The Venetian Mafia and its link to the Pentagon….

Conspiracy Revelation: 30.4.2024:
The Venetian Mafia and its link to the Pentagon….

“Redpill Drifter:

The Jesuit Order (society of Jesus) was created by Ignatius Loyola, who was head of Spanish Illuminatos. The Venetian Oligarchy can be traced back to the Phoenecian/Caananite Mystery Religion occult priests.

“House of Farnese – Black Aristocracy – Ancestors Popes and Jesuits – Royal Houses of the 12th Century.”

“The Black Nobility established the Comitee of 300 in the early 18th century. 1897 when the China Opium Trade was legalized.”

“The Comittee of 300 oversees many powerful organizations in the world and one of them is The Club of Rome”

“Oversees many powerful organizations”
“Khazaria Victory over the Arabs”
“Leo the Khazar”

“The Club of Rome is a conspiratorial umbrella organization:
A Marriage between Anglo American Bankers and the old Black Nobility Families of Europe, particularly from London, Venice and Genoa.”

“The Feudal System”
UN-“Sustainable Development”

“These Royal Families desire a NEO-FEUDAL System where they are in complete control…”
“Where they once again become the absolute rulers.”
“Carl Mayor von Rothschild…started the Rothschild Banking..and has lend over 500 Million Dollars to the Vatican, started in 1832, since then the Rothschilds have been the Physical Agents of the Vatican. The Rothschild-Vatican Cabal…Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The House of Farnese who ruled when the Jesuits where established.
They built a Pentagon Mansion in Carprarola Italy (Villa Farnese) which was the architectual basis of the Pentagon.”

“It is fair to say the Jesuits are actually victims of brainwashing and Mind Control, the Jesuits are the worlds Manchurian Candidates… they are evil, no doubt, but they are also victims. Project Monarch Whistleblowers.”

“Vatican Assassins: Terror Attacks => The Black Pope, Superior General of the Jesuits…they call him the Black Pope as attribute to his use of Black Magic.”

“Sex, Cults & Alternative Religions: The Great White Brotherhood are occult, supernatural beings of great power who have risen from the Earth into Immortality and watch over the World: The Members of this group go by many Names: Ascendent Masters, Council of Light, The Esoteric Order, these people are spiritual enlightened.”

“The Fallen Ones, The Reptilians, The Anunnaki, The Shapeshifters, the List goes on.”

“Schwab is a puppet of the Jesuits.”

“This all ties into Social Media Companies, Censorship, 5g and Artificial Intelligence.”

“This is all by design. No coincidence.”

“Convid-19 is the Trojan Horse.”

“The Black Pope is managed by the Vatican.”

“Prince Carlo – Duke of Castro. the head of the House of Bourbon two Sicilies, a House of Farnese descendent.”

“ECOSOC = Economic and Social Council United Nations”

“ECOSOC: Promoting Agenda 21”

“The Knights of Malta who work alongside the …Military… oversee international law that governs the Vatican, otherwise known as the the Holy Sea and has a permanent observer status at the United Nations…”

“International Law = Holy Sea”

“All members of the Knights of Malta must be descendents of the Black Nobility.”


“The First Secret Society was the Imperial Cult of Rome.”
“Trump is backed by the Christian Zionists. He hired an Agent of the Rothschilds.”

Revision 2.

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