The 4th Reich, Dulce and the Moon Soul Catching Machine, Anu, Timeloop- Max Spiers

The 4th Reich, Dulce and the Moon Soul Catching Machine – Max Spiers

Milab, Anunnaki, Voodoo and the Time Loop – Max Spiers
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PS: I got a short spiritual response from this super soldier…must have something to do with the phonetics… (2016)(18.7.)
“I have memories of going to Mars, yeah…me.. in a hotel room with red carpet..the current President of the United States was sitting…we started speaking to each other… Military Base..That was what I assuming a Jump Room. Door..Flash…I was in some
form of Ship, I was moving very very high pace. Screen: 1 Minutes to Mars..40 seconds to Mars…20 seconds to Mars. This was in 2008…not to long after that a musical band came out that is called 30 seconds to Mars. (Max Spiers)(Milab, Anunnaki, Voodoo
and the Time Loop)”
“Elohim: People like we but they have the ability, the DNA which allows them to survive 100s or 1000s of years.”
The word EL has been used inversed thoughout the time…it doesn´t mean fallen Angels, El has been associated with god too…if you look of all the Archangels you see they all end with EL. That´s why you have a very very powerful bloodline in China..Lee.. Bruce Lee was an ascended master, an orion ascended master, came down here to teach…
..The Ascended Masters.
You have the Master Numbers 11,22,33. 11 is pure understanding. 22 is the master architect. 33 is the combination of both: Enlightenment and to be a creator… The Bible has been inverted and twisted around so much…They are angelic, high vibrational,
high density beings, who are hear for the benefit of releasing this encaged Prison-Matrix-System that is in place. (Max Spiers)(Milab, Anunnaki, Voodoo and the Time Loop)”
“Anunnaki = People from the Star…today we say Aliens…for a specific type of Aliens.”
“The Cycle is Birth, Betrayal, Death, Rebirth.
This is the Magic of this Cycle we are live in…This is why the Religion is doing what they do…you can align yourself with that, there is a lot of power to be taken from that…The Royalty, the Presidents..They are worshipping Seth..and Seth would
be Lucifer. They took his Eye…Horus is much more Powerful…we are using his Eye…Double Mock..Evil. The Anunnaki are partially Reptilian, they have Reptilian traits, there are 6 or 7 different Reptilian Races on the Planet. They see all of their
kind as expendable…Prince has been a prime example for that…39 Inversion of the Sun (93)…they are trying to bring in Baal here. Baal is essentially Lucifer. (Max Spiers)”
“There is a 4-D Police Force, There is an Army and Police Force, the potential in 4-D is limitless.
Now Then you have 5-D, they don´t have control over it, the 5D is the Angelic Realms, the Arch-Angelic Realsm, here the Archangels hang is difficult for the Archangels to be in physical bodies, because it is very resstrictive for them to be
here, but they do. Everybody who has been here in history is now back here for the final battle, there is no time to fence anymore…Taking over the heart, if the heart is taken over, Human beings are then locked down for 50000 years and Human beings
have to do another 50000 years life time cycle.
They have the Moon under Control, it´s not a natural Satellite, it´s a ship…like the Death Star from Star Wars. (Max Spiers)(2016)(5) ”
“ I had some amazing help in 2010 that saved basically my life…He helped, he gave me another heart, I have 2 hearts..Strange things always happened to me..from the beginning, I would be
in strange laboratories, with lab codes…do this do this do this…They used me as a breeder to create children.. Sentient, non-emotional entities, they want them to fit into society..They try out everything..A boy, teaching him Telekinetic abilities…
Hooking me up to things..IQ-Tests.. means very little… Why they needed to use me, because I have creator energy, I have a creative, specific gene inside of me, which allows me to create physical reality very fast, so they hijacked my abilities,
and made me build things, that I didn´to want to build. (Max Spiers)(2016)(5)”
“You would connect with the energetic signatures with the thing itself and then you build that way..They are trying to raise my heart beat up..and they are trying to do black magic on me all the time,..they make voodoo dolls too, they tried to pull pins from voodoo dools… they are so lowed down..If someone tries to do black magic on me, I get images in my head, within hours beforehand, so I am shown it´s going to happen…I mirror it back to them..
Some people like to use Crystals trying to do harm..which is just evil, because Crystals are creative entities…
I don´t want to give away tro many secrets. (Max Spiers)(2016)(5)”

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