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  1. Klingspohn, Werner sagt:

    Hallo Champions,
    Ich sitzt gerade in der Klemme, das Finanzamt will jetzt über 1.800,- € von mit, obwohl nach § 415 der AO kein gültiges Recht dazu besteht. – Was soll ich tun.
    Ab nächsten Monat wird mein Vertrag beim Schulamt wegen dieser Dinge nicht mehr verlängert. – – –
    Den Mikrozensus habe ich auch nicht zurückgesandt, weil dort die Nachbarn denunziert werden sollen. – Deswegen droht mir eine Obergerichtsvollzieherin jetzt mit einem Haftbefehl und über 500,- € Geldstrafe … Den Termin habe verstreichen lassen, weil sie provisionsbezogen arbeitet. – Was nicht ausschließt, dass sie dennoch den Mensch (mich) statt die Person einbuchten könn(t)en.
    Könnt Ihr mir irgendwie (trotzdem) helfen??
    Bitte! – Es eilt! – Danke vorab für ein paar helfende Gedanken.
    Freundliche Grüße

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  3. Gustavo Roman sagt:

    Hello have been gangstalked or electronically harrased not sure how
    this is being done due to the fact all i kknow about it is the little
    i have read of only because i was even made aware by there criminals
    for months now seems or at least it is said local authorities might be
    aware of this situation however i now feafor my life due to the fact i
    even had some physical aggression, it seems the whole area is involved
    and no matter where i go there arethreats and agressions being
    directed towards me or my family, seems there is drugs being involved
    as well as human trafficking in this area as well involved i have lost
    everything in my life as well as my benefits i am disab led lifetime
    wise and i have a minor under my custody issued by court. And he as
    well has been disrespected and threatened also there is underage
    persons threatening probation is aware of my case as well as the
    district attorneys office, local authorities seem to have started an
    investigation ive had two welfare checks by probation, therefore i ask
    for any assistance available its a long list of names and individuals
    involved in this and i would like if any result responsible they are
    prosecuted and charged, i have been asked and have been stolen ransom
    money drawn from my dissbility account and facebook and google
    accounts hacked as well as my internet service, somehow mythree ex
    wifes or significant others seem to be the names coming up most
    frequent and insisting.
    Also the supposable mind kidnappers or neural remote controlles i
    dont know if there is technology to track down this kind or terrorism
    that has already shown results and has had casualties very recently
    here in my area which is San Elizario Tx. My cousin Gabriel Roman was
    murdered about last year this same way and was covered up as a suicide
    as well as other few that have happened here in this area, and a few
    others who have lost theyre sanity and on the verge of suicide now. I
    have lost my family due to this had to watch my wife struggle with two
    new born daughters and all else, all i see they can see and comment on
    even as i was married they were able to see my intimate moments with
    my wife and supposably exposed it publically as well as my daughters
    which i know somehow it was exposed due to the fact that people all
    around in town would comment about my life and my wife as i get out of
    the house i am not schitzofrenic or have any mental conditions and as
    i advised the authorities as soon as i can have an open case on this
    and my family secured i will go through any mental evaluation please
    help this is very disturbiung its 24 hrs that i am stalked and that i
    am threatened i am embarassed and tortured as i even sleep i am woken
    up wt specific and pinpointed pains new to me and i am woken up i
    havent had normal decent sleep in over 9 months i have had to hold
    down on my urges to eat and to have bowel movemnts as well as urinate
    do to the fact that before i even do there is laughter and there is
    commenting already about the wt im about to do and as unreal and crazy
    as it sounds i have the audio recordings of all this from a recorder i
    left outside my house.I have lost my disability benefits due to this
    cause i cannot even fill in my renewal because they are waiting on my
    social security numbers and my families which i refuse to expose
    because my kids are minors and i believe all theyre lives would be
    riuned if these terrorists would have access to it. but as i mentioned
    before its very inhumane and of violation of any human rights i have
    no access to any income any help or nothing it has been very hard i
    have filedmany reports that i have proof for and i also have the
    recordings which are from a camera outside the house which mainly is
    audio and the only solution according to my captors is suicide or
    indtitutionallize myself by crime. Please help i dont know that
    toomany people are aware of this type of crime and of this kind of
    technology and i would of been cought or actually did when it first
    started untill i decided to review the camera cause of noises and
    barkings outside and its how i noticed it wasnt me loosing my mind due
    to the separation of my wife and my two daughters which i had raised
    for a whole year my oldest was barely turning one and then a new born
    so i did go into shock when my wife took them specially my oldest we
    were attached to each other basically 24/7 we spent together she was
    more familiar wt me at that time and it drove me insane and in shock,
    i believe there is certain way to get access to this kind of neural
    remote through lawyers or investigators dont know if this would have
    to do anything wt it because it started the day as soon as my xwife
    left the house and she left from one day to the other no explanation
    untill like 2 weeks later there was no agression or police involved we
    had been having arguments but nothing out of hand and my daughters
    were alienated from me for over two months before i was able to see
    them again, before this incident there was another time were the wife
    left the house and left my olderst dauughter wt me and she went out of
    town to phoenix with her parents she was out of the house for about
    two weeks and refused to come back it is at this time which i believe
    she might of made contact or could of had any way of haviing this done
    if involved or responsible.

