Khazarian Mafia: The God Eaters

“Khazarian Mafia: The God Eaters”
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This video is indeed about the Khazarian Mafia, but more importantly offers the patterns by which they have fed on God by way of humanities ignorance. As Nature creatures we are an outpouring of God, and the only way we can escape the Black Sun, is to understand their modus operandi; this means changing our world view, so that true evil can be seen; for we all have been beguiled with assumptions which disguise the Demiurge. The Khazarian Mafia has worked extremely hard to present a false reality based on inculcated lies, falsified histories, and projected blame. So the point of this lecture is to not only educate the listener to the bloodlines of the Khazarian Mafia, but more importantly, the psychology by which they have eviscerated us.”

• Demiurge/Satan/Lucifer/Baal/Moloch
• Fallen Angels, Watchers, Archons, Reptoids
• Black Nobility, Black Pope, Order of the Black Snake, Zoroastrian and Nephilim bloodlines
• Khazarian Mafia, Jesuit Order, Babylonian and Canaanite Bloodlines
• Freemasons, Illuminati, Committee of 300, Club of Rome, Scottish Rite, CIA
• Low level government officials, judges, FBI, WHO, DEA
• Entertainers, Media, Sports figures, public officials
• Us: feeders & breeders, commodities & assets

“Even as the scriptural idea that there was an original creation of human beings and
then the second creation of human beings so this this Common Thread you’re beginning to see in pattern you see in our history is that there was an original form of human beings that was directly from the work of an alien species and then there was a parasite that came in and manipulated us at the genetic level, shortened Our Lives, lowered our brain capacity and
psychologically devalued us as individuals meaning our mind constricted
our minds and this points to the Elohim, they are essentially a demonoid species From another Dimension who have defiled nature God by manipulating our DNA and see this points to what I like to call and what I’ll get into here what this points to what I like to call the original sin and in my argument this was the original blasphemy of nature against God. The Elohim Demons came here long ago to manipulate our DNA and enslave us by compromising our practical awareness our mind while keeping our God awareness coating our spiritual sense intact DNA carries the coding to develop the material biology that allows for a sense of a larger reality than the material landscape, altering our DNA disempowered our development while not compromising
our etheric sensitivity creative Force.

They dumbed us down they lowered the capacity of our brain down to just five six percent, they shortened our life. We were living probably about a thousand years, so how much wisdom can you acquire in say 80/90 years in comparison to how much you could acquire in say 900 to 1200 years, so you’d be so incredibly Wise by the end of your life, no one would be able to con or convince you of anything that’s false, because you will have enough Wisdom from the road to know the Shit from Shinola and so that etheric sensitivity is the key to all that and so even though we were dumbed down biologically we spiritually remain sensitive and that is by design that that is they purposely did that because these creatures eat God and uh there are are the reason why they Prey upon us is to get access to this love and compassion energy that they cannot access. We are the intermediaries, meaning we allow them access to a form of God they cannot access on their own and that is why we were farmed, that is why we.. are tortured, the innocence is stolen from children and all of this whole idea of downgraded the human being this is, so that they can consume, continue to consume that innocence we give them access to God, because as pure evil they cannot access Love and so they access that love… the Elohim were actually the ones who committed the original sin and I mentioned this earlier they committed the original sin they blasphemed Nature by altering our DNA they altered the image of God by manipulating the DNA of an authentic being in development this is a defilement of nature God the universe your DNA is your biological image of nature God and to manipulate this is to manipulate the work of the creative Force.
DNA is just an abbreviation for a much longer name…see that’s a Latin root if you trace its meaning it means god so deoxyribose in the Semitic language is rival is the
same as rabbi or in Arabic we say Rabby, it means the Master, the Lord, so here we have deoxyribose God Lord and Master nucleic acid nucleic means and at the center and acid is like chemical fire, so deoxyribonucleic acid DNA what does it mean God, Lord and Master the fire at the center of my being. Nature is the creative force or God manifesting incarnating transmogrifying into material matter to coerce the creative Force genetically is to blaspheme the work of God.”

“If I’m an abuser and I want to hold my Victim in contempt and I want to them to remain my Victim I blame them for the abuses that I put upon them so I tell them it’s their fault if I’m the abuser I tell the victim my Victim I tell them that it’s their fault that they’re being punished because they did something bad and so they deserve the punishment that they’re getting and eventually the victim will believe it they’ll believe that they deserve to be abused
and in this same way this is what’s happened the we have been blamed for falling
separating from God whereas they were the ones who did the original manipulation and so they meaning to Elohim are projecting their crime their sin their evil upon us just like an
abuser projects their own evil upon their victim.”

“Cliff High has an idea next slide it was a simple fix they burned out the second chromosome and fused The Junction where it used to be with the non-activating codon thus the order of processing of the gene sequence was changed with third chromosome becoming number two the totality of chromosomes was reduced from 24 to 23. Look up here in the top right human chromosome 2 was formed by the head-to-head Fusion of two ancestral chromosomes that remain separated in other primates meaning it’s not natural this was done and it’s not going to happen again because it was done in the lab what this is basically saying in science and biology is look here there’s been a fusion that has happened in our chromosomes if we look at the next slide at the end of your chromosomes are telomeres okay and these are like a a ceiling Edge for the tube that holds your DNA inside that chromosome is your DNA your the map that is you that map that creates you and so at the end of the tube are caps so that the DNA strands that are inside the tube don’t Fray come out and spill out and are destroyed okay and so are metabolized and so what you see here genetically is you see two heads that have been fused together look here on the left human chromosome number two what do you see you see two telomere heads that have been fused together folks that’s laboratory work that’s not natural work happening in nature that’s laboratory manipulation genetic manipulation of our chromosome that’s what’s happening there you have something that has come in my argument is that it’s a species has come in who are genetic Geniuses and they have bonded these two telomeres and and what this shows you is a first of all this wouldn’t have happened this doesn’t happen in evolution okay so that that makes brings a huge question into the evolutionary theory and then this if you were a god creating a human being or a being this you would never leave this kind of signature in your work.”

“…and if you are a deity a God and you’re creating a human being or a being you would never ever ever do this this is crude this is crude biology, this is crude forced biology, it’s the signature of a psychopath, it’s not the signature of a deity so right there is evidence
that something else is going on there there is a larger scheme at work that’s being kept from you so and here’s one of the great things about knowing who you are by finding this out about yourself you now know a perspective about yourself that you were unaware of before you started this video and that’s why it’s valuable to you because this is evidence you carry you carry the evidence that you’ve been genetically manipulated, it is in your DNA, that is not the work of a Divine God
and that is not the work of evolution it’s neither which points to an origin for us as
human beings which is different very different very different than what you have become accustomed
this is one of the reasons why this changeover has taken so long…”

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