Super Soldier Talk – Penny Bradley – SSP Dark Fleet Pilot

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“Super Soldier Talk – Penny Bradley – SSP Dark Fleet Pilot”
“I was first abducted when I was four years old and I spent
fifty five years away from my family and I was aged regressed and returned to them in a short enough period of time that they never knew I was gone.”
“The first year or so they spent mind-fracturing me and when that was completed they took me to Montauk for about six months testing me in the chair, the people that were running it were really upset, because I would go multi-dimensional rather than traveling in time, like they wanted me to, there was a Draco Warrior that was supervising the process and when the humans wanted to kill me he just stepped forward and said no I’ll chipper and when she leaves I’ll hunt her down
and while it did further enslave me it saved my life he said I was more valuable than the rest because I could go multi-dimensional and actually that’s the skill that made it where I could be a pilot and navigator because when we do the warp jumps you have you have a setting for each dimension of space. Two of time, the time that you leave and the
time that you return to and then the cue setting which is for which dimension you travel through and you have to be
psychic enough to make sure that you’re not going to come back inside a planet or a Sun or something like that, so that
was why the Draco wanted to save me, because he knew I had that ability, so after Montauk I was taken back to
Langley where my abilities were weaponized.”
“When I was 9 I went through the Mars jump gate in New York
and it looks like an elevator in a skyscraper you you step in and there’s one set of panels for going up and down
the building and then and another set that you open with a slider that takes you to Mars and the walls morph like you’re in a wormhole and it took about 20 minutes to get there and we came to Aries prime or Aries Prima as they called
it in the German colony, it was more a base than a colony, but there were calling us there and I was put into school with the German kids and I was in the Schulea for ten years and I was 19 when I graduated and was put behind the put behind the wheel of a fighter jets I was part of a unit of
women pilots that they called the Valkyries which translates into the Valkyries.”
“Most of my duties were air support for the war against the Raptors which the Germans started and I’d occasionally be
sent to capture a Mantid for Intel and they usually ended up getting me eaten by a spider and the spiders and on Mars are like 15 feet across then I got into trouble on Mars in about 1990, I had an affair and I would got sent out to take out a raptor nest and they were having him for dinner and I lost it and the ship interpreted that as fire all weapons and while I destroyed the nest like I was supposed to I was way overkill and the militia Heimschild the Martian militia they’re decided I was too unstable to be trusted with those kinds of weapons and so I was transferred to Nachtwaffen which is the German fleet and I was hooked into the ship’s computer and that’s the way I lived for 25 years we had three navigators on the ship on the ship that worked shifts and I was never allowed off the ship until it was time to come home I had my room that I shared with another woman navigator and I was allowed there and the officers mess and my workstation
and the corridor in between so I was basically a prisoner for for 25 years, because of that and I was sent back in 2014. The mind fracturing techniques were taken from the Bavarian Illuminati or what most Americans know as satanic ritual abuse it’s be the the idea is that if you torture an adult they go catatonic or just scream forever or they die and you have lost a useful asset, if you torture a child it forms a bubble in its mind that stores the trauma away from the main personality and they can create endless numbers of these through torture and then later on program those bubbles to be personalities with their own, some of them even think they’re a different gender from the body, they can speak different languages, be taught different skills, but they don’t share
memory… their pelvis looks like a butterfly and that’s where the monarch group got their name is from..pelvises…they had a regeneration tank so that
when they killed us, they could bring us back, with full memory of them having killed us, the end result was not only
did they have the 13, by 13, by 13 cube of bubbles or alters that Steward Swerdlow describes, but they also taught us you can’t die, we won’t let you die, you can die all you
want but you don’t get to stay dead…most of the alters have no ethical compass at all, so they they’re basically a bit blank slate that holds the memory of a torture and they fill it with whatever they want and generally anything like ethics or values or caring about people is not what they want you to have. I’ve been reintegrating my alters through shamanic Soul fragment retrieval and I’ve had to work really hard to make
