Predrag – Healer

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“Predrag – Healer”

Hi everyone,
my name is Peter.
I’m a energy healer and massage therapist.
Today I would like to talk about healers us.
Um, there is a loads of different opinions about healers,
so I would like to try explain
from my perspective what the healer is.
Healers are people like everyone else.
The only difference is their mission in this life
and maybe so many previous life
is to help humanity and help people
the best that they can.
We are all healers and we are all psychic..
but healers have that ability, uh,
far more developed than rest of the people.
Through centuries,
people have respected healers or prosecuted them.
It depends which stage in history you’re looking, because I,
I know from one of my past lives
I was burned at the stake, because I was the witch…
What’s the difference between healers and usual people?
Our frequency is higher than the rest of people who are not into healing.
And we are constantly checking is our vibration matching with our frequency.
I hope that makes sense because from my personal experience I know if my vibration is not high enough,
I can´t do my job. It’s not my job, it’s my mission. So we constantly watching our vibration
and when we are not in higher vibration, we tend to kind of isolate ourselves and move away from.
Because deep, deep inside of us, we know that we are not able to provide what we supposed to do.”

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