Horrible Seizure Caught On Camera (2023)

“Horrible Seizure Caught On Camera (2023)”
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Horrific medical emergency captured on film. I’ve never seen anything like this before. #Vaxxed
Location: Canada (2023)”

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I don’t think it’s 5G at all. Here’s my theory:

1. In Moderna’s master patent, it clearly states the “vaccine” manufacturer can put up to six different polymer-based delivery systems in the injections. These delivery systems self-assemble, look like metal discs, and, functioning much like capsules, contain “therapeutic agents.” South African microscopy expert and blood specialist Dr. Zandre Bothra has video proof these delivery systems are in at least some of the injections. She presented her findings on ‘The Stew Peters Show’ in 2021. These delivery systems are designed to dissolve in vivo days, weeks, months, or even years later. Once they do, they release their “therapeutic agent” (i.e., something that will cause disease, disability, or death).

2. Given Dr. Brian Ardis’ snake venom theory, which he’s extensively researched, I believe the makers of either the Sinopharm or the Sinovac “vaccine” – but also Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca – put synthetic snake venom peptides in these delivery systems. Once the delivery system is dissolved, the synthetic snake venom is released into the blood stream of the injected.

3. In an interview, Dr. Ardis stated people who’ve been bitten by venomous snakes have been known to hallucinate just before succumbing to the toxin. And if you’ve ever seen a rodent, like a rat or a mouse, just after it’s been bitten by a venomous snake, you know it convulses and its extremities horribly contort. This is exactly what we’re seeing in these strange deaths, which I call “the Pfizer finish.” (This, however, is a misnomer since we’ve primarily, though not exclusively, seen these strange deaths among the unfortunate in Asia. My guess is these people took either the Sinopharm or the Sinovac “vaccine.” But, again, Pfizer and Moderna et al. probably put them in their injections, too, which would explain some of the “medical emergencies” that have been happening in the West.)”

“KillingUsSoftly: 1 day ago: There’s a consequence from injecting poison into your body? Go figure.”

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