sure that Penny stays on top, because I’m the only alter that has an ethical compass and I don’t want to do this only to become a monster. I’ve worked really hard, I have reintegrated 30 alters and I’ve kept the one with an ethical compass on the top.”
“They call us disassociates, because we have completely disassociated from a lot of things, feelings, I went years
in this life on earth just numb, because I was a disassociate. I raised my kids in that state. I only came out of it in 1990 through healing and memories at church and that’s basically you have you go to a session every week and it’s an exorcism every week and I went for two years
I’ve been subjected to over a hundred exorcisms because of being a disssociate at some point that becomes spiritual abuse and so I know for a fact that exorcism does not work, whenever you’re dealing with alters, it just doesn´t work. You’re just adding more abuse to the poor victim that’s already gone through all this crap.”
“Manic Mercurian: vor 2 Wochen: I´ve watched or listened to this probably 4 times fully and I still think about it a lot. This was big for me. Thanks James.
Nikkie M: vor 1 Tag: Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience Penny.
G Smith: vor 3 Wochen: Every whistleblower has the same story. Has to be true. So much of it resonates.”
“When they modified us to have greater psy abilities it seems that the girls would go they didn’t know there are portals between dimensions that you can travel through the same wormhole.”
“As long as you’re going up anywhere is better than Langley was. The place I went through time was a general store in
about 1988, 1888. I’m sorry and I was supposed to steal an apple from a display basket and not get caught and
not eat it and come back with it, they were testing the butterfly effect to find out how much they could change time
within the past without changing the present and I was supposed to report on what had changed in between, so
…was somebody missing that sort of thing, the other places I went and went somewhere that was like being in a kaleidoscope…my brain interpreted it as just light meshing
together and they found me there right away pulled me back.”
“There was another place I went, it felt very physical, but the people were Orcs and wore brown clothed and they they were very kind to me because my clothing didn’t come with me
so my clothing was still in the chair and I wasn’t and I would be naked when I got there and they would bring out some
sort of blanket and wrap it around me..they treated me very kindly, so the way people describe orcs in some of these games like they’re horrible monsters I didn’t experience that, but they’re an other-dimensional race.”
“You have to make sure that it’s actually the right
frequency to be you and it will appear with a face and you have to make sure that face matches yours to make sure
it’s actually you, because there are a lot of alters floating around in space in other dimensions, fragments from past
lives and there are beings that will try to join you, just so they’re no longer floating, there are ghosts and other
things out there and you want to make sure it’s actually you and then you call them in and it’s not physical, but it’s like you embrace them and bring them in and then you sit in the mind together and share memory this time and you slowly merge together and that’s the dangerous point because if they’re more dominant than you are they can take over, between mine fracture and montauk my generation.”
“I was DNA modified and it may have made me stronger and I think that what you are at soul level makes a difference, because not everybody is an advanced enough soul to survive it.”
“There were Nagas involved in the process there, I’m not sure exactly what they did, there was one Naga that was
kind to me and she was the only being at Langley who ever was.”
“Those were indigenous the ones that make the regeneration tanks are the Mantid Empire. There’s lots of different kinds of insectoids, there’s lots of different kinds of reptilians, there’s lots of different kinds of humans, greys, we’re
talking there are millions of races in the galaxy, so I don’t know the official personal name for that group, they’re mantids. The ones the ones on Mars had the triangular heads with the eyes at the corners, the ones that make the tanks have more of a grasshopper face, regeneration tank, that’s what we called it.
“and is that what they used to re-age you as well”
Yes, they re-age and then they put you in a machine to send you back and it’s the machine that sends you back that makes
you sick, when you come back about 20 years later you end up with an autoimmune disease, so I was sent back to age 4 and at 24 when I was when I was at San Diego State I was hit with lupus and I’ve not been okay since and the other veterans that I know all get hit with this mess of it’s a mix of arthritis and other autoimmune and you can shut down
