The Memory-Modifying Potential of Optogenetics and the Need for Neuroethics

“The Memory-Modifying Potential of Optogenetics and the Need for Neuroethics


Optogenetics is an invasive neuromodulation technology involving the use of light to control the activity of individual neurons. Even though optogenetics is a relatively new neuromodulation tool whose various implications have not yet been scrutinized, it has already been approved for its first clinical trials in humans.

As optogenetics is being intensively investigated in animal models with the aim of developing novel brain stimulation treatments for various neurological and psychiatric disorders, it appears crucial to consider both the opportunities and dangers such therapies may offer.

In this review, we focus on the memory-modifying potential of optogenetics, investigating what it is capable of and how it differs from other memory modification technologies (MMTs). We then outline the safety challenges that need to be addressed before optogenetics can be used in humans. Finally, we re-examine crucial neuroethical concerns expressed in regard to other MMTs in the light of optogenetics and address those that appear to be unique to the memory-modifying potential of optogenetic technology.

Erasure and Recovery of Selected Memories on Demand

Some evidence indicates that optogenetics can also erase and recover selected memories on demand—the capability so desperately sought after by the protagonists of the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), who change their minds about consigning their love affair to oblivion. This extraordinary possibil- ity was demonstrated by Nabavi et al. , who were able to repeatedly deactivate and reactivate a specific memory by modifying its synaptic strength. In this study, animals learned to associate optogenetic stimulation (applied to the lateral amygdala) with an aversive shock.”



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