    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      Yes….that is the standard Gang Stalking procedure…they track everything from everyone everywhere on this Planet..because they interlinked all brains via arpa/dod/dia/cia/nsa/alphabet inc./nwo/un brain gate and skynet …thousands of Satellites make this possible, coupled with AI Super Quantum Computers, Gwen Towers, Cell Towers etc… commonly known as “The Grid”…and an archontic ai environment – where absolutely nothing remains private anymore – therefore they forced people into the New World America Facebook-Youtube-Narcissist-Generation to make privacy an old-fashioned thing from the past – (otherwise the Youth would never have accepted this silent take-over of 0-privacy-policy, they forced it very fast and subtle into the environment during the last 20 years) with billions of daily sprayed smart dust particles, ai biotech and nanotech bci interfacing neural dust, binocular implant technology, dispersed via Chemtrails….They monitor or even force activities of” eventually” the entire Planet, but T.I.s are naturally full in the ZOOM, when the program is in active mode.. it is called NSA Sexgate… check Zakaos links out, he posted a lot of detailled info back in the days when he was still alive 2016/2015…
      The stalkers usually position themselves in little gangs right in front your domicile and start saying all the things they have spied out via skynet-nsa-arpa-brain-gate technology.. usually they are relatively young, not older than 25 or 30 years of age. The pairs who walk by and just laugh for no reason at targeted individuals are usually older… it is also possible that they are partially remotely controlled via skynet. The procedure is everywhere on this Planet identical and fully synchronized, no matter if you are in U.S.A., Europe, Antarctica or Australia for example.

      • j. sagt:

        Hi, thank you for the skynet information. I am a TI from Hamburg Germany and they act on me with those stalking methods, radioactivity, victim videos, electromagnetism, and worse. Also I have seen the TR-3B Black Triangle Code Name: ASTRA | Magnetic Field Disruptor Plane three times already. Yesterday sth really bizzar was taking place, when I called 112 – German emergency – because of the high pulsation eof electromagnetism, there was somebody in the line stating: ”Air Force One calling, get …(a four digit number) nuts”. At first I thought it was a joke, but I think it was adressed to 112 and went by accident into my fone line. There is much more to state, but I have to publish, that I found the bottomline of all this is a collaboration between Scientology and the safety authorities. All the best, J.

