Super Soldier Talk – Laura Worley – Helping MKULTRA Sleepers

“Super Soldier Talk – Laura Worley – Helping MKULTRA Sleepers”
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“..but a great many many people especially the people in the military who don’t even have mk ultra programming, they’ve just been in the military for a while, they probably chipped you and they can activate the chip and the chip can cause you to be super angry and then act out of that, they’ll be able to control you out of the anger to do what they want for the the rounding up of people, but everybody has
their own specific job…”

“..the reason why he didn’t give in is because if he did he would be killed and punished, his job was to do exactly what he did just as it is with every prime like our president even though he’s the fake president in the other places they all have their job, they cannot quit, even if it sounds ridiculous, stupid, it doesn’t make any sense, they have a job to do and if they don’t do it they will be punished killed as well as each and every single person that has a job in this, so how that works, very organized..”

“Q:Let´s go back a little bit here um let’s start off with how many people do
you think, well, here in the U.S., how many people do you think have this type of NWO programming?”

“A: Probably millions, at least over a million for sure,
because it’s everyone, like you could be 60, you could be 80, you could be 40, you could be 20, you can be 10, you’re going to have it all.”

“Lucifer…he, in all programming, he layers in entities, entity, after entity, after entity,…they are all layered in the military uh, the illuminati, freemasonry,
freemasons, all of them, they layer in when they do the programming the entities and I’ll tell you why, they’re downloading entities into you layered at a time, because they know that their programming will not literally stay so long or as good or as strong
without the entities, that’s why it’s there’s not one without the other guys
and the entities keep things in place, they keep the torment going…
they can literally take the memories that you have outside your body,so you can’t find them, literally, I’m seriously, taking them out of your body…and put them in a different location.”

“.. and that’s what helped me is the many times they killed me..I would actually
my soul left i would go to the other side… because he strengthened me and i can’t even count how many times they did that to me and they do it to all of us that have been programmed, so I think there’s a part of our soul that knows there’s something much more than all this and it keeps us going because none of us should be alive really .. it doesn’t make sense how any of us have survived it and yet we have so that must mean that we’re magnificent beings and we’re very powerful and we just have to use it in the right way..”

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