Jewish Gang Stalking by 911NewW

“Jewish Gang Stalking
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“Earlier versions of organized stalking were developed and honed in nations that were also under Jewish control. The Soviet Cheka and East German Stasi secret police, among others, included extensive citizen-state security police-spy networks that terrorized, tortured and murdered millions of innocent civilians, particularly Christians. These nations suffered under the hellish system of communism throughout much of the 20th century. Communism was and is a Jewish invention; the Bolshevik Revolution itself was the work of international Jewry, as documented on this website, my website, and innumerable other sources.

I conclude that, like communism, organized stalking, mind control, and transhumanism are programs invented by Jewish psychopaths to help usher in their Jewish World Order, aka “Tikkun Olam” (Hebrew for “re-invention of the world”). Today, some refer to the ultimate perpetrator of organized stalking as “sentient, inorganic, artificial intelligence (AI).” But don’t be fooled by terms. In my opinion, this system is animated by Satan himself and is carried out by his minions in order to; 1) destroy all non-cooperating and/or non-essential elements of society, and 2) fulfill their Satanic blood lust for inflicting pain, torture, and death upon innocent victims.”

““The Jew doesn’t care how much he or she hurts others,” warns Ms. Friedman.

IV. On Jews, Jewish Gangstalking, Targeted Individuals, and Organized Harassment: From “Wolves in Poor Pathetic Jew Chabad Lubovitch Rabbi Meir Kahane Clothing” By Morris Alba

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Chart depicts Judaic Radicalization aka self-righteous Jewish Red Squads (the inverse racism of American Gangstalking). This is a global, Anti-Christian phenomena monopolized in the U.S. by Jews… Jewish Gangstalking exposed it’s the Jews. Stupid gangstalking arcticles that minimize Jew involvement are written by Jews. Targeted Individual Organized Harassment via Judaic radicalization, aka American Red Squad encroachment.

The New Millennium Eugenics is committed almost entirely by criminal Jews. The first incident of Gangstalking, the mark or targeted individuals …. 90% of all Morgellons Disease (including Joni Mitchell’s) was and is inoculated criminally by Jews.

At least 75% of all gangstalking organized harassment crimes in the U.S. are committed by Ashkenazi Jews. The remaining Targeted individual crimes / organized harassment crimes are pretty evenly divided between Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, Whites, etc. A preponderance of the targeted individuals are White Christians.

100% of Gangstalker Jews as well as their lackey other race tag-alongs use cell phone apps to stalk and covertly harass their victims. So, one could simplistically call the phenomena of Gangstalking “predator and prey” – if one simplistically subtracted God out of the equation.

‘Cursed is anyone who attacks a neighbor in secret.’ ~ Deuteronomy 27:24.”

Gangstalking started out as Operations Predator, Carnivore and Paperclip; the cell phone app was to train the predators to “see” or “sense” their prey through walls, in elevators, etc. The gangstalkers get addicted to the hunt as well as get addicted to indoctrinating friends and family to “join the hunt”. There is no real sense of right/wrong morality, no sense of sin and righteousness. The “hunters” are trivial people like a former Hispanic Sonic Manager in Duarte California, the Asian Manager …etc. The customers who gangstalk are nearly 100% Jews, but they get a wink and a nod from their Hispanic retail chain manager. Literally all of these people see themselves as “God-like”…
… Gangstalkers are portable courtrooms, with their own judge, jury and executioner contained right in the brainstem of a 90 IQ point Jew! There is a Great Truth, which Gangstalkers fail to even see the tiniest glimpse of…
“Gangstalking is satanic. The Mossad and NSA are satanic. Most Gangstalkers have been fooled by Satan, some willingly and knowingly serve satan and have rejected God. Gangstalking is sin, and those who live the lifestyle (each act is two felonies under U.S. laws) are breaking God’s laws as well as Federal Laws. Long-term Gangstalkers get a lizard-like facial countenance which is from Satan, not from Gaia. Gangstalkers become possessed by the devil Himself, with the possessed being the last to see the depths of their deludedness. There is a reckoning happening, a judge met of God. Whether you are the Predator or believe you are the prey, Repent Before God. Time is short…