        • _ADMIN_ sagt:

          Yes, sometimes the Emergency Call is blocked in Germany… the NAZI-Perps who are involved in these crimes.. ((11.2, 14.6. (11) and 4.1., Remember Base211 Antarctica (411 411) Their U.S. 911/1111211/511 Fake-Anon-CIA) are sometimes linked or under control or have infiltrated the Emergency Response Units…It´s also known as the Masonic-Jesuit Crime-Perp-Network… they control most cults, Catholics Criminals In Action (CIA), NSA (Nazi Stasi Army), TAO Terrorists, U.S. Special Ops Commands, all positioned in Germanys main cities, also Jehova Witnesses (a satanic MK Ultra cover-cult sub-unit of the Zionazis that dominate Germany)..
          AirForce 1 is always used in the T.I. Programs, either you will see Obama in the artificial dreams, Obama showed up most of the times, with a CIA-Agent with Sunglasses, exchanging some stuff, incl. Airforce 1 and Hillary Clinton and/Or Bill Gates (also shows up in the synthetic dream net, he has his own network of torture satellites in place) and/or Kissinger and/or even Trump, where he shows you a little book)..also Putin, one time with a Gun, one time with a handshake or even after assassination attempts (2015)(Dugan-Motorola-Musk Elon (Morgue-Elons-Elon Musks Morgues)-MARS NAZI REMOTE STRANGULATION TECHNOLOGY). Zuck-Zuckerberg at the HARVARD Campus Quantum AI Computers, yes Zuckerberg I saw you. The Whole Gang unmasked. It´s done via NASA-NAZIs/USAF/Navy-CIA/KGB/MI/DARPAs spinal-nano-implant network, via synthetic DreamNet/Skynet, inhaled via Chemtrails for the last 20 Years. They also call it dream warfare, as I heard.
          After all it´s all Zionazi-DOD-MJ12 (Former IP Address-Range was The original Department of War that brings the Planet in Turmoil. They seem to have anonymized this for obvious reasons.

          • j. sagt:

            Thank you for your quick answer. I am happy to read that there is somebody knowing about these actions. What is Air Force One? Do you know other targets in Germany? I say they are up to murder me and nothing on legal options is working here. I mean all my experiences with court, lawyers, state lawyers: they are ALL under controll by the sect/s. What is a way to get out of this? Are you located in the US?

          • j sagt:

            SOS, I need your help and contact to other asap. Thanks – the nuclear value ist above 7, 6000 Microsievert per hour: PLEASE HELP

          • j sagt:

            DEAR ADMIN, here I try from on the road to write. Is there a way that you get me in touch with others whom are either targets too or whom could help to save my live by offering a place to stay near Hamburg or elsewhere? The nuclear value raises up everyday in my flat: SOS. It is so heavy, one can even see it like white noise, my hair is falling out and the organs are shrouded. It is so painful, please help…

          • _ADMIN_ sagt:

            Sorry.. I know no one in Hamburg, it´s very far away from my standpoint…who could help you in that very acute and emergency case…or near that area… Other TIs should comment here…asap.. Most TIs are on the run like you… and likely have to find their own means of survival…Eventually a revolution in this country will happen soon – when the threshold of insanity bleeds out to the sleeping masses and those who never heard of or felt these assaults and then may destroy this Mass Murderous NWO Gang of this Genocidal German Government and Global Shadow Government RCC GOG..

          • j. sagt:

            Hey, what did you mean by ‘this country’, the US? On April 21st you posted: ‘Sure do I know other targets in Germany…’ – could you connect me to anyone anywhere? Doesn’t have to be near by. THANK YOU. J.

          • Tim XY sagt:

            There is a hot story about Antarctica:
            Recently the Nazis there found a high-tech coffin in the ice,
            switched a device and by this they woke up a giant who is now terrorizing them, this is the comeback of the Nephilim. Some say that Saturn is a threat for planet earth.

          • AdminVI2021 sagt:

            “in the ice,
            switched a device and by this they woke up a giant who is now terrorizing them, this is the comeback of the Nephilim”

            Good… 😀 A bit Karmic Backlash…

        • _ADMIN_ sagt:

          Sure do I know other targets in Germany…I have made a list of at least 200-300 Targeted Individuals worldwide (living and dead)…including many of their reports on social media…I have followed the last 7 to 8 years most incidents concerning State-sponsored Genocide and MK Ultra/MK Naomi attacks from the Alphabet Crime Syndicate. I am doing (amongst many other things) that what a real police should do…if it weren´t in deep capture…collecting evidence against mass murderers, insane cultists and criminal corporate mafiosis.
          Airforce 1 is the Plane of the President of the United States of America.

