They tried to kill me 3 times…surviving, as a CONVID hospital patient

Conspiracy Revelation: 4.7.2024:

“They tried to kill me 3 times…surviving, as a CONVID hospital patient.”

“How did Dave Dentz survive, as a CONVID hospital patient, when many others did not? He claims it was the family who advocated for him — despite the multiple meetings they had at one of the four facilities of which Dave spent 208 days of his life, in which they recall medical staff pushing for his life to be ended. Dave shares the shocking account on CHD.TV.”

“Dave you have been through hell and back, the post traumatic stress must be incredible.”

“Without my wife and my kids we wouldn´t have this conversation right now. They stood up against the hospital and all those doctors and nurses that gave up on me and wanted me out.”

“The sad thing is they are doing the same thing today.”

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