V. Jewish “Communist” Gang Stalking (

Supremacist mobbing, group bullying, Stasiland … gang stalking, COINTELPRO II are all about JewsKingPhu control and scaring you into submission, if not murder & suicide using a very patient, sophisticated psycho-social process; essentially military grade psy-ops. Overall tactics match those used in the so-called communist Bolshevik and NAZI “revolutions.” Masonic COUPS: Jews funded Hitler and American “NAZIS” TOO! Included are the importing of terrorists to terrorize the masses and to allow false accusations, setups, entrapment, community smearing to allow ‘nature to run its course’, using also a snitch racket and revenge model. (Usually fabricated)

CIA/MILITARY quality infiltration, and zi-op harassment tactics of civilians and their families! ie. HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, TRAFFICKING and RITUAL TORTURE…terrorist threats, blacklisting, murder of family members via “accidents”, medical, “suiciding”/smearing good cops etc. Many GOOD Russian police, intellectuals and ‘pretty people’ had the peasants turned against them first, and then famines were used to thin the poor Soviet “herds”. …Everything from noise campaigns and extreme staged ‘rudeness’ to sophisticated indirect threats using “psychological anchoring”, poisoning, disabling the target, or members or their family, affecting their HEALTH CARE, LEGAL actions and scrubbing of any involved MEDICAL records. The SAME games law enforcement use against honest officers and drug dealers known as “bad-jacketing”; to eject the former and have peers execute the latter who are “vermin” after all, for using MASONIC DRUGS. This is very ironic that the “Royal” UGLE Crown has been the biggest HEROIN dealer for HUNDREDS of years dating back to China.) “Bad-Jacketing” for Mobbing or group bullying are also being used by teachers…. Don’t teens have enough to worry about? Keeping healthy mentally and not allowing provocations is an important topic. Transforming the way you mentally process the harassment transforms the way in which it effects you; you can literally make the impact positive with enough work.

Never forget targets for this treatment usually have superior intellectual skills, ethics, and BALLS, so you’re in good company; these tactics have been used on far more “important” people than us, but now it’s gone PUBLIC. Michael Jackson is a NATIONAL HERO, not a pedophile as the pedo masters claimed on their BOOB TUBE! Beware of the “Loss of faith in humanity” that can accompany being targeted and see that it’s based on a completely FALSE information MODEL. …… the other, of course is to play into the ‘crazy/paranoid’ scenarios from the Gulag Archipelago [book]. This Podcast was created using

VI. Talkshoe EPISODE66 – Jewish Stalking – November 24, 2015 at 6:55 PM

Here to promote a key update and warning to TIs being stalked, their children attacked, by the Jews and their BORG-like army of drones. Many mind controlled, others on their DEEP POCKET payrolls and of all colors. … and company are MK drones or Prince Hall Masonic (Black Gay Boule) whores, only they and their handlers know, but ALL ‘leaders’ are absolutely ‘controlled opposition’ as Lenin called them, under Jewish so-called “communism”. Here’s some information on this Jewish supremacist stalking, ritual murder crap and the Jewish VATICAN:…

VII. EPISODE65 – KEY Information Update on Jewish Stalking November 13, 2015 at 7:37 PM

Greetings Targets! Trust you’re hanging in there with bells on; some of what I’m about to tell you will be disturbing, but if I’m not 100% certain I will say so; the hardest part has to do with religions! See my v/blogs exposing demonic RACIST supremacist Jews here: Both males and females need to be aware of their insidious infiltration methods of using your isolation or sexuality to worm..their way into your life and then poison or set you up for a suicide via ‘friends’! Their acting skills, primed at a very young age, are honed in forums daily and while they’re more like sharks, they work in schools on naive people turning to the internet. I’ve seen both male and female… to use their term with their love of fun-etical games and methods of interlingually encoding our languages. eloHIM, MENorah, DriedEL, etc. Take care of yourself and learn to “Take No thought” every day and pipe prana/chi into your body to keep it strong. Books: Gulag Archipelago, Stasiland (Funder), Under the Sign of the Scorpion, detail the methods used on us like “Punitive Psychology” by their evil doctors and drones.

VIII. The importance of the corporate sector in “Public-Private-Partnerships:” Insights from Dr. John Hall’s “Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control” (2014)..”


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