          • j. sagt:

            That sounds like a persons agenda that I could trust, because there are many fake-helpsites as well, (f.e. e – w a f f e n . d e is a hoax by perps). Today I was trying to write answers to your article about Gang Stalking Phenomenon is Precursor to Coming Holocaust 2014 Revisited 2020 – not everything of what I wrote came through. I wrote emails then to the info@ of this site, I hope you received them – of cause all my devices and actions are monitored. Are you as well in Germany or the US? Here is sth I suggested under the other article: Therefore I am calling upon a group action. To write numerous protocols on what is happening and turn them into an international court like the ECHR. Is anybody there willing to take action?
            For that plan I would like to ask you to connect me to other targets. And regarding Airforce One, that wasn’t a dream, it was a wireless answer inside my you stated above, it is used in the TI Program.. I mean could it possibly be a UFO-unit?

          • _ADMIN_ sagt:

            Sure…can it be… USAF is involved in many illicit ops… they all need to be restricted, controlled and monitored by independent supervisors…the misuse of Power is easy in such military institutions. Especially Full Disclosure of all anti-gravity vehicles and alien technologies is a must. No more decades of advanced technology buffer deceptions. Remember the U.S. Military has 2000 years advanced secret technologies in comparison to the Truman Show and Artificial Scarcity Retardation Slave Matrix you are living in…especially considering this fact in terms of Medical Technologies and Healing Devices.
            I am not yet familiar with the ECHR, it seems to be independent, isn´t it?
            Du kannst auch in deutsch schreiben…

          • j sagt:

            .. they caught my comments now for four times. Do you receive them via mail?

          • j. sagt:

            EMCrit, that’s you? What is your advice how to get out of the slave matrix?

          • _ADMIN_ sagt:

            No that is not me. Yes… I can publish your severe T.I. case here, if you like…but in the long run we need a CIVIL CONGLOMERATE AND A CIVIL LIBERATION ARMY AGAINST THE RULING CRIME SYNDICATE WITHIN THE HIGHLY CORRUPT NWO POLICE STRUCTURE:..

  4. I have been going through harassment from my Prior employers IBM and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. I work in Information Technology and they screw with my phone constantly. Last night I blogged and posted about then and I was banned from Grinder and I’ve never done anything inappropriate on there. I reported all this harassment to EEOC and lawyers every time I call a lawyer I get turned down. Call were also blocked to lawyers sometime. Do you now any lawyers that have the balls to take my case. I have all the pictures and documents please take time to read my blog when you get a chance.I upated it a few times a week.

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  6. Linda Williams sagt:

