Hive and routing the IoBnT – Sabrina
“Hive and routing the IoBnT – Sabrina – February 9, 2024”

“But your Biosensors know what SQL Hive is. It´s the back-end of a bunch of your AI Containers..for your… Information Architecture. Oracle or the (ass end) Back-End of WordPress is part of how all of this functions…since the 90s.” “(Spark Core – Spark Sql Architecture)”

“We have everything that we need in order to transit massive libraries, massive amounts of data superfast, it also will map it out for you. Basically A.I. does all the work for itself…
You can do whatever you want and it will organize it for you, but what does that have to do with biosensors?”

“Everybody is reporting in the big data in bio-informatics, 24/7/365, with you wireless body area network, period. That is cyber security. It doesn´t turn off. No one is coming to say: “Oh, we don´t need to measure your biological signals anymore, the DoD is good for today.””

“That is an industrial 24/7/365 guarantee system and that is what we are dealing with.”

“The Industrial sensors, the 802.15.4., they are always there.”

“Log into your Body…by being close to you.”

“We can watch your biosensors with little chips like this…
We can watch them with anything that is on the back-end at all and that means it is opens to hackers and all sorts of things… Probing Human Monitor PDA.”
“Types of wireless sensor network attacks and its applications..
Obviously Mister Icke is connected to the Cloud…normies, oh, I am just so wise, we are all having a big conversation in our Minds are mentally (inter) linking.
No. You guys went ahead and build a bunch of Artificial Intelligence that communicates with itself in the wireless and reports back to you, potentially.., if you are watching a human target and then you know everything that is going on inside their body with their biological biosignals, because electrical signal transduction for biosignals is part of very big signal processing, motion control…biosignals are space-time records of a biological event such as a beating heart or a contracting muscle…produces signals that can be measured and analyzed…we are so busy building a model that predicts the human activity, such as walking upstairs, walking downstairs, sitting, standing or laying…the field of human activity recognition radar has become one of the trendiest research topics due to availability of sensors. SOSA = Sensors open system Architecture.”

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