In search for the Perpetrators of Radar Warfare against innocent civilians/dissidents in E.U….

Conspiracy Revelation: 1.2.2024: In search for the Perpetrators of Radar Warfare against innocent civilians/dissidents in E.U….(going on for the last 2 to 3 decades… Unfortunately Germany as Fascis-FEDs plays a big role in these crimes against humanity as Pentagon Proxy and NWO Zio-Central.

Your conspiracy and ruthless and cruel radar assaults from 2011 4 Weeks Remote Torture with Burning of Skin Tissue (Hexagram Symbolism = Zionistic Nazi Cult from the United Nations Lucis Trust aka Rockefellers NWO Crime Syndicate in colloboration with all fraudulent Universities, I also think that Jehova Witnesses are involved in these Crimes as sub-sectarians and informants for U.N. NWO, not to mention the Freemasonic co-conspirators), incl. Sleep Deprivation Torture by Satellites are not forgotten, 2005 (DNA-Assault in Germany through Bionanotechnology, WBAN/Morgellons (UCLA Bioweapon from 1998), high likely CIA/NSA/DIA/DOD/Navy/USAF and DARPA involved), your remote strangulation assaults (assassination attempts) from 11.2.2015 (Putin involved), 21.12.2017 (crunch attack), 14.6.2018 (strangulation attack – Trumps Birthday) and 4.1.2020 (strangulation attack after Iran assault) and your Karmic Punishment will reach all involved…especially because you assaulted a Holy Man of Goddess and God.

“Radar plus electronic warfare

Simultaneously generating SAR images, communicating with the ground station and jamming the enemy – this is what a novel air defence system currently being developed by Fraunhofer FHR in cooperation with various European industrial and research partners is supposed to make possible.

“By the end of 2023, according to the plan, the European team would like to raise its development to Technology Readiness Level TRL 4, i.e., to the demonstrator level. A follow-up project will then aim to reach a TRL of 7, equivalent to a prototype.”

“Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR”


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