100000 Satellites into Orbit to check on your BCI 24/7/365 and never let you any privacy left…

Conspiracy Revelation: 28.5.2024: 100000 Satellites into Orbit to check on your BCI 24/7/365 and never let you any privacy left (the American dream, because Americans don´t understand the word Privacy) and remote harass, try to micromanage and/or zombify by proxy biotech-invasion each single individual on this planet against their consent and will, stalk, spy (and/or torture you in nazi-style by no-touch) and surveil you while you want to relax..,THE ULTIMATE CRIME is Brain-Nano Implants and BCI and Quantum A.I. Skynet Satellites and Quantum A.I. Computers. No one asked for it, no one of our Generation wanted it, no one was asked, forced criminal illicit implantation of all Humans without consent implanted. ABSOLUTE NO-GO.
It couldn´t happen in my Universe (myperfectuniverse.com), but Brahma seems to see it obviously not that way.

“Elon Musk wants 42,000 Space X Starlink Microwave Satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), along with Google, Amazon, China, India, and the EU, US, could put that at over 100,000, and turn the Planet into a Giant Microwave Oven that could kill all Life …”

“What Elon Musk’s 42,000 Satellites Could Do To Earth – Giant Microwave Oven, Total Ecocide.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 28.5.2024: Maybe the Creator Deity or Deities forgot that there is a Holy Goddess in Earth, they burden her too by not intervening and stopping this ecocidal madness.


“Guy Theobald – #TI – “VICTIM OF “CYBER-TORTURE”
Do you really understand “Electronic Slavery” & Mind Control?
Please allow me to Warn Humanity that today this is worse than Slavery & some say Worse than Death!
#TI #V2K #RNM”

“Feinde werden beim Erfinden von Waffen miterfunden. (Manfred Hinrich)(1926 – 2015)”

“Enemies are co-invented when weapons are invented. (Manfred Hinrich)(1926 – 2015)”

573700cookie-check100000 Satellites into Orbit to check on your BCI 24/7/365 and never let you any privacy left…
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