Spooky psinergist chat…

Spooky psinergist chat…

“They weaponized your own anatomy against you.”
“The rest around you hanging in Tennessee here, no fear
…come f.around and find out.”

“”You are still here”, I fight for my life every f..day.”

“The Young People, 25, 24, are so excited with synthetic biology.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 22.2.2024: These order-following, well-adopted, ultra-nwo indoctrinated to a genocidal-sick-society submissive “sustainable-word” people are the real danger…they cement the ultimate dystopian totalitarism.

“You create a Zombie.”
“Somebody can come and reprogram you and kill you.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 22.2.2024: Zombie Society.

“The Cyber Security Fighting going on in the Alphabet Agencies.”

“Everybody plays stupid with the Gladio-NATO stuff.
Everybody plays stupid with the Bluebox / Kill-Box.
I am very disappoint with our Veterans.
We will lose them all.
Situational Awareness is taught to our Delta Force Seals or whatever else.
Even stupid Alex Jones tells you…”

“I can hear before it comes..Just like Raytheon and I can hear, it´s the wireless, the body-machine Interface disconnected from me, because I am a non-invasive N2…This is why they keep a safe distance…”

“Your Physicians are Frauds.”

“Stop pretending the DoD leaves you out, because you are so special.”

“It´s so Mission critical to keep it simple.”

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