guys weren’t very nice either.”

“…telepathically yeah and so everything was telepathic and so um they they were just bombarding me with like really bad energy, so I could feel that they were trying to harm me, so my reaction was, I put up a shield and then I said you know go away you’re not
welcome here are you’re banned I don’t remember exactly the words but it’s something like go away I don’t want this you’re not allowed L um something like that but I had to struggle it wasn’t it wasn’t like go away and they left I had to like constantly keep telling them like go away go away.”

“I included in this film all types of beings that I have come across and that I know of, because we don’t really hear about them that often or ever actually we only focus on you know the Grays, the Reptilians and the Pleiadians, but actually there’s a whole range of
beings uh that are nonhuman intelligence and so including the Angels and the Archangels.
I mean why aren’t we talking about them as non-human intelligence that’s
interacting with us, it’s benevolent usually and so to me they’re part of uh
any type of contact because it’s they’re not present in physical form you are
interacting with them usually telepathically, but also there’s different kinds of beings uh that we don’t really understand, so for example there are beings that uh aren’t humanoid and they perform very specific tasks so for example they look like rods,
they don’t look like a a shape of of a being of any kind and yet they move
energy they move energy from one place to another, so they’re interacting with us on a mind level, but they don’t appear uh like an intelligent being and so if we came across one of those we would it wouldn’t register you know it wouldn’t register that hey I came in contact with this being because they look like a rod, if that makes sense, sometimes we see uh spheres and we think it’s a UFO well um I’ve come across types of beings that or example are called the gravity controllers or the life Architects or the celestial Guardians…these beings again they have a massive a huge mass Consciousness Mass so they’re they’re very very big you can think of them like as big as the sky for example
so and they don’t have any humanoid shape again or limbs so if they were to
come into our um our physical spectrum because they’re so wide so big it it’s
almost like you only can see a part of them ..maybe they’re a little pink or something and that part of them could appear like a sphere you know just like a like a little you know part of their light or something and so so when we come in contact with them we don’t
recognize that, wait we’re interacting with an extraterrestrial, we think oh it’s a you know one of those UFOs or something like that so there are a huge number of intelligent life that’s outthere that is Interacing with us that is present on the Earth but in a
different dimensional Spectrum uh that I talk about in this film and in my books too you know I mean in the film there’s so much you can talk about so and a lot of them are
benevolent and amazing and I can tell you that if we’re still here you
know our planet hasn’t exploded yet… self-destructed yet, it’s probably
because of these beings…”

“so how are they influencing our Consciousness and how does that impact our DNA so yeah I think that DNA Consciousness element is very important so yeah how how are they influencing that…”

“There were Papers written about it and uh yeah so they began developing that in the 70s and ..this has been this has been something that the has been kind of slow to catch up in and and of course we have this on the one hand governments denying the reality of this uh this phenomenon children or adults educators are are kind of kept away from
developing this abilities but on the other hand as you said China Russia I mean they got many I think the same thing in Russia is happening where that they have uh schools for children doing these types of things they’re encouraging that but in the west that seems to be discouraged at a public level, but unofficially… in these classified programs they’re doing it but in a really messed up way that just screws up people’s minds or the children that get involved like this Tony Rodrigues. I mean he he was describing they were kind of torturing these kids to be able to develop these abilities and he was only 10 but he said there were others there that were very young and the talk project was the same thing so it’s like you know why is it that we in the west try to develop these Advanced abilities in children using MK Ultra and torture whereas Russia and China I mean they seem to be much more advanced than us.”

>>They<< “are doing it in this kind of cruel way, maybe because >They< don’t know better…using technology such as bombarding them with frequencies and radiation or what
have you is going to get us faster or better maybe they looking for more of an AI type thing that would change…the brain patterns or something more drastically and faster …they’re relying more on the technology to achieve those results, I mean that’s an explanation I can think of yeah but it’s definitely messed…”

(Not funny at all)

“…but in the west I think we are much more brutal in how these abilities are developed in people that have this advanced talent…”

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  1. Tony sagt:

    Have you ever heard of the Caldwell mystery string? It was thread or string that dropped out of the sky over the town of Caldwell New Jersey USA. It stayed there I think a month through thunder storms, strong winds, everything. I believe in was the month of August the second day 1973. Kids hooked up a fishing pole and wound the thread in into large buckets filling many containers. Dupont of New Jersey analyzed the thread and said it was probably nylon 66 thread.

    I would have love to see it floating from house to house which it did.

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