Beyond Nanobots: How they can track every person on Earth with Lighthouse & Toledo

“Beyond Nanobots: How they can track every person on Earth with Lighthouse & Toledo”

“Targeted Individuals are the Lab Rats.”

“Washington D.C. is kind of an Epicenter of Targeted Individuals.”

“The Non-Consensual Implants that are placed within many of our Brains and our Bodies and so the Medical Profession has been compromised, Dentists too, Surgeons, Anaestheologists and Radiologists too, get an X-Ray or CT Scan, the radiologists report will not reflect that you have something in the middle of your brain.”

“Richard Lighthouse and Ana Toledo from Targeted Justice join the program to explain the many ways people are being targeted, harassed, and essentially the lab rats for the cabal´s weapon developments and research. Lighthouse, is an engineer with a master degree from Stanford and has experience with NASA and over 20 years in the energy field. Toledo is an attorney who has been fighting for justice most of her career; now she represents Targeted Justice as their lead attorney. You can learn more about their organization at”

“There is 23 Frequencies that affect Blood Pressure, depending on what your make up is, not just one.”

“A Unique identifier as a Frequency that makes sense.”

“83% of our Registered Targeted Individuals report Artificial Tinnitus…from the Tracking…The Ringing in your Ear…very high pitched…8000 Hertz Frequency.”

Satellites are broadcasting frequencies, most of society is under surveillance. The article reveals how the establishment including military, police cover their tracks by claiming that hackers are the only ones doing this when in reality, it’s both of them.”

just now
If you want to know about the Scalar Weapons ask me… I experienced them on the body by DoD/Navy/USAF Criminals working for U.N. …I know them by experience.

just now
There is no need to censor my comments, you lose credibility when you censor me.

Rauni Kilde was killed on 8.2.2015. (Allegedly by NSA)

3 Days Later they tried to remote choke me out and Putin showed up via Image 2 Skull… I noticed that Rumble censors like Hell or the Broadcasters there are corrupt or immature.

The Fact they censor me on Rumble shows that they are decades behind….they did not reach the Level of Sabrina W, Corinne N and Me and about MBANs, WBANs, WPANs and Network Centric Warfare, they are stuck in history.

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