Max Spiers Interview reptilians, mk ultra, underground bases, Aliens, Human Cloning

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“Max Spiers: MKULTRA, Project Monarch, Oak Tree, IBIS And His Strange Death
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Max Spiers died in July of “UN”natural causes by what authorities say are natural causes. A woman who he was staying with temporarily in Warsaw, Poland found him dead on her couch. Before his death, Max vomited black liquid.”
Conspiracy-“REALISTS” believe that Spiers was killed by government agents. Vanessa doubts the official story too and stated that Spiers was in good health at the time of his death Max Talks multi dimensions, mind control, vampiric energy parasites, mind control, stargates, linguistics, Nazi, Deep state spying tactics. ”
“The war that´s going on is a war of DNA..-.It gives them telepathic, telekinetic gifts. They try to maintain this particularly strand of DNA into their Bloodline.”
“The Oak Tree is symbolic for Lucifer.”

“Max Spiers Interview reptilians, mk ultra, underground bases, Aliens, Human Cloning”
“I know certainly two females who are involved in the female parallel female version of Ibis and I would say
I know three who were involved in the male Ibis project. 85% of the children involved in these
projects are now dead, because they wanted to push the limits of the body that that the bodies that were made to
see how strong they were, they fought us against each other unwillingly, we didn’t want to and they
did it through mind control .. I have love for him and I would never have chosen to gone to war with him on
any level, but circumstances put me in that position and I know who and I know who did it too,
there are very wealthy people behind the scenes.. behind the scenes who they they they see it as a sport as well,
so they create these beings people and they then they like to watch them fight as a Sport.
They also use the the female like the female line and the male line in sexual union to and sex magic to create reality
they have had an understanding throughout all time and they do understand now refined that perfectly
refined that sex magic a sheet way of creating reality very quickly, it’s lik a hack, it´s like a computer
hack to create reality it’s like hacking reality, hacking the matrix reality to build whatever you want,
everybody in the room has a certain amount of chi energy and some
more than others and so these particular children that were born have very very very very very
high amount of energy, so then if they pair them off , the male with specific female, in sexual union then they are able to m build business and companies very very quickly.”

” Why am I still alive? Are you asking me why I’m still alive? Because I ended up having the will to live stronger than the others , it’s like saying in a in a boxing match why did that person lose ? Why did that person get knocked out,
it’s like saying in a war but it’s like saying in a war between two armies why did that person why did that army lose
yes yes yes yes I luckily I have people around me who know ,who loveand when omebody loves somebody, really loves somebody
there’s like a God protection that way I also have to make sure that I do certain ceremonies and rituals and visualization exercises to make sure that I’m protected, especially astrally, because astrally is where it’s where it’s at where they come really hard, yes.”

” it’s a pleasure to be here I have never done a presentation this way so this has been the biggest
audience really I’ve spoken to about such personal things but I feel it needs
to be addressed now because it’s coming to a climax this there’s 2016 year everything is sort of climaxing now and
it needs to be addressed imminently it needs to be addressed immediately the build-up over the last six months coming
to Poland has been tumultuous to say the least. I have been under psychic attack, under an astral attack and under
physical attack to stop me from coming to Warsaw to be able to convey this information to you I think what it is
and .. specifically why the attacks have been over these last two to three months is because of not the
technical things that I’m going to address not because of those technical things, it’s because I’m going to lay out
what the war is about and why it’s going on and if the people understand and know why it’s going on and what it’s about
then that gives the ability of the people to be able to stop it from happening, okay, so just to give a very brief
outline of who I am and why I’m here and why I’m standing here in front of you in the first place so so you understand
I’m just not Bob off the street and so essentially I was born I was born into a into a specific bloodline and I
was targeted as an individual..I was targeted as an individual from birth, ”

