You are on 100% Battery and they are always on 0%…These people are addicted to sucking energy.

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“These lower vibrational beings here, you can´t even be around them for too long…they get agitated, they start putting all their pain on you…they don´t rest, they just suck. They suck and they suck from the Morning they are sucking energy and they are never running out of restlessness.
..It is an energetic mismatch. You are on 100% Battery and they are always on 0% and they are always sucking and they can´t stop. These people are addicted to sucking energy..especially us high vibrational beings, they don´t give us a break, man..people are literally trying to suck the life out of me.”

“Your energy is getting sucked, sucked, sucked.”
“A lot of lower vibrational beings, they are just moving around, robotically moving across the House, just sucking energy.”

“They are waiting for their next chance and I am like stay away…”

“Their energy sucks, literally sucks…”

“Killuminati01: They’ll get so consumed with their jealousy & hatred for you that they’ll eventually end up harming you psychically, cut them off, they are energy vampires.”

“Sergio Loveri:
You are right…they make me nervous.

kundalinimagicharmony: For a good reason..they take hours from your life, for each suck session of those vampire blackholes you need to meditate 1 hour to remove their filth.

“Energy Vampires in crowds can latch on to you..
-Dolores Cannon Official
“There is a lot of mixed energy in crowds. You have to be careful to put up protection before going out in crowds. Sometimes the energy of crowds can latch onto you. If it does, it’s draining. You feel very tired. There are so many people that are hungry for energy, because their vibrations are not high enough for them to produce a good quality of energy. So when they find and sense someone with a high vibration they will latch on to that energy, and use that energy. It’s kind of like they’re suction cups. I have heard them referred to as “psychic vampires”. That’s a negative word, but it’s the same idea. They don’t do it consciously, but they do take energy. “You must protect yourself, (with white light) even when you go shopping. Anywhere you go where there is a large group of people.
– Dolores Cannon – The Convoluted Universe Book 3”

522910cookie-checkYou are on 100% Battery and they are always on 0%…These people are addicted to sucking energy.
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