WBAN, Global Information Grid & Biosensor architecture: hiding a human body part successfully

“WBAN, Global Information Grid & Biosensor architecture: hiding a human body part successfully August 12, 2023:
So long as humans remain ignorant to their own anatomy and physiology, the other humans who are pushing electronic warfare buttons will continue the destitute hellstorm we are enduring.
The biofield is 80% of your immune system and 40-60% of your endocrine system (hormones). No human should be walking around thinking they need to become a cyborg in order to feel their own telepathy or empathy, but the other humans playing sims with breathing people do not want to give up their electromagnetic dominance with bioelectromagnetic algorithims May you learn today and reclaim your common sense. Amen.
Sabrina Wallace”
“#Biofield #WBAN #SabrinaSays”


Conspiracy Revelation: 18.1.2024: Some Additions and Remarks and Extensions are made by me. Transkript free-handed written down in one instant.
The Evil Conspiracy Crook NWO Conglomerate of Cruel, Weak, Hideous, Cowardly, Mean, Genocidal, Invasice, Subversive Psychopaths shall not win…. rather we will tear them down from top to bottom. Too much endured, too many died too early, too much fought, too much was crippled, invaded, sabotaged from Mother Nature and too much is at stake, too much was sacrificed and survived to ever stop, no matter what…! KARMA YOGA IN DIVINE RETRIBUTION PROPHECY.

Verschwörungsoffenbarung: 18.1.2024: Einige Ergänzungen und Bemerkungen und Erweiterungen wurden von mir vorgenommen. Transkript freihändig in einem Augenblick aufgeschrieben.
Das Konglomerat der bösen Verschwörungsgauner der NWO aus grausamen, schwachen, abscheulichen, feigen, gemeinen, völkermörderischen, invasiven und subversiven Psychopathen wird nicht gewinnen … Vielmehr werden wir sie von oben bis unten niederreissen. Zu viel wurde ertragen, zu viele starben zu früh, zu viel wurde gekämpft, zu viel von Mutter Natur wurde verkrüppelt, infiltiert, sabotiert und zu viel steht auf dem Spiel, zu viel wurde geopfert und überlebt, um jemals aufhören zu können, egal was passiert …!
“My Name is Sabrina Wallace, I am 44 years old, I am permanently disabled since 2004 and the one day I could not protect my children properly. People who visited my home acting very bizarre, they were saying and doing things that were completely out of character and then they would revert within seconds to what should be normal speech or what should be a normal physical behavior. These were very dangerous behaviors under mine roof and given that I know how the police work in regards to stingray…which are secret electrical signals that we use to monitor people.
My own father what´s what was called a secret Squirrel, involved in electrical signal that route behind your Local Police, above their Heads. Militarily, Industrially.

A system that was built to manipulate other people.

As long as they are able to just lie about human anatomy they are able to continue what they are doing right. Health MOnitor. Wide-Body-Area Network, it says health monitoring.
I am collecting, filtering and analyzing all sorts of data out of your BAN, see what it says over the top of the Guys Head: BAN.”

“Department of Defense Global Information Grid Architectural Vision.”
“Vision for a Net-Centric Service-Oriented DoD Enterprise.”
“Version 1.0 – June 2007 – Prepared by the DoD CIO.” (Chief-In-Office)”

“Well, they didn´t tell me.”…they don´t tell you about the Stealth Bomber either, it´s kind of their thing, they go ahead with DARPA and they do stuff.”
“Agenda 2030”

“I used to work for… an Internet-Service-Provider (ISP), Fiber, Cable Companies, anything that routes on the Internet hits on the Backend. End-To-End. GIG.
This is the Backend..Because Technically this is our Security. Operational Network Domain.
This is our Black Core – GIG – Global Information Grid, with our Edge Flare and every other computer network that exists. Because when you get to the NSA and the NRO and the DIA, which is our Department of Defense. You are on the Green Net, the Green Road: SIPRNET, NIPRNET, ARPANET, The Original Internet, some more, okay.
People..Either they don´t know this…or it is their job to keep it a secret for a thing called Electronic Warfare…That´s Tanks and Planes and Radar. Right, do you understand that your body is on this System`? …No, no, no.
We can´t leave out the Humans on the Ground, holding a Missile, Punching a Button to Jam and Slam a Signal…This is a system exploiting the electromagnetic Spectrum.
This is the level of lack of education, this caused me, the disabled lady to be a primary souce of Education. Thermo-Dynamic Key-Hop Routing.
Thermal and energy aware routing in wireless body area networks. 2019. Ahmed irgendwas.”
“We use Game Theory and Algos to control your body: No, no, no, no, no.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”
“It´s a bioweapon.”
“They are protecting sensor hunters.”
“Do you know what a DoD Killbox is?”
“That´s where a computer network kills you in your home.”
“Purple Kill Box.”
“IEEE 802.15.4e standard”
“That could be other bodies, of what? wide body area networks.” (WBANs)
“Swelling and Deswelling you in certain areas of your biosensors for input conditions…how thermal you are, heat you up or cool you down” (bodies)
“Routed to your Frequency sink or the sink on the outside of you, which is your Body Control Unit and route the data. Oh, not me, the DoD leaves me out. No, this is an industrial system, nobody gets left out, nobody gets left behind. Everything is measured and everything is online and available for the DoD Killbox, using netcentric warfare. Killing you with a Computer Network. Because your Body is attached to the Cloud, nobody is saying a fucking word. A Cyber-Physical Backbone, in 2017, no they wouldn´t do it, watch: Industrial Cyberphysical Systems: A Backbone of the Fourst Industrial Revolution. IEEE Explore. Published 2018.”
“Kaboom, so when you start using the right terminology, where is the Aura,
the electrical human body part, known as the Biofield, the human Aura and I type in Biofield into a basic search into Google, I do this for people all the time.”
“8 foot electrical field.”
“I go to a basic Wikipedia. The Aura is paranormal. According to spiritual beliefs.”
“There is nothing spiritual about the 802.15.6. Not a damn thing, this is all a Tech Matrix.”
“Wireless Body Area Network in 2018.”
“That´s a payload, that´s an electrical paylaod…of electrical networking.”
“Network Centric Warfare: Developing and Leveraging Information Superiority. CCRP.”
Layer 1 Body, Layer 2 Smart Devices (Smarphone, Laptops, User Interface Interaction),
Layer 3 collect, filter, analyze, decision (Network Node Computers)
Layer 4 Physician, Medical Information Database, Emergency (Hospitals)”

“Heather Carr
28. Sep. 2023
Biosensors , Sensor Hunt3rs and Electronic warfare inside human tissue/C4ISR this mornin .. w/usaf

#Psinergy #Biofield #WBAN #SabrinaSays”

“Netcentric Warfare & Starseeds .. prepping data for upcoming videos
August 12, 2023
these are the slow videos for the starseed/database/n sphere human augmentation data (5 this morning with minimal redundancy and maximum iteration of wban/bionsensors/dna analyte derivative)
Sabrina Wallace”


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