The New World Order education and the conditioning of the mind

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“The New World Order education and the conditioning of the mind:

Classical conditioning (also known as Pavlovian or respondent conditioning) aka the Skinner-Pavlovian method was introduced into schools to program and condition the minds of the students into conformity.

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“This allows the Globalist System the cover they need to implement unpopular policies like the central bank digital currency…afraid to even discuss the option of violence, which is often the only remedy for Tyranny, but if we were an enlightened people we could simply unite together as one and just say no to the Tyrants.”

“CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – 100 Years of Mass Mind Control
Greg Reese Reports
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“And by 1975 the CIA had infiltrated all Areas of News Media.”

“Prison Planet Earth And The Fallen Angels
Greg Reese Reports
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The oldest written history in existence the tablets of sumaré claimed that a
reptilian race of aliens known as the Anunnaki fell from the heaven to earth
and enslaved the human race. The ancient Sumerians wrote that after a slave rebellion, the Anunnaki went into hiding and ruled over humanity using human proxies and Judas goats. The great
pyramid of giza was constructed under the direction of Imhotep who was said to
be the son of Egypt’s most important God during his day, during this age the
Pharaohs worshipped and served over 2,000 human-like gods. In return for managing
over the human slave population the pharaohs were promised eternal life, they
were taught that if they had their dead bodies carefully preserved they would be
brought back to life and live forever as gods. This is quite similar to today´s
world elites who believe they will find immortality by merging with artificial
intelligence. Where they promised the same lie of immortality by the fallen ones?
According to the Bible the Hebrews descended from a clan ruled by a god named Jehovah.
Jehovah traveled through the sky in what appears to have been a loud smoking aircraft.
Exodus 19 describes Jehovah landing on a mountaintop and Mount Sinai was
altogether covered with smoke because the Lord descended upon it in fire and
the smoke from the fire billowed up words like the smoke of a furnace and the whole mountain quaked greatly the Bible describes how Moses and a few select leaders were the only ones
permitted to approach jehovah’s mountain top landing site and Jehovah had threatened to kill
anyone else who tried.
The Aryan leaders of ancient India claimed obedience to God’s who fell from the sky these
human-like gods were called Asura.
The Nazi inner circle of the Third Reich claimed to have been following orders
from these very same Aryan gods these Aryan gods taught the Hindus that there
was a natural cycle of life that included a dramatic death of humanity
followed by a rebirth The Legend of the Phoenix teaches that a natural law
exists wherein mankind must die by fire to emerge out of the ashes, growing again,
dying again and so on, forever. During the plague of Europe many people
reported seeing bright lights in the sky preceded by a foul-smelling mist that
creeped into town followed by the Black Death, at least 50 comets were reported
in the sky during the Black Death, also the appearance of human-like figures dressed in black wielding long scythes were reported on the outskirts of town. This is where the image of death was
born after the strange beings were seeing an outbreak of the plague would
manifest. Could the long scythes have been long devices designed to spray
poison gas into the town´s, about a hundred years after the Black
Death came the cholera pandemic a hundred years after that the Spanish flu
originated from Fort Riley, an army installation in Kansas and now we have
the Wuhan virus which seems to have originated…from a biolab.
The Bible teaches us that Lucifer and the Fallen Angels rule over the earth and
when you look at the historical record, it almost seems as if they are farming us and thinning the herd every hundred years. For the past decade Hollywood has produced an endless stream
of doomsday and time movies The History Channel alone has deeply embedded the concept of UFOs
and aliens into our perceived reality…”

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