Alltime-Summary-Morgellons & (the nwo´s personal “scientism” search engine obviously) about Morgellons

Conspiracy Revelation: 13.5.2024: Alltime-Summary-Morgellons & (the nwo´s personal “scientism” search engine obviously) about Morgellons…findings: (the real ones, not CIA/NSA-Zio-NASA-Gov-Nazi-Disinfo to cover up DARPAs Bioweapon Attack on Humanity via Insect Allies and the WBAN Dual-Use IEEEC BCI-AI-Bio-Nano-Cover Up))

NIH.GOV is full with CIA Disinfo, purposedly to cover up their Genetic Weapon.
Morgellons is also not Lyme…search my archive…it is evil DARPA Biotech in a pathological gene-bioweapon-switch form.

“Nat Med
. 2006 Sep;12(9) Epub 2006 Aug 30.
Mysterious ‘Morgellons disease’ prompts US investigation”

Conspiracy Revelation: 13.5.2024: >WBAN started in 1995, officially in 2005, first Morgellons Symptoms on the Skin or in the blood vessels appeared in 2005…

As I mentioned earlier, I did 2 classifications of Morgellons:
Morgellons Type A, A stands for Angioma.
Morgellons Type B is the skin-mutation.

You have pure Objectivism, how insane you must be to try to deny the obvious and how insane the Doctors must be to publish articles in an attempt to put people in a deranged light, when they see the absolute obvious. Objectively irrefutably provable.

“Practical psychodermatology”
2014 article… just tell people it is U.S.Mil Smart Dust…and DoD Network Centric Warfare via Chemtrail Smart Dust, so difficult?
To make an entire Myth out of weaponized DARPA Biotech?

20 Years later…and people still play dumb, this is the biggest scandal ever…Especially the Doctors should be logical about it, not create NAZI-Myths about it or put people in the looney-faction to distract people from the obvious, even an 8 years old will understand what I say. This topic should be closed 30 years ago already, but not when they try to sabotage all human life forms long-term as a plot.


All Scientists/Agents/Politicians/University Professors/Lobbiysts/Medical Doctors/Military Personal/Co-Conspirators involved should be punished and prosecuted to the utmost extreme, for dispersal, remote activation, generation and propagation of this criminal evil nazi-eugenic genetic weaponry. (belongs to Exotic Nazi-Eugenic Weapons, because not acknowledged by Rockefeller Medical Cartel for the purpose of keeping the treatment possibility insufficient to further incapacitate and traumatize enemies of the NWO)

Morgellons is an Acquired chromosome abnormality.

“The technology, used to produce these filaments must be very advanced and obviously highly classified.

For this reason, Morgellons Disease is a “Canary in the Coalmine”. It reveals a secret, a crime, committed against humanity, the large scale poisoning of the population, that would otherwise go unnoticed.”

It is all clear as a blue sky, so why do they still can get away with playing dumb and insulting high intelligence.

You don´t need Wallace to explain it to you, I am far longer combatting this evil…

Morgellons Disease.
This BAN – Body Area Network – Nanotech Evil Dust acts also as a spy, torture and sensoring and measuring tool and Brain-Computer-Interface plus acts as a DNA-Resonance Bioweapon, if the inventors activate this feature. From my 10+ years of Research, it appears that the Bioweapon was invented at the University of California in 1998, sold to Rheogene / Big Pharma and then sold to the U.S. Military/DARPA to deploy it globally for the NWO into the atmosphere as Smart Dust with a Bioweapon activation switch.

7. Nov. 2022
We are objectivists, plausible deniability does not work. Hard, solid, factual, proven.

7. Nov. 2022
Nearly every Targeted Individual who has been blacklisted by NSA from 2000 onwards has been biogenetically attacked with Morgellons.

13.5.2024: Why would a unified deity allow this, in impossible…

1. Maybe I should do a lecture on the proven Bioweapon Morgellons…most researchers only have half-knowledge of it… It is also a venous disease with haemorrhagic potential.
2. Morgellons is a 100% synthetically engineered advanced bioweapon of the Department of War (DoD). It depends on the dispersal of Chemtrails. A 100%.
3. Let´s make one thing clear for all Eternity: Morgellons is impossible without DoD Smart Dust. Forget all Lyme Nonsense.
Without Military-grade synthetic Biology – No Morgellons. Fundamental Tenet.

!!!!!!!!! Re-read again and again – Anti-Oblivion gives Power against EVIL RULERS!!!!!!!!!

“Morgellons is a military-grade entomological terror weapon used to torture and kill innocent civilians. The medical community has not been informed about this disease and its complexity prevents it from being properly identified, named, researched and treated. The longer a biological weapon goes untreated, the more time it has to reach its maximum lethality. The obstruction of their treatment or cure by authorities is part of the military strategy.

Textbook of Military Medicine: Medical Aspect of Chemical and Biological Warfare, Use of Biological Weapons, p. 636-658.″

“Morgellons ist eine entomologische Terrorwaffe in Militärqualität, die verwendet wird, um unschuldige Zivilisten zu foltern und zu töten. Die medizinische Gemeinschaft wurde nicht über diese Krankheit informiert, und ihre Komplexität verhindert, dass sie richtig identifiziert, benannt, erforscht und behandelt wird. Je länger eine biologische Waffe unbehandelt bleibt, desto mehr Zeit hat sie, um ihre maximale Tödlichkeit zu erreichen. Die Behinderung ihrer Behandlung oder Heilung durch Behörden ist Teil der Militärstrategie.

Lehrbuch der Militärmedizin: Medizinischer Aspekt der chemischen und biologischen Kriegsführung, Einsatz biologischer Waffen, p. 636-658.”

“Furthermore the super-paramagnetic property of nanoparticles can allow targeted cells to be manipulated by external magnetic fields which is similar to some current gene therapy methods.”

“Did the U.S. Army help spread Morgellons and other diseases? Did the U.S. Army help spread Morgellons and other diseases?”
Conspiracy Revelation: The answer is 100% Yes…

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