” now within within this particularb bloodline you’re always going to because
we’re living in a dualistic world within the 3d world that we live in is dualism
..everything is dualistic so you have up-down left-right black/white
everything is dualistic based so within even within a bloodline like that you’re
going to have a good and bad within it okay
the war that’s going on is a war of DNA.. so the reason why
they interbreed the reason why they’re looking for an inter breeding with each
other is because they want to make sure that they maintain this particular DNA
within their family line because this particular DNA gives them exalted
abilities gifts so I could gif yeah I’m gonna go with the words psychic
telepathic telekinetic gifts so they in breed not because well partly because
they are twisted but on the other on the other side of that it is because they
are trying to maintain this particular strand of DNA within their bloodline so
to give an analogy if understanding that the 3d world that we live is
illusory it’s a three-dimensional illusional world the makeup of
everything around us is made from geometry light sound light and then physical.
so everything around you is vibrating energy, everything around you is
vibrating energy this is not solid nothing is solid it is manifested
through as I said geometry, light, sound..because they it’s like an
analogy would be we are in a in a matrix system which is like a virtual reality
computer game where it’s a master/slave reality so the Masters would be the
0.01%, they have kept they have kept the secrets and the cheats for themselves
and they have left the slaves with amnesia and with no understanding of
what’s going on okay so …is connected to the Holy Grail and the
Holy Grail is not a an actual sacred object it is symbolically an object but
in truth the Holy Grail is as a bloodline is a particular bloodline
called and in French it’s called sang sang Royale which means
royal blood..
in the 1950s there was an influx of incarnations of higher
vibrational beings coming down to this planet to try and change what’s
what’s been going on here because it has been essentially a prison planet for
thousands and well 50,000 years really and so there was an influx in the 1950s ..
and the 1970s of higher vibrational beings they they’re the controlling
consciousness that that is in in charge at this moment of this planet is what is
and are aware of every incarnate being that comes into this planet
through sexual union between a male and a female energy is then sent up and
vibrates up through frequencies and they have technology to be able to see where
and then a soul is then attracted to a lifetime and then the soul will then
this is just one way a soul will then be come to the womb of the mother and they
can track this they can track this from happening okay so in the 1950s there was
something called Project Oak Tree Project oak tree this is the truth about
project oak tree project The oak tree itself is symbolic of Lucifer they they they they use the
term oak tree, oak tree is synonymous with with Lucifer, the controlling power that
had at this time power over this planet is aware that there are very
very very powerful beings I don’t know
what you would want to call them demigods gods whatever you want to call
them that there was an influx of them coming so they needed to they away of attracting them.”

“because this reptilian this reptilian conscious vampiric consciousness that has control
of this planet is basically a fear-based there they are in there there are
fear-based consciousness if they weren’t a fear-based consciousness they wouldn’t
need to control everything if you’re in fear you have to control everything
around you if you are centered and balanced in yourself you don’t need to
control things around you.”

”Project Oak Tree is connected to project IBIS (Thoth) .. 42 children were selected from mothers that were born in the 1950s so the children would then be born between 1972 and 1978, so the mothers the mothers were born in in
the in the 50s and that and their children would then be born between 1972 and 1978, they were all male there’s no females, because they’re looking for .. male energy is explosive, creative, external creative energy, female
energy is receptive nurturing energy, so they’re looking for male energy, because it’s the male energy that externally builds the world around us, so out of the 42 children they were looking for these ,..these is the Anunnaki
who put this project together, they did it out of fear, because they knew that these beings were coming to this planet and they needed to make sure that they
had their hands on and had control of these particular beings
they didn’t know which ones were going to be which yeah they didn’t know some were hidden some are put into and the entertainment industry and some have
been hidden throughout their lives, they were looking for and
whether or not you believe in these deities, it doesn’t matter, for me, this is my perspective and I’m giving my perspective, okay, they were looking for
specific beings, the beings that they were looking for were Hermes, he who is Hermes is Thoth and they were looking for Lucifer, they were looking for the Christos or
how would you say Yeshua, Jehovah, Satan.
Satan and Lucifer are two different individual beings, they are not the same being, so they’re looking for these particular beings, because they are
incarnating, now as time has gone on, more powerful light beings are incarnated and more powerful dark beings that are incarnating.
It’s becoming more and more and more and building and building, so this particular project, what they did .. because the Anunnaki are genetic
masters, they are genetic masters on every level, so they went to the Pyramids at Giza, they also went to the pyramids all over the planet..
.. so what they had done is they’re remembering this
consciousness, this Ananunnaki consciousness has a a complete
understanding of the Inner Earth and the surface earth, so they know exactly where all the all the energy grid lines are .. all the ley lines, all the dragon lines and.. for example they know where Ramses was buried,m they know where where they were all buried, so they went on, took pieces of DNA, okay, from different ones they took pieces of DNA then they
put them together and then they put them into a womb, a carrier, a female carrier, okay, so in doing that so the the the the oaktree was to find the female carriers
in the 1950s for the for the females, there had to be specific females that would be able to carry such powerful beings, so that it’s called oaktree, because I mean they were looking for a number of different
beings, but they were primarily looking for lucifer, because they’re following revelations from the bible as a script, so they’re following …as a script, so they are looking for that child that was born in the 70s ..I suppose you could
possibly call I don’t know this for a fact but I suppose you could possibly call Lucifer, maybe the Antichrist
..and so they needed to make sure that they got that correct,
they had been looking for they had that there was about four or five different boys.. and they weren’t sure which one was that one, each one of these children have also incarnated into multiple lifetimes beforehand,
for example Thoth in Atlantean times Atlantean times was
King and Ruler and he ruled for 50,000 years throughout Atlantis, so if we’re looking, if we go back to thirteen thousand years, okay, which will take us
to approximately 11,000 BC let’s say. 11,000 BC there was a very similar situation that is that is happening now that it that was happening then, a
potential Cataclysm… everybody in this room was there back
then too – you wouldn’t be here listening to me speak if you weren’t back there then at that time as are magnetically drawn to this particular air, now and
into this room now and to the speakers in this room now, because you subconsciously know that we are now repeating a cycle again, everybody in here knows each other on some level, okay..”

