Rheogene the enablers of genetic warfare for Big Pharma DoD Crime Inc..

Conspiracy Revelation: 8.12.2022:
Rheogene the enablers of genetic warfare for Big Pharma DoD Crime Inc..

They are considered as the handler who sold out the insect warfare bioweapon Morgellons to the U.S. Mil. ..exactly in 2005 Morgellons came to appearance in E.U. visibly in peoples skin.

Source: https://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/stories/2005/05/02/story4.html

“By..Staff Writer..May 2, 2005:

NORRISTOWN — RheoGene Inc., a biotechnology company that has developed a way to turn genes on and off, signed its first deal for a potential commercial application of its technology.

Last week, it entered into an agreement with Gaithersburg, Md.-based TissueGene Inc., which plans to use the technology in bone repair products it is developing.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

RheoGene was founded in 1999 by Philadelphia-based specialty chemical maker Rohm and Haas Co. and Argonex Inc. of Virginia. It was acquired by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in 2004. RheoGene, which now operates as a wholly owned affiliate of the medical center, remains based in Norristown.

Since its inception, the company has attracted about $30 million through investments from its parent organizations and from research collaborations.

Conspiracy Revelation: 8.12.2022: They have your DNA for 2 or 3 decades already, otherwise they couldn´t remotely manipulate your gene expression and create archontic diseases like Morgellons.

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In the future there will be no more missing persons because everyone will be tracked in real time by their #Neuralink – but no implants/BCI will be needed once they have your DNA on file.”

Antwort an
The actual extinction rate is likely much higher, given that we haven’t even discovered the vast majority of species on this planet, many of which will be gone before we’re even aware of their existence.”

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. [Mt 5:8; KJV]”
It is true… but still doesn´t explain his massive neglect for this world…

All genetic companies who secretly change gene expressions and use genetic warfare against innocent people globally should be completely destroyed by middle-men of God/dess…punished eternally.

The “crucifiction of Christ” is in modern times done through Morgellons, genetic bci-invasion, nano-implants and attacking the holy spirit through transhumanism.. through directed energy torture, Chemtrails, Smart Dust (pre-state of Morgellons in the pathological form), AI satellite sleep deprivation torture & scalar wave non-local warfare & neuroweapons.

Karma will fuck you DARPA and DOD/NSA/Zionazi Big Pharma Genocidal NWO Shadow Gov Criminals…and I will be the ultimate turbo booster to your downfall.  

I really wish the inventors, helpers, spreaders, scientists, evil agents, politicians, nazi doctors, bolshevic bioweapons enablers, pharma lobbyists and co-conspirators of the genetic weapon Morgellons the next 10000 years all the misery of all dimensions plus the ultimate curse of the Pharao and the eternal wrath of the warrior gods in all their bloodlines.  

I basically fullfil God´s Will… in his absence, but in the presence of his Holy Sophia.

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