    Sorry. I do not know German.
    My father and two brothers had sudden highly suspicious, highly premature deaths. My extended family are the Devor and the Winemaker families. Also, some Winemakers changed their name to Warner. My family name was changed to Williams, after I had completed grade 1. In grade 2, a teacher asked me about the name change and whether my name had ever been Winemaker. It seems that only because of this single mention, linking me to our extended “family,” we moved out of our house in a good area, into a dumpy apartment building. Our schools were right next to the Humber River.
    There were likely plans, from before my birth, for my family of origin to be preyed upon by my extended family. There is much circumstantial evidence. Likely, there were life insurance fraud schemes. The first was to force my father to take out huge life insurance policies. He would be forced to to this, if each of his five children was forced out of his or her workplace, with gang stalking by mobs. The second scheme was to take out many life insurance policies on the targeted family members, then covertly murder them. My father would have had an estate in the millions. But, my mother would have inherited it and shared it with both sides of the extended “family.” As well, my siblings and I were trafficked for medical research, from birth. So, our mother was actively trying to set up each of us, covertly.
    I was trafficked to the MKULTRA program. Medical staff cut a swastika into the skin of my upper left arm when I was two. When I was turning five, I realized what the scar was and its significance. I considered ending my life, in order to protect myself. I believed that. I would be tortured to death, for medical research, as was done to victims in the holocaust.
    I think that my relatives planned to have me accidentally thrown into the Humber River, in Toronto, when I was eight years old. However, the oversight for the program likely saved my life and kept my siblings alive for some time. My mother had a birthday party for me when I was five years old. It is the only party she ever had for me. Some fifteen couples with children attended. I had never met any of them beforehand and never saw any of them again. Only recently, have I realized that it was likely a party intended to give a false appearance of an “insurable interest” in me. My father and older brother were not present.
    My younger brother obtained a degree in aerospace engineering in an elite program. He moved to Santa Barbara, California. When I last saw him, he had clearly been drugged, heavily. However, at the time, I was a Stockholm person and did not recognize the obvious.
    At the moment, I am being fumigated with strong, sweet-smelling pesticides, day and night. I have had very bad flares of joint pain, caused by this. It also causes dehydration, hypoglycemia and organ distress. Last night, I was forced to go out at 1 am, 2am, 3am, 4 am, 5am, 6am, to escape the fumes.
    If possibly, can you explain how a dead man’s switch is done? I should have $800,000 in savings from my professional career, but it has been covertly stollen, through constant unforced entry to my home. I believe that the regime was trying to provide many opportunities for me, expecting me to be able to serve in some capacity. They did not understand many horrifying facts about my upbringing. It is accurate, though not literal to say that I was raised locked in a closet, with a gag and a blindfold on. When I was turning 12, our government changed and we were parachuted out of Peel and moved to North Toronto. There I was treated extremely well through school and in two university programs. We had almost no contact with our extended family and did not know who they were. Hence, we never suspected that they could be treacherous serial murderers.
    I have been subjected to relentless torture, of every imaginable kind. Yes, the police and other authorities are now involved. However, I believe that malicious slander and libel were the cause of this. As, I have outlined –it was done for profit. However, my relatives must also lack all conscience and must be depraved beyond any description.
    I have been locked out of my email. I may never be able to start another one –it seems.

    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      A dead man´s switch…I think you should ask John McAfee in this regard or watch his moves against the corrupt U.S. ShadowGov and maybe take up some ideas…but naturally all people who have sensitive informations against organized criminals like corrupt Governments (or who own brilliant inventions that could be “identity-thefted” or virtually stolen from) and NWO Institutions or highly corrupted bribed traitors in families or legacies of higher value should consider this… Yes, Dirty Police and other fake criminal authorities are involved…no one else has the means to do these kinds of super-coward torture attacks, except alphabet agencies, police, secret police, corrupt Institutions and Oil Mafia Universities, secret societies like clerical nazi military orders and freemasonic influences, military and deep black military and corrupted governments and corporate psychopaths and subsequently all their hired and obedient minions and sub-factions…not to forget the notorious Billionaires, some of the Royals/Monarchs/Dictators/Politicians of diverse countries eventually and their bought empires…and in times of medical fascism naturally never forget Big Pharma/Big Chemical Corporations and Medical Military Oligarchy and their ZioNazi Honeypots. As always follow the Big Money to find the dirty rats.