.. there’s also a female parallel project to it where they were trying to bring in female deities – they
were looking to bring in the partners of the male of the males from ibis, they were looking to bring in the female
partners to pair them up with the males, so if they took for example let’s use the example of our Isis they went and
took DNA from the tomb or the body of Isis and then they manipulated it and then placed it into a some some women’s
wombs are stargates ..ARE STARGATE openings okay so so they also have the knowledge of which women’s wombs are stargates so then by manipulating DNA placing this placing this here placing this there then placing it into the womb of the female then they can
draw through the Stargate if the child is born at the exact time and the exact date and then they can draw that entity
in two and then birth okay so what so we’re understanding that the female is receiving energy and the giving energy,
so through sexual Union the male.. if it’s done it
obviously this there are two ways one is naturally a male and a female coming
together and then the other way is the manipulated way where they world like
they track through a project oak tree to find these that I think there’s only
very few very very very few women who
have these specific stargates , let’s say 11-11-11 stargates in their wombs and
they found those and they tracked those, the parallel project for
the females , the females were born in the 80s and and the
males were born in the what they do is they take small amounts of DNA from the
carrier mother and small amounts of DNA from the the supposed father and
then put that also integrate that into the child this is this was primarily an
mi6 project but it was called mi7 zygote, it was called the mi7 zygote
project okay so when we when when when people talk about mi5 and mi6 mi5 would
be the UK that takes care of what in the UK, mi6
would be the International that takes care of international but what most
people don’t know is there is mi1 to mi9 all the way through Project

“what would you think if the Allies didn’t win the war and that was a trick
and that in fact the Nazis did win the war ”
” so Project Paperclip was a set up where they took the the the the the best doctors scientists greatest minds of the
SS and then they would they took them and they hid them in South America and North America
remembering that by the end of the second world war they had technology
these people had technology that is so far in advance of what we could possibly
conceive now that it would even be hard for me to explain they have age regression technology,
so for example if Joseph Mengele was 70 years old or 60 years old at the end of the Second World
War, there is technology that that they have that they can they can reverse back and
make him look 30 years old okay so the the the the powerful Nazis and the and
there are the powerful scientists then in 1947 opened up and began the
United States intelligence agencies so we have the NSA the CIA would then began
by these men, we have to remember that the Bush family who who were essentially
running the country from well when Reagan was in office…1982..because the Bush is also ran Clinton, so
they had this period of time which wa 26 years the bushes..their real
name is Bauer, they are a Nazi family okay.”

“Teresa Cullen: vor 1 Monat: Zakoas knows also the controllers have taken him out also through directed energy weapons😢 . Same with max 😢😷wake up world 😷😢”

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  1. I’m the 11 11 11 born in the 50s. They got me on a military base, no longer in existence, at the age of 6 weeks. I was rescued off next day; those that got me off that base died tragically eerie deaths. Immediately, they came at me and it was nightmarish two years, then in and out in my early 20s. I fought them off, basically held them off marrying a tough, childhood sweetheart until his horrid untimely death on one of their military industrial sites-they killed him, OSHA proven. I had them for murder 99%, up against one of the top 10 in the country out of DC, they pulled their demonic AI in the room, a sick simulation to cause me to lose. At that moment, in 2005 I became targeted but it wasn\’t until they chased me out of my home with their secret space program, SKYNET, I found myself living by Aero Contractors, infamous CIA torture rendition with flights from east North Carolina to Europe. And at that point, I became a targeted individual, just as Max Spiers explains, its all done to me, sadly.

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