and heart problems and it starts 20 years after they sent you back and if you don’t get it consider yourself lucky
we suspect they do it to us on purpose, so we will die before we remember.”
“Q: Do you wish you could visit Mars again?”
“A: You know NASA came out with that satellite video that showed Mars from near orbit and I was like: oh my god
that was so pretty and I sat and cried, I missed it so much, so, yeah, if I could go, as a tourist, I would love to if I had to go back to being in Heimschild, no, I’ve had enough time as a soldier.
“Q: Do you feel you should be compensated for everything that was done to you?”
“A: It would be nice, but I don’t expect to ever get it
acknowledgement that it happened would be nice a dd-214, so that I could go to the VA for treatment for what is related
to my service would be nice but realistically I just want them to stop kidnapping more kids there’s nothing we do out there that can’t be done by consenting adults there’s no reason to keep doing this.”
“In the German civilization out there they found that productivity was improved by sexual activity so
everybody’s encouraged to have sex but it’s supposed to be unemotional and no attachments just pure animal level sex and I had this problem that I fell in love with the man and he had been at Langley with me I was number seven and he was number five so we had this whole time we had known each other
came up the ranks together and his job was to upload documents to the Mars-Net in English, German and Russian and that’s what he did he wasn’t in the war, he was building the Mars net and he was seen as somewhat effeminate where I was seen as somewhat masculine and so they approved of the relationship until I got attached and I don’t know how he got captured. He was never out of the base, he should
never have been captured, but I was assigned to at that particular Raptor nest and he was there and I was actually in love with the man and the way they have the screams for the pilot set up you can see the target you see it like
you’re in there with them and I saw him basically in the center of a group of them eating him alive and this was a man
I loved and it was just I panicked and that panic they they knew from the time that was recorded on my ship’s computer
what time to go back and rescue him, so he survived, because I was shipped connected to the ship’s computer, it didn’t know how to interpret the panic and so it decided to fire all weapons into the nest at once and it completely destroyed it. Now they used the timestamp on the computer for when they fight the weapons as that as the target time to go back and rescue him out of… we called it redialing, we would redial to get him out, but they decided. German command decided that I was unstable, so basically my punishment for falling in
love was that I was going to be sent off world and the skills I had meant that I was going to be either a pilot or a navigator for something else and the ship that I was transferred to had a quantum computer in 1990 and I was stronger chipped to it, so the mind control would be stronger. The Mars net is the official Internet of Mars and you are given access to the parts you need for your job, it’s more like the dark web on earth than the public internet, because you only get access to what you need for your work. Nobody gets access to everything you only get this or this or this, you can’t just browse and it was set up in two languages because there were different areas different groups working there so the main languages were English,German and Russian. Yes, there was a Russian presence on Mars but that’s what that’s what five was doing was uploading all of those documents and he was very good at it. Most of that information was what other people described being on their glass pads.”

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  1. Daniel Schwarz sagt:

    Hey there,i hear and read much about that above, so but why there is no true usefull Information?
    Example : how to contact the DF,
    How entering mars-net,
    Whats the language of some alien species?
    I wanna know…
    Greetings bruce

    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      Personally I think this info is more than enough and highly sensitive information to digest… and it is highly dangerous to share…many people lost their lives sharing these informations or got tortured to the point of near death experience… so it is very true and highly valuable stuff that could help to free mother earth sooner or later from the claws and fangs of the shadow gov monsters.
      If it weren´t true they wouldn´t take such drastic measures…The Truth in itself is a God Power of Liberation…and you see that it is true according to the reactions of the enemies of benevolent mankind who want to see a liberated planetary atmosphere and situation with full disclosure and high tech adaption into our retarded medical establishment that is dominated by the oil cartel deep state cancer mafia and medical military oligarchy.

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