  7. Buchempfehlung: „Das pyramidale Prinzip 2.0“
    Wir sind die Basis einer Pyramide!
    Wir sorgen als Produzenten, Konsumenten, als Kunden und Patienten, als Klienten und als potentielle Delinquenten, für den sich beschleunigenden Strom der Waren, Finanzen und Daten, im Stoffwechsel eines \’pyramidalen\’ Organismus. Nachdem wir das Ertragsnutzenkalkül eines besinnungslosen Fortschritts im Wachstum verinnerlicht haben, empfinden wir den Raub der Selbstbestimmung und Identität nicht mehr als Verlust. Auf die atomare Einheit der Existenz reduziert, reihen wir uns ein, in die weltweiten Ströme der dynamischen Massen. Dabei steht die Isolation im Nahfeld der Beziehungen, in einem unüberbrückbaren Gegensatz zur Identifikation mit einem globalen Bewußtsein. Das soziale Nähebedürfnis des Menschen im öffentlichen Raum wird behördlicherseits mit Mißtrauen und Verdacht belegt, die Vereinzelnung im öffentlichen Raum schreitet voran (gemäß dem Gebot der \”sozialen Distanz\” in Zeiten der Pandemie-Panik), in dem Maße, wie Gesellschaft sich im virtuellen Raum zur manipulierbaren Schwarmintelligenz formiert.
    Über die Instrumentalisierung religiöser Bedürfnisse, werden die Menschen zur Opferung der eigenen Identität gerufen, und zum Dienst für einen allumfassenden Welt-Ethos vorbereitet
    Wer sich nicht weiter von den Kulissenprojektionen der Matrix täuschen lassen möchte, dem hebt sich mit dem Buch: „Das pyramidale Prinzip 2.0“ von Franz Sternbald, der Schleier, und gewährt dem Leser einen unverstellten Blick auf das Wesen des Willens zur Macht! Gleichzeitig ist es ein leidenschaftliches Plädoyer für einen aufgeklärten Glauben, der sich, nach Kierkegaard, auch dem fundamentalen Zweifel stellen muß, sowie die Rettung der Würde des Individuums, gegen die kollektive Vereinnahmung, und seiner Zurichtung für die Zwecke eines globalen Marktes. Hier wird der Versuch unternommen, das Bewußtsein von einem Erlösungsbedürfnis aus der ‚Selbstentzweiung’ des Willens in der Natur zu erklären, und die Selbstentfremdung des Menschen aus seiner ‚Seinsvergessenheit’. Dem Frommen verschafft die Beschäftigung mit der Analyse des Willens zur Macht von Schopenhauer, über Nietzsche bis Heidegger, ein freieres Auge. Deren Aktualität steht nicht im Widerspruch zu einer apokalyptischen Deutung der Weltgeschichte, sondern liefert vielmehr deren Bestätigung – darin liegt zwar eine machtvolle Absicht, jedoch keine Unvermeidlichkeit.

    • AdminVI2021 sagt:

      “Das soziale Nähebedürfnis des Menschen im öffentlichen Raum wird behördlicherseits mit Mißtrauen und Verdacht belegt”

      Nennt sich auch BCI-Smart-Dust-Totalitarismus (“Elons Morgue” (Morgellons)) oder auch Global Quantum Total A.I. Surveillance/Dominance. Da maßen sich unvollkommene Schwerstverbrecher, Völkermörder und Chemtrail-Invasoren an über die Privatsphäre friedlicher Zivilisten zu urteilen (sicherlich auch viele korrupte Doc. Profs von diversen Rockefeller-CIA-Universitäten mit am Werke – illegalerweise) oder remote zu influencen u.a. auch per Palantir-BKA-Software, K.I. Algos und CIA-Arpa-NSA-DoD-Zionazi Grausamkeiten diverser Art.. Ein Tipp, wenn die Ohren klingen, sind es die lokalen NWO-NAZI-BUND-Behörden, in Kollusion mit dem U.S. Intel und U.S. Militär-Komplex, die ihre 60er Jahre Cat-Nano-Cochlear-CIA-Ohr-Naniten ja in die Menschen bringen müssen…und Deutschland ungerechtfertigterweise spionage-infiltrationsmäßig dominieren.

      “nach Kierkegaard,… die Rettung der Würde des Individuums, gegen die kollektive Vereinnahmung”


