Mosquitos Modified to spread Vaccines (Genetic Weapons Trojan Horse) = CRIME

Conspiracy Revelation: 3.5.2024: Mosquitos Modified to spread Vaccines
(Genetic Weapons Trojan Horse) = CRIME.
All part of DoD Crime Inc & Gates Rockefeller NWO Criminals / Arpa Insect Warfare and DARPA Insect Allies like Morgellons (pathogenic-switch WBAN)/WBAN/MBAN Synbiotech Mesh-Network in Humans.
“These Unseen Mutations when you toy with Nature you are playing with Life itself…what happened in China in the late 1950s. The Chinese Communist Party roled out its so-called 4 pests campaign, they set out to exterminate Rats, FLies, Sparrows and most importantly Mosquitos, this lead to one of the most deadly famines in history..The program killed between 25 and 55 Million people.”

“The Epoch Times
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Genetically modified mosquitoes have been given the green light to be released in America. Programs for this started first in Florida in 2018, and then it was Texas. The programs are being expanded, and now there’s a push to release the GMO mosquitoes in other states. Meanwhile, a global agenda driven by the World Economic Forum…”

“These programs could be used to involuntary vaccinate (Genetically Sabotage) people.”

“Your war with a new Financial World order and how to fight back.”

“WEF Future Prediction Councils” (Nazi-Communism Repackaged)

“I think that they are panicking about that and they are trying to make sure that they hold on to their power and wealth and I think they are doing it in a very desperate way, instead of having an abundance mindset, where everybody gets to share in it. (Carol Roth)”

“It´s a whole slew of Organizations…in the U.S, it´s the Federal Reserve, in the U.S. Gov, from an NGO-Standpoint it´s the U.N., it´s the Club of Rome, it´s Big Business and it´s Big Tech, Entity is sitting down and having some sort of a cabal and we need to stop them, it´s these shared ideas that are coming from every angle. (Carol Roth)”


“Ignore what the Elites are saying and do what they are doing…invest in hard to hold value…stop spending on stuff, we don´t need stuff…
No. I own everything and now I am happy.”

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