  8. Franz Sternbald sagt:

    Me, Myself and I – von der Trance-formation des Ich
    „Ausgesetzt zur Existenz“ – warum der Mensch ein Schicksal ist
    – vom Ausgang aus der unverschuldeten Absurdität –
    Franz Sternbald
    {Das Buch zum Virus, ohne es ein einziges Mal zu benennen …denn es geht um die Klärung der Frage, wo bleiben Du und Ich bei dem, was danach kommt}
    Wenn Sie nichts vermissen, bedeutet das noch nicht, daß Sie nichts verloren haben.
    Erfahren Sie nun, was Ihnen durch den gegenwärtigen Umbau unserer Lebenswirklichkeit abhanden gekommen sein wird, wenn die Transformation der gesellschaftlichen Ordnung, sowie der politischen und wirtschaftlichen Willensbildung, zu ihrer Vollendung gelangt sein wird (Transhumanismus).
    Die Ausrufung einer globalen Pandemie ist die Klimax in einem Stück, das uns Alle, bei verordneter sozialer und physischer Distanzierung (zwischenmenschliche Entfremdung), zu einem kollektiv digital-orchestrierten Panik-Schwarmbewußtsein zusammenscheuchen soll.
    An dem Drehbuch haben Sie und Ich mitschreiben dürfen, indem wir uns stillschweigend in unsere darin vorgesehene Rolle gefügt haben, Als Medien-Rezipienten und Steigbügelhalter für die Umsetzung einer global-politischen Agenda; indem wir uns über unsere Individualität eine Maske (persona) streifen lassen, um den Part des reibungslos verwertbaren Produzenten und Verbraucher, des Kunden und Patienten, zu spielen. Und so werden wir durch die Inszenierung getrieben, vor wechselnden Kulissen von Lügengebäuden und falschen Flaggen.
    Wir werden aber zum Ende hin bei keiner Instanz mit der Klage über unser Lebensschicksal durchkommen, wenn es dereinst heißen wird:
    Es geschah nach Deinem Willen!
    Was aber war unser Ich, bevor wir es uns abkaufen ließen, um zum Personaldarsteller zu werden?
    Aufrichtig gesprochen, „Ich“ war niemals frei zu handeln, vielmehr handelte es sich .. in einer Gitterbox kausaler Bestimmtheiten.
    Wir können garnicht tun, sondern wir ereignen uns.
    Notwendig ist künftig eine praktische Existenzphilosophie zur Rechtfertigung der Subjekthaftigkeit gegen die Zudringlichkeit der Verobjektivierung.
    Sind wir zwar nicht eigentlich frei zu handeln, liegt unsere eigentümliche Freiheit dennoch auf dem Grund unseres Seins. Möglicherweise haben wir uns demnach den Käfig der kategorischen Gesetztheit selbst geflochten. Freiheit wurde auf dem Weg vom Sein in die Existenz zur Bestimmtheit. Allein im Bewußt-Sein ist somit die funktionale Verbindung von Freiheit und Bestimmung zu suchen.
    Mit dem Buch „Ausgesetzt zur Existenz“ fordert der Autor Franz Sternbald Sie auf: Holen Sie sich ihr Ego zurück; Werden Sie sich dessen gewahr Wer Ihr Ich eigentlich ist!
    „ Was soll nicht alles meine Sache sein …..,nur die meinige soll nicht meine Sache sein?! “
    Ich zu sein, vermag nur Ich selbst
    aber …
    Wer ist eigentlich ICH?
    Zu welchem Zweck behaupten wir ein subjektives Ego, und worin besteht ein objektiv legitmierender Sinn für die Forderung nach Anerkennung eines
    unbezähmbaren Geistes der uneingeschränkten Subjektivität
    Zu welchem Ziel strebt letztlich die Entwicklung der Selbstbewußtwerdung alles Lebendigen?
    In welchem überragend widerspruchsvollen Verhältnis steht das absolute Selbst zur Endlichkeit seines individuellen Daseins?
    Mit diesem Buch wird ein Deutungsversuch unternommen für das Ego als einem Ding, oszillierend zwischen Dualität und Polarität, von Identität und Alienation, von Eigentümlichkeit und Entfremdung,
    auf dem Weg von Mir zu Dir
    Von nun an wird Ich nicht mehr gezählt, sondern gewogen
    Ausgesetzt zur Existenz – warum der Mensch ein Schicksal ist
    – vom Ausgang aus der unverschuldeten Absurdität –
    Franz Sternbald – BoD-Verlag; D